Issue#1371: Photoshop - Brush strokes get distorted and twist When downsized. How can I prevent this from happening and have smooth brush strokes?

  • Hello, I could please use some help in Adobe Photoshop with My brush settings.I have created a custom brush when I downsize it the brush strokes  get distorted and twist. How can I prevent this from happening and have smooth brush strokes?  Note I have smoothing on and there is no spacing Also The brush is pain simple hard brush back dots.

    Thank you.

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  • Issue#31036: After Effects - Need help with Photoshop with a Mac computer rendering my brush strokes properly, my

    Hello,  I am having problems with Photoshop with a Mac computer rendering my brush strokes properly, my brush strokes in Photoshop are being rendered with a twisting, stair stepping, rope looking distortion, I am not referring to the how straight up and down the line is I am referring to the spiraling in the brush stroke itself. and I do not know the cause.Here are all the possible causes and what I have done to try and resolve the issue:    1. Issues with Photoshop over compensating with anti-aliasing. Not sure how to fix besides using smoothing which is not making a difference.2. Issues with the Wacom Intuos Pro 5 large tablet driver by its self or it could be the driver controlling alignment with both my laptop and plugged in HP xi 27 Pavilion Monitor. I have my monitor plugged into my MacBook Pro by HDMI to VGA cord.Note I called Wacom and Installed new driver, and it did not solve the problem.3. Issues with other devices plugged in around the computer such as Hard

  • Issue#170704: Autodesk - Mudbox fringes around paint brush strokes

    Hello, I've got this weird problem in mudbox, when I'm using the paint brush on a diffuse layer for example. It almost looks like turning on wet edges for the brush in Photoshop, so it has this weird halo and fringe around brush strokes. This is very annoying because I cannot do soft / airbrush type painting. Anyone else encountered this, or maybe I have some weird settings? Thanks.

  • Issue#179002: Autodesk - Help Modeling Realistic Brush Strokes

    I am trying to find a way to model 3D brush strokes like the ones seen in this photo. I will need it as a 3D model for later use, so a bump map isn't an option unless I can somehow convert it to 3D geometry. Please Help

  • Issue#269536: After Effects - Light outlines on brush strokes in 3D Paint Mode

    Hi everyone!I'm having some difficulties with 3D painting in photoshop. When I use my brush tool on the actual diffuse layer, my brush strokes look fine. However when painting directly on the model, I get a lighter color ring around the perimeter of the brush shape which appears on my stroke on the model and on the diffuse texture. I've tested it and it doesn't do it in the normal mode of PS. I've changed brushes, checked my brush settings, tried it out with and without my tablet. But I feel this may be connected to the 3D features since when I paint on the texture these lines don't appear. Any ideas of what could be causing this?

  • Issue#625109: Photoshop Elements - Brush size issue

    I can not get the brush size to change. It is a tiny crosshair and can not be seen as a larger and larger or larger circle (or whatever brush head I need ).  What is the problem with Elements? I can't do any work unless I can see the size of the brush.

  • Issue#717434: Illustrator - Brush strokes disappear into paths?

    So every single time i try to draw on illustrator, my brush strokes disappear and leave me with a path. When I'm drawing, I can see the color and the entire brush stroke but it goes away as soon as I lift my hand off the mouse. How can I just draw on my picture? Why is it so hard?

  • Issue#829706: After Effects - Pixelated Brush Strokes

    I use photoshop a lot and I already know the Shift-b trick and that doesn't work for this problem. is there a way to get rid of this problem? I have pixelated brush strokes every other time i zoom in or out and that never used to happen. It just decided to start randomly and it's really annoying. Any one have the fix? it is at 300 pixel/inchand RGB color so it shouldn't be doing this.i took two screen shots of the different effects it has when i zoom inPixelated one:Not Pixelated:

  • Issue#955062: After Effects - Making unessacary lines between start and end points of brush strokes

    Whenever I draw a curved line too quickly with a brush without any pressure sensitivity, a straight line is drawn between the start of the stroke and the end of the stroke.I don't have this problem with any other program, so it has to be Photoshop, and it's getting to be a major annoyance.This is what I try to draw:This is what I end up with:NOTE - For this to happen, the curve has to be drawn extremely quickly, so it only happens when I'm drawing it at a small scale.Can someone please help?

