Issue#1383: Photoshop - Photoshop not opening photos through Lightroom

  • I'm using Photoshop CC on OSX 10.10.2, everything is updated. My problem is when I'm using Lightroom CC and use "edit in Photoshop CC", photoshop opens up but the photo doesn't. I can open the photo through Photoshops menu but that won't return me to Lightroom with the changes.

    The only way I have found to solve this is to restart the computer and it then works fine for awhile and eventually the problem comes back. I can't isolate what I do differently to make it stop working.

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  • Issue#128173: the menu command to edit photos as layer in photoshop elements is in lightroom faded out

    Why are these four commands faded out? 

  • Issue#261666: Lightroom or Photoshop Extension for OSX Photos App?

    Is there an Lighroom or Photoshop extension for OSX Photos App in the planning? It would be amazing to use the editing tools from camera raw right inside the Photos App. Please Adobe, do us the favor!

  • Issue#281092: When opening a photo from Lightroom folder into Photoshop the photo file size is automatically minim

    When opening a photo from Lightroom folder into Photoshop the photo file size is automatically minimized. How do I correct this?

  • Issue#291823: lightroom photos will not open in Photoshop 13 automatically

    I have an iMac, 27" late 2012, running Yosemite, Lightroom 5, and Elements 13. I have Photoshop Elements selected in Lightroom "Edit in" and under Lightroom Preferences  I have Photoshop Elements 13 selected. When I select a photo in Lightroom to open in Photoshop Elements (i.e. in Lightroom I chose "edit in"), PSE 13 OPENS but the photo is never there. I have looked and looked in PSE 13 for the photo from Lightroom and I cannot find it.Oddly, a duplicate copy of the photo appears in Lightroom in Grid View.This is driving me nuts! I can DRAG a photo into the Elements icon and it will open in Elements, but then I don't know how to get it back into Lightroom with the editing changes unless I save it to my desktop and then DRAG it into the Lightroom icon. I understand this is supposed to work seamlessly so I am doing something wrong.

  • Issue#294768: When transferring photos from photoshop to lightroom they sort of disappear??

    I go through my thing in LR, then use edit in PS to move to PS.  I do my thing is PS and then I save and close.  This has always resulted in the new corrected photo coming into LR next to the old in LR as a PSD file.  I did that a few days ago and could not find the corrected photo.    When I look for it in my regular library (where all the folders and files on my computer are listed.  It is in the correct folder as a psd photo. I tried importing it from the computer folder.  It won't let me because it says it is already in the folder (because it is on my computer).  I thought it just needs to find it so I shut the program and restarted.  Didn't help.  I tried another photo and the same thing happened again.  I am not sure how to cure this.  I work in LR as my base for my organization my starting and ending point.  Now I have several photos that I can not get into LR.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to wha

  • Issue#329255: After Effects - Photos are opening with red hue in photoshop

    This just started happening. I thought maybe it was my color space choice but I haven't changed that.First, when I edited photos in lightroom, imported as .jpg. Then, needed to reduce file size, (in photoshop), they open up looking like they have a hue adjustment with red cranked up. Monitor is calibrated regularly.Now I downloaded a photo from the web,(see attachment), opened it in Photoshop and it is also red. What's going on?Thanks 

  • Issue#331335: Lightroom - Transfer of photos between LR 6 and Photoshop Elements 11

    I have a Mac Computer 2010 with Mountain Lion  OS X 10.8.5 software. I have installed LR6 and am trying to use it with Elements  11 for more detailed editing of my photos. I just purchased LR6 and am completely new to  LR so I purchased a book Lightroom CC by Scott Kelby. I took his advice and installed all of my photos onto an external hard drive and then I copied them to LR so that they can be recognized by LR but not stored on my internal hard drive which does not have enough space. Everything has been working fine. Then I transferred some file to Elements, after updating my LR external editing  in preference (reads PSD, ProPhoto RGB, 8 bits (16 didn't work)).. Edited with  "a copy of LR adjustment  "option.  Photo transferred to LR with no problem. Editing completed, saved, image flattened, Elements closed. stack option included.  The edited version did not transfer back to LR6. Not sure why it didn't work.. Where should I save the edited pho

  • Issue#399353: When I go from Photoshop CC to Lightroom the import window is open. How can I keep it from opening o

    When I go from Photoshop CC to Lightroom the import window is open. How can I keep it from opening on its own?

