Issue#141: Sony - Drive two external monitors w Ultra Book?

  • With Sony ultra book SVP13226PXB, I am trying to drive two external monitors and put different images on each one, making the laptop screen irrelevant. I am using a Kanex 2-port HDMI splitter. The display settings are on EXTEND. Both monitors are working but showing the same image. The computer is treating both external monitors as a single external monitor rather than using one as the base monitor and the second as an extended monitor. Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this?

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  • Issue#642593: Sony - Has anyone used the WD My Book AV TV External Drive with a xbr55x850c? Not AV DVR.

    Hi,I thought this TV had 2 tuners so you could record and watch a different show at the same time. OFF THE TV. I find out it doesn't have 2 tuners. I know the TV itself doesn't record. But now I want to make sure I can record from the TV (which is what this model drive does). I was told that "most" 2 yrs or newer smart TVs with USB ports will do this. Where on the TV do you think I would find where to "schedule" programs on the drive? I don't want to buy it if it won't work on this TV. Has anyone done this?Thanks,femgirl

  • Issue#96107: Sony - Exporting meda from PMH to external hard drive

    At the left-hand margin in the PMH program there is a tree directory that recogniizes my external hard drive, but the directory only seems to read files I have imported into PMH from the hard drive.  The directory does NOT accept a drag-and-drop of a clip to be exported back to the hard drive. I do NOT want to convert PMH files to MP4 formatting. How do I properly export files imported in PMH to the external hard drive while preserving any background format preparation or correction that PMH may perform to the media? Windows 8Sony HDR-PJ810e

  • Issue#103355: Lenovo - Thinkpad Ultra Dock + T450S 3 External Monitors

    I think I may unfortunately already know the answer to this, but wanted to put it out there in hopes there is a solution.  I have a new T450S with the Intel HD 5500 and an Ultra Dock 170W.  My wish is to use 3 external monitors while docked (not including the Thinkpad's scree/lid closed).  I have two lcd monitors with DVI/VGA/HDMI connections and one LCD TV with HDMI.  I currently have the 2 monitors hooked to the dock via DVI to displayport adapters and the TV via HDMI.  The 2 monitors work just fine but the HDMI connection is not being recognized.  I've tried about every different configuration I can think of and can only get 2 of the three to work in any different combinations. Thoughts?  Possible?  Impossible? Thanks

  • Issue#107092: Sony - How do I use my External Hard Drive HD-SL2 on my macbook?

    I though I could just plug it in and drag my photos into it...  No chance.  All the software I can find for it, is for PC, it says its Mac friendly... Please help!

  • Issue#136080: Lenovo - ThinkPad Pro Dock, ThinkPad Ultra Dock, or ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock - External Monitors

    I have a simple question, Can I run 2 external monitors using the Ultrabase series 3 with the X230 docked and the lid open? My goal is to be able to see basically 3 displays. The main one would be the laptop and the other two extended monitors connected to the dock stations. One connected with VGA cable and the other with display port cable. Any help is appreciated.  Sebastiano

  • Issue#150484: WD My Book external hard drive: Why isn't my WD My Book external hard drive being recognized?

    Unlike some other people with this problem, my hard drive isn't showing up on my PC (Windows 7) or my husband's Macbook Air, and although it has a flashing blue light when plugged in, it isn't making that spinning sound, which has me worried it might be a gonner. It's about 10 years old and has ALL my kids' photos stored on it. I just went to back up my PC and it isn't working. Feeling worried. I tried several of the solutions that involve checking for bad drivers and trying to see about renaming it or moving it to another place, but I just don't see it in there, so I don't know what to do. I can try to order another power cable, but if the light is flashing blue, is it even possible that's the problem? Thanks for any help you can give!!! Whitney

  • Issue#180374: HP - External Dual Monitors and Laptop screen issue EliteBook 840 G3 and 2013 UltraSlim Dock (D9Y19A

    Hi, New EliteBook 840 G3 with discrete graphics and 2013 UltraSlim Dock using windows 10. I am using 2 HP Z23n screen, there are connected with 2 DisplayPort on 2013 UltraSlim Dock. I have 1 issues with this 1) My 2 external screens, connected to the left DisplayPort, started flickering then going blank and came back again without any flickering. Extremely annoying. Seems that the graphic card somewhat resets on screen or the other from time to time. Been trying to look at logs without any luck. Any ideas? 