  • Issue#984291: After Effects - Photoshop Brush Issue

    Hey i was just wondering how i get rid of this weird line around my brushes because every time i try to fill it shows it and its really annoying

  • Issue#1155672: After Effects - Macbook issue, when using the Photoshop brush tool, the screen mis-aligned.

    Hi, I have a macbook pro, with Adobe Photoshop CC2015 installed.When I used Photoshop brush tool, then the whole application/screen shown an updated. Following is the video, any one know if this is a Photoshop bug?

  • Issue#7169: Does anyone know how to use Sensu brush on Photoshop with Wacom Cintiq?

    Does anyone know how to use Sensu brush on Photoshop with Wacom Cintiq?

  • Issue#17797: Brush tool in Photoshop 2015.1.2 - No luminance (black and white both appear grey)

    I have no idea if this is something I’ve done, though I did reset Photoshop to be sure, but when I paint with the brush tool, I don’t get the full range of colour values, particularly with respect to luminance/lightness. By way of example, create a new document with a 100% white background.Select the brush tool and paint with 100% black.  Everything you paint with the brush tool is mid grey. That’s also true if I reverse the colours, and paint white on black, it appears grey. Is this a bug or have I somehow enabled something I’m not aware of that’s affecting the brush tool?

  • Issue#22018: Photoshop Elements - I created a Watermark brush but the brush is not well defined and it makes a bl

    I created a Watermark brush but the brush is not well defined and it makes a blob of color when placed in an image! Please help. Thank you.

  • Issue#45508: After Effects - How can I slow down the speed of my brush stroke to smooth it out?

    can I smooth out my brush speed so I get smooth lines instead of jagged when I draw with my brush? 

  • Issue#48938: Photoshop Elements - Windows 10 with PSE 11. Changing the brush size does not alter the actual size

    Windows 10 with PSE 11. Changing the brush size does not alter the actual size on screen, it just remains as a crosshair making precision impossible.

  • Issue#100240: After Effects - Bad new algorithm of healing brush tool. And reset Photoshop to previous update.

    Hello,I know that Adobe trying to make new algorithm for healing brush tool.I retoched thousands photos and faces for years and I like old healing brush but realy don't like new. This new tool gives much more garbage on skin.Some month ago I found solution by making special text file with settings that disable new healing brush in CC 2015 and come back old healing brush.And this works perfect. Use the old version of the Healing BrushBut today I received update from 2015.1 to latest 2015.1.2 version. And now my text file with settings don't work. And I have this new brush and so much pain working with it.Now I have two questions.1. Is it possible to switch to old healing brush in 2015.1.2 version?2. If not. Is it possible to come back from 2015.1.2 to 2015.1 version?I know that I can setup 2014 version and 2015 together. But I don't know how to select update of 2015 version if I will try to reinstall it.

  • Issue#120798: Photoshop Elements - spanish moss brush tool?

    Is there a spanish moss brush tool in PE or in Ai?

  • Issue#125269: After Effects - Photoshop CC 2015 Brush Lag? Need some help!

    Hey guys! So I recently ungraded to a shiny new Windows 10 computer and I have a WACOM Cintiq for my second monitor so I can work. I downloaded Photoshop and downloaded the usual brushes I use to work and everything seemed fine and dandy until I actually GOT to work. There's a Brush lag with Photoshop on my cintiq. As in:I put down one stroke, nothing pops up.It takes a second stroke to get it to load. And this has been happening with every other stroke I put down. When I called WACOM, they were able to put me through the re-install drivers and all that jazz. Thing is, the cintiq worked fine with Windows Paint and anything else but Photoshop seemed to be the issue.  Is there anyway to fix this issue? I've been trying to find a solution!  Thank you! Hope you're doing well! ~ Rin

  • Issue#133877: After Effects - Lenovo Yoga 700: Touch feature with Photoshop Brush Tool?