  • Issue#455942: Lightroom photos that have been processed in Photoshop and returned to Lightroom do not return to PH

    When I work in lightroom then go to photoshop for layer work then return to lightroom for final processing, they will not return to Photoshop with layers. Once you make changes in lightroom then you can not return the layers that you previously made back to photoshop?

  • Issue#557209: Photoshop Elements - Opening photos in elements 12 one computer with Windows XP

    I have loaded PHotoshop elements 12 on my computer which has a XP operating system. The product has been registered, but when opening the Expert window I cannot get any photos from files on my computer to load on the Elements window for processing.  What can be the problem and how can I fix it ?

  • Issue#570015: Photos will not open from Lightroom CC to Photoshop CC

    Hello, I am having a problem that I cannot solve and tried searching, but did not find an answer to my unique problem. So here it is, I am using a Mac with 10.9.5, Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and a Nikon 610. Both of Lightroom & Photoshop were not fully updated when the problem started. I shoot real estate, so I often need to open 2 raw files in Photoshop to blend them and for the entire time before the problem started it worked fine. I made no changes to the software from either Apple or Adobe when the problem started. Now sometimes when I click on a raw photo- or multiple photos and try to edit in Photoshop they do not open. If Photoshop is not open, the program will open, but the photo is not there. If Photoshop is already open, the photo just never shows up. I do not get any error messages. So I took the following steps in hopes it would fix the problem, I updated both Lightroom & Photoshop to the newest versions, did not fix the problem, I unin

  • Issue#719588: Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC apps not opening

    I signed up to the creative cloud last night and installed Photoshop and Lightroom on my new laptop. This morning there was an error message and now when I click onto the Apps tab it shows the spinning circle, and nothing happens. If I got through google chrome to my adobe page and click on the download button again an external protocol request box comes up.  Is there an easy fix for this as I am not technical at all and need simple instructions to follow.

  • Issue#778209: Photoshop Elements - Opening photos from picture Library into Elements 14

    I used to be able to right click on a photo, select "open with" and then select Elements 14 and the photo would go to the Elements edit screen (expert).  Now this doesn't work.  I have to start in the Elements screen, file, open and search for the photo in my picture library.  I do not use Elements to store or organize my photos.

  • Issue#803947: I can not edit my photos from lightroom to photoshop

    I am not able to edit my photos from lightroom to photoshop

  • Issue#916170: Opening Adobe photoshop from Lightroom

    Hi All,I've just updated to Adobe CC.I'm wanting to open an image from Lightroom into photoshop however when I go right click, edit in the option to open photoshop is not available (it is greyed out).I have photoshop installed and it is opening.Any ideas?

  • Issue#1001455: RE: Opening Stock Photos in Photoshop with Layers

    I'm curious if anyone knows if there is a way to convert the stock photos to be editable instead of flat in Photoshop? They do not have any layers when being opened

  • Issue#1037426: Photoshop Elements - Opening Scanned Photos

    I am using the following to scan photos:  iMac OSX v 10.11.6     MacBook Pro v 10.11.6     Epson XP850 Series to scan and HP Deskjet 3050 1610 to scan. I set the scanner for 300 ppi resolution and TIFF format. The problem I am having happens when using all of the above computers and scanners.  I've scanned using the iMac with the Epson scanner and the MacBook with the HP Deskjet 3050 scanner.   I get the same results no matter what combination I'm using. When a photo is opened with Photoshop Elements 14 Editor, many of the photos (250 thus far) appear with about 1/6th of the photo's right side cut off.  That area is replaced with transparency in a rectangle shape.  Or the other thing that happens is the same 1/6th of the right side has a portion of it filled with striped-looking colors.  This happens on the right side only. Every photo I have opened in Preview looks good, just as I scanned it

  • Issue#1108579: After Effects - Photos selected in Camera Raw are not opening up in Photoshop CC

    I have both Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6.5 installed in my computer. When I send photos to Camera Raw from Bridge, tweak them and make them all nice, I will eventually want to send them into Photoshop to finish my processing. Camera Raw only seems to want to send them to Photoshop CS6. I'm unable to get it to open them up into Photoshop CC. I'm assuming I'm missing a setting somewhere but can't figure out where it is. I'm aware that I could just save all the Camera Raw files and then drag and drop them into Photoshop CC, but is that extra step actually necessary?

