Issue#140: Sony - Sony will you please update the firmware of the XBR-65X950B to Android TV? 950B owners UNITE!!!

  • I'm extremely disappointed that Sony has not updated the OS of their Flagship TV to Android TV yet.


    Yes, it has only been 1 year since this TV was released and I read elsewhere that Sony was considering this (so it is possible, as per Sony), but they need enough owners to request this.


    Therefore, I urge ALL XBR-65X950B owners to request this here:






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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#86835: Sony - Sony FS5 Firmware update Issue v1.10

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a solution to a problem I have been facing when updating the firmware of my Sony FS5. When I try to update it on my PC it will not recognize it (this is with the AC adapter connected as well as the USB.) I get the connection through on my FS5 LCD saying it is connected, but it will not process onto my computer when going through the firmware update procedure. However, it connects and works fine on a mac. I did previously try connecting it to a mac, but had my battery connected instead of the AC adapter which then popped the message that I needed the AC connected. The only conclusion I can come to is that since the FS5 was first connected to a mac it formatted to a mac. I'm not 100% sure if that is accurate, so I am hoping someone can help me if I need to reset or how to troubleshoot this problem to work on both mac and PC, please! Thank you!

  • Issue#172629: Sony - Will sony update firmware on XBR 65X850B to support HDR?

    Will Sony update firmware on mu XBR 65X850B to support HDR or is this a hardware issue?

  • Issue#177280: Sony - KD-43X8305C firmware update issue

    Hello everybodyI have KD-43X8305C with firmware version PKG2.287.0010EUB and I can't update firmware with this version anymore, I try with USB stick but no update after many auto reboot.When I try update on line with TV I have "error 2123" (server error) I don't understand causeall online services work good on my TV (youtube, google play..)Notice thaht I live in France.Can Someone help me  Regards

  • Issue#754245: Sony - a7sii & new 24-70mm 2.8 lens firmware update issue

    Hi all, I just recived my 24-70 2.8 lens and the box had a note to update the camera firmware before using.  I successfully updated the system firmware to 2.1, but when I try to update the lens firmware to the recommended Ver. 3, the installer says that it is not available for this lens.  My version info is showing up as follows: Body: ILCE-7sM2Ver. 2.10 LensVer.01 I've tried downloading the update again, etc... nothing changes!  

  • Issue#884551: Sony - How to update firmware from KD-65X8500D to XBR-65X850D? Is there some similar case

    Is there some successful cases? Many thanks!

  • Issue#944707: Sony - When will XBR-65X850B receive a firmware update to handle the new HDR format?

    When will XBR-65X850B receive a firmware update to handle the new HDR format?

  • Issue#166: Sony - Can we have a firmware update to enable 60 fps and NTSC shooting modes on UK version of HDR-CX450?

    On the camcorder's specification page on it is listed as being able to shoot in 60 frames per second mode in 1080p.  However, I purchased mine today, got it home, and it turns out it only shoots in PAL formats, with the framerate limited to 50 frames per second, when the page at the present time clearly states that it can shoot in 60 frames per second NTSC modes. (I ought to add that PAL and NTSC are moot when shooting at 1080p resolution, since the only difference is the frame rate). I have not a clue why Sony are purposefully setting their UK sold camcorders in this manner, since those who are using their camcorders to film video to be edited on their PC find it far more advantageous to work with 60 fps footage (since it is possible to transfer recorded video from 60 fps to 50 fps if needed without losing image quality, yet it is not possible to transfer video from 50 fps to 60 fps without image degration).  The issue of PAL versus NTSC is moot when

  • Issue#13252: Sony - Firmware Update Fail

    Hey guys, I tried the new firmware version today. Sadly, now I have a useless camera Step one of the updating went flawlessly. The camera rebooted to start phase II and got all the way up to 18%.This is the point where it all stopped. After 1.5 hours i disconnected the power and removed the SD card. Sadly, no matter what I try the camera reboots into 'phase II' and goes up to 18%, even without the SD card. I tried new SD cards, no sd cards...stuff like that, but now I cannot get past the version upgrade screen. In other words: My camera is bricked. Is there anything I could try that you guys know of?Otherwise I'll have to send it back to the supplier, but I'd rather try everything I can before having to do that. Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers!

  • Issue#14124: Sony - Android update effect on TV picture

    Since updating Android (PKG3.043.0080NAB) on my Bravia 43" TV a few weeks ago, the TV picture often becomes VERY snowy.  I have found that I can perform the Initial Setup (under Settings), and the picture returns to normal.  The TV is only a couple months old.  Should I return it to the dealer, or is this a known bug that can be fixed?

  • Issue#55263: Sony - When I press the Rec button software update issue

    When I press the REC button it asks me to download the latest software but my TV Softere saids it's up to date , what do I do ?

  • Issue#57842: Sony - ARC issue between XBR-55X850C and HT-CT780

    ARC issue between XBR-55X850C and HT-CT780 - The XRB is aware of the 780 Sound Bar via the ARC connection (it turns it on/off, switches to the correct input and  and controls the volume from the TV Remote) but there is no sound. This is not a new problem it is one that has been around for some time. What is the problem/solution?