    Can anybody please help? I recently purchased a 'Lenovo Yoga 700' and have installed Photoshop CC 2015. The laptop is touchscreen and I am using a stylus pen 'Jot PRO'. I'm trying you use the pen to draw using the brush tool in Photoshop but it doesn't seem to work along with every other tool in the program on the canvas/workspace?

  • Issue#165292: After Effects - I can't access the brush tool on Photoshop CC 2014

    I have tried searching on the forums and on google but can't find an answer. I used to have the option on the left hand side of the page to select the brush tool and then select any brush I have downloaded, however for some reason it's disappeared and when I go via "window > brush" all the brushes are locked and I can't use them.  Here is a screenshot of the brush tool not visible on the left hand side of the page Gyazo - 39b83af5cb536002d7bb0232d287fc61.pngHere is a screenshot of the brushes all being locked and with no way for me to use them. Gyazo - 48d9943fb35dff647a535a07bb9ca937.png If anyone can help me with this, you'll be saving my university course as I need this working ASAP.

  • Issue#173918: Photoshop Elements - I'm trying to use my Color Picker to paint on a picture with the brush tool. No

    Help!!! I'm not sure if it's a setting I accidentally messed with or what, but no matter what I do, it always shows up grey rather than the color I choose! This hasn't happened before, but I don't remember ever having had the desire to use color until now.

  • Issue#179829: After Effects - Photoshop CS6 Brush Tool streak problem

    As you can see in the video above, I'm encountering a problem where the brush streaks all the way across my document when I used the Brush Tool. This only happens if I drag the brush. I can click and make fixed strokes, but when I drag the brush the streak appears. It's been beyond frustrating. I've googled the hell out this issue, and I've come up with absolutely nothing. Any help or assistant would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Issue#204472: After Effects - Photoshop brush tool creating lines?

    Hi so for whatever reason when i try to use the brush tool to make smooth lighting it always creates lines which ruins the light effect i want please help Photoshop Version CC 2015Picture of the problem:Gyazo - 8b47292a0b8b259fdf82e0edf691180c.png

  • Issue#208094: After Effects - PAINT BRUSH ISSUE


  • Issue#217864: Photoshop Elements - in photoshop layer style strokes max out at 250 pixels. But i need to make the

    In photoshop layer style strokes max out at 250 pixels. But i need to make the stroke more bigger as I need to make a big logo of a warehouse. Any idea?  Thank you for your help!

  • Issue#220133: After Effects - Illustrator-like outlines/strokes in Photoshop

    The stroke function in Photoshop is different from the one in Illustrator. The edges have points where Photoshop's curves around corners. Is there a way to get Illustrator like outlines/strokes in Photoshop? I know you can do inside strokes on objects to replicate it somewhat, but I think there should be a way to choose between points and curves on outside strokes.

  • Issue#255668: I have lost the brush information in photoshop elements 13

    I foolishly clicked to hide the brush information in Elements 13 and now i can't change the opacity, pixel size or anything. How do i find that menu? i have looked on line and clicking the tool options icon does not work. TIAAnt

  • Issue#304209: Brush tool in Lightroom isn't smooth anymore

    Hi all,I've just had to re-download Lightroom back onto my work computer and I think it's either lost a preset or this is a new update?I do a lot of studio editing and the brush isn't editing the products smoothly. I've taken a screenshot of the image and you can see from the histogram it's pixelated along the edge of the product.Can someone please advise?Thanks!

  • Issue#350686: Photoshop elements 14 and windows 10 Everything works except in Photomerge Cmpose the hide brush doe

    Photoshop elements 14 and windows 10 Everything works except in Photomerge Cmpose the hide brush does not operate the Reveal brush does but not the Hide. Help. Andrew