  • Issue#1319: Did I already an paid member? I can't make sure, because every time I open the photoshop or lightroom, it just a pre-try version

    DOES I already a paid member? I got the paid message for mobile message, but when I login photoshop or lightroom just is a test version

  • Issue#1335: Photoshop CC & Lightroom CC missing from taskbar and other problems after WIN 10 update

    After a Windows 10 update, all my adobe products Photoshop Elements 11, LR 6.7.1,  PS CC & LR CC went wrong ( Not very technical but stay with me). PSE 11 won't now open (missing files), LR 6 won't now link with catalogue, PS CC and LR CC shortcuts in taskbar disappeared. The Cloud desktop app was cleared of my products. I have tried to uninstall both programs via programs & features but neither will do so. So I can't remove to then reinstall to get going again. All my collections in LR 6 are now missing and I am unable to reconnect with those files. Can anyone help? As I have said, Win 10 on ACER V3 64

  • Issue#1370: Photoshop - photoshop cc 2015 hdr toning preview checkbox issue

    After updating Photoshop cc 2015, HDR Toning Preview checkbox is not working !

  • Issue#1586: I am opening photoshop cc but nothing happening please guide me

    I am opening photoshop cc but nothing happening please guide me no opening , no response !

  • Issue#1696: Photoshop - Photos in wrong drive

    Hi, Not sure where this problem is.  Has PSE 11 which, after I upgraded to WIN10 stopped working so presently on a trial of PSE 14. My IPhone photos automatically download to my PC on the C drive and I can see them.  however after a first scan PSE says that the file location is on the E drive in a folder which does not exist. I have checked my iCloud account and the photos are downloading to the correct location. Any thoughts?  Julian

  • Issue#2974: I keep getting a image bad error pop up when I leave out of Lightroom and go into Photoshop cc

    I keep getting a bad image error when I leave out of lightroom and go into photoshop cc

  • Issue#4584: Is A Non-destructive Workflow Possible Between Photoshop and Lightroom?

    Is it possible to work on an image from Lightroom in Photoshop whilst maintaining a link to the original file so that if I make changes to the original file in Lightroom, those changes will be reflected in the Photoshop document?Opening as a smart object breaks the link to the original file, effectively embedding a copy into the Photoshop document.

  • Issue#7048: Photoshop - Memory issue when I tried to render background with lighting effect. I have 4GB of RAM o

    Memory issue when I tried to render background with lighting effect.I'm running win7 and photoshop CC 2015 on i5 processor with 4GB of RAM.

  • Issue#8733: Gradient banding in Photoshop and Web but not Lightroom

    Hi, Please can you help. I realise this topic has been covered before, but I noticed that in Photoshop CC an image of mine has quite severe banding in the background gradient, that I created in my studio with a gridspot. This is also visible in the web version of this image, not as bad though, however it is not visible in Lightroom.  I presume that the web version has gradient banding because of JPEG compression. In Photoshop the image is in 16bpc and makes no difference if I switch to 8bpc.  I just wonder why Lightroom doesn't have this issue, which I have seen regularily in Photoshop and does anyone know of the fix?  I've tried adding noise, but it hasn't worked too well.   For reference, I am using Windows 10, a calibrated Eizo, that is hooked up to my laptop, so the monitor is using 8bit mode, not 10 bit.  I've inserted the images below, however the Lightroom screengrab is showing slight gradient banding, probably because it is now a jpeg. Ph

  • Issue#16362: My photos look good in photoshop and facebook but windows viewer and instagram dark ?

    Can anyone help me set up my color profile. I have had this issue with photoshop for over 10 years. I can send links or anything that helps. I am using Prophoto Rgb gamma 1.0. But I think it might be when I hit proof set up its in cmyk and when I internet standard it gets dark. Is there a way to keep the proof at internet standard? And is this the problem? I would love any help!!!

  • Issue#17439: Photoshop - Auto Shake Reduction does not fix photos

    I have tried everything to fix some photos taken on Christmas evening where the lighting wasn't that good.  Under the 'Enhance' tab on the top of the screen I tried Auto Shake Reduction, Shake Reduction, Adjust Sharpness, Unsharp Mask but nothing has helped with my shaky and slightly blurry photos.