  • Issue#58441: Sony - Feb 2016 Update - Android - Auto picture broken

    Hi guys, I have been told I need more confirmations of this isssue. Essentially auto picture mode no longer works correctly and gets locked to last previous setting. I need some of you to test confirm so I can get submitted as an official bug with Sony. Steps to reproduce: Set picture mode to autoChange to say blu ray or ps4Picture mode will change to game / cinema.Switch back to TV, mode still locked on game / cinema Please confirm if seeing the issue below.

  • Issue#67686: Sony - KD49X8005CBU February Firmware Update

    Hi,Does anyone know what new features and updates were included in the KD49X8005CBU February Firmware Update please? I was hoping an update of the HDMI ports from 2.0 to 2.0a was included in readiness for the new 4k Blu Ray HDR ready devices coming onto the market in March.Thank you.

  • Issue#69664: Android - Sony Xperia Z5 is Now Getting Marshmallow OTA Update

    ​ Folks in Turkey who own the Sony Xperia Z5 can wake up this morning to some tasty Marshmallow madness. Sony started pushing out the Android 6.0/Marshmallow update in that region. There's no word when the rollout will start pushing to other Xperia Z5 devices internationally, but we expect it won't take too long. Sidenote - this update is only for the Xperia Z5 standard. The... Sony Xperia Z5 is Now Getting Marshmallow OTA Update

  • Issue#70478: Sony - how do I update the firmware on a KDL55HX800 using a wired lan connection

    My firmware is way outdated PK4.181AAT.  How do I update the firmware using my router and wired connection (Ethernet cable)?Thanks 

  • Issue#74610: Sony - KD-55X8507c doesn't say in 3D mode after firmware update.

    My KD-55X8507c has been working fine playing 3D SBS coverted movies from a USB stick using VLC and off an HDMI cable from my laptop.After the firmware update 06.02.2016  PKG3.179.0100EUB 3D mode no longer works.When I select the 3d option the TV refuses to stay in 3D mode.Has anyone found a way to force 3D mode?Can I un-install this ****** firmware update that's broken my TV?

  • Issue#78556: Sony - KDL-43W809C issue after Feb update

    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone else has had this issue, since latest firmware update feb 2016, we get no sound and remote unresponsive after being in standby for a while, have to reboot the tv to get it to work, have read other people with this and seems to be a common issue, have emailed Sony but was wondering if there is any fix? Thanks again Chris

  • Issue#78999: Sony - New firmware update ILCA-77m2?

    Hello Sony,There is possibility of ILCA-77m2 model receive new update fireware with inclusion of S-log and recording internal 4K?Thank you.

  • Issue#79000: Sony - New firmware update for ILCA-77m2

    New firmware update for ILCA-77m2, and inclusion of S-log and recording internal 4K.

  • Issue#80621: Sony - STR-DN1060 Problems after Feb2016 firmware update

    Hello. I have three Sony units (TV=KD-49X8307C; receiver=STR-DN1060; PS4)... and all three received firmware updates over the last couple of days. Now, when playing a game on the PS4, the HDMI signal just disappears. If I unplug the receiver and plug it back in, the signal reappears. It's been happening a couple of times per day since the update... and not once prior to then. Is anybody else experiencing anything similar? Also, is there some way to reset the receiver without unplugging it? (I've tried the "usual" methods... holding the power button down, holding the remote power button down, etc... I've even looked in the manual!) Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.

  • Issue#82308: Sony - a-6000 firmware update does not work

    I cannot update the firmware of my a6000. After downloading Update_ILCE6000V200.exe, when I try to run it, I get an error message, Can't create output file... What do I need to do to make the update work? 

  • Issue#95282: Sony - Issue Using Sideview App as a controller for Android TV(W800C)

    Using Sideview App as a controller for my Android TV(W800C),  " controller Connected" or "controller disconnected”  notification is frequently shown on TV screen even when I am not using the Sideview App.

  • Issue#113822: Sony - firmware update pkg3.307.0101NAB problems

    Has anyone had problems with latest update from 2/9/16

  • Issue#114697: Sony - NSX-40GT1 firmware/software update so that new or updated apps can be installed

    I have a NSX-40GT1 and whenever I try to update or install new apps I get the message "Your device is not compatible with this version." Are there any updates for firmware/software that can fix this problem? If not, when will there be?  I'm sure you all realize that we pay money for Netflix and Pureflix services and it is very unfortunate that Sony cannot keep thier equipment updated so that we can utilize these services that we pay for.

  • Issue#124953: Sony - Help With 3D issue on XBR-55X850C!

     Is the 3d glasses model TDG-BT500A the only ones that work?

  • Issue#128625: Sony - Is it wise to perform a Factory reset BEFORE applying a Firmware Update?

    This means Automatic Update must be disabled.

  • Issue#136247: Sony - Firmware update on my 65xbr850c today... What was included in it????

    My tv just updated itself and im wondering what features or bug fixes were included in this update? Also, is there a website that shows what each update contains??

  • Issue#137304: Sony - XBR-65X850C since latest firmware, Dolby digital audio out to Sonos Playbar skips... PCM is O

    Hello, I have a XBR-65X850C with a Sonos Playbar connected to the optical cable audio output... since the last update for the TV, The sound skips on the Sonos playbar, If I select PCM, it's ok... anyone having issues ? Thanks

  • Issue#139385: Sony - Firmware Update v3.317(PKG3.317EUB solved what?