  • Issue#267248: Sony - How to have my external hard drive display content as a list?

    I have just purchased a 55w800c and was wondering how to display my external drives content as a list instead of thumb nails?  The drive is set up and organised and displayed exactly how I set it up on the PC on my older ex400 series Sony lcd. Anyone with any ideas?

  • Issue#301847: Sony - can't access password protection manager on my external hard drive (HD-E1)

    Hi, the password protection manager on my sony hard drive (HD-E1) has been giving me problems. The program cannot open, it loads halfway and disappears, as such there's no way for me to access all the things i've saved inside. The program cannot even open for me to attempt the "repair" function as suggested by some other users. Please help!

  • Issue#340620: Lenovo - T460s with Ultra/Pro Dock - external monitors won't wake up

    HiI've  bought T460s and two docking stations: one Ultra Dock and one Pro Dock (for home and office) as I typically do with ThinkPads. Unfortunately, on both of them there is a problem with external monitors to wake up when docking the notebook (different monitors here and there) - only the notebook display starts up, the external one stay blank.The HD Intel graphics card panel notifies about new DisplayPort configuration, the monitor got identified but cannot be activated. The only workaround so far is to restart the T460s instead of simple resume from standby. PS. Updated to the latest Ultra/Pro Dock firmware - doesn't help PS. Same monitors were used with old T520 with docking stations (prev generation) and worked well. How is yours? Any solutions you may propose?Thanks

  • Issue#367153: File Import Failure - Premiere Pro CC .MOV External Hard Drive Issue!

    Hey everyone, Just got Adobe Premiere Pro CC after using CS5.5 for ages. Was well and truly time for an upgrade. First project I wanted to work on uses .mov files which work fine in CS5.5. When I import them into Premiere I get a "Fil Import Failure" error message with "Unsupported format or damaged file".These files also import just fine when I import from on the desk top but not from the external hard drive. Any answers? Have latest Quicktime installed and obviously it's the latest version of CC as I just downloaded it from Adobe today. The hard drive is 4TB Seagate Backup Plus External HDD - I'm running Dell XPS 15 on Windows 10. Thanks!

  • Issue#387798: Sony - External Hard Drive don't work on BDP s4100

    HiI use a Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive for images, movies and so on. Previously it's been working fine with both my Mac and my BDP s4100 Blu Ray player from Sony, but soon after I updated my OS X to El Capitan trouble started.  Immediately after the update my computer couldn't register the hard drive anymore. I could move files from the hard drive to my mac, but not the other way around. I cleaned and reformatted my Seagate (MS DOS-FAT) and after that it worked fine with my mac but not with my BDP s4100, I don't understand why. I've also tried to change the Seagate to ExFat, but still it don't work. The blu ray player says that the format of the external disc is unrecognizable. Can you please help me?

  • Issue#454344: External drive on internal sata issue.

    Hi there!  First time poster here and I'm after some advice on how to access my 2TB seagate HDD, it was a external drive until the PCB failed, at that point I disassembled the drive and attached it to one of my sata ports on my Gigabyte Z170m d3h and its showing only the free space on the partition. Help pls?

  • Issue#558982: Sony - USB external hard drive not working after factory reset of X83

    Hi,I factory reset my X83 as it was the display model and set in retail mode.  Before I did, I could see the movies on my external hard drive.  However, since I did the reset, whenever I connect the hard drive to the TV, I get a message saying that a USB device is connected but I can't see anything in the menu to select a movie.  The hard drive is NTFS formatted.  Is there any other setting I need to change in order to see the movies?Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#594477: Sony - Can a Vaio SVE171E13L handle two external monitors?

    I currently use an external monitor in addition to my laptop monitor, and I'd like to be able to add a second external monitor. Is that possible? If so, could someone point me to instructions on setting that up? I'm running Windows 10. Thanks! ~Valerie

  • Issue#645583: HP - How do I drive 2 external monitors from my Elite X2 1012

    I have the USB doc, but can't make it work to drive 2 external monitors - help??!!Thanks!

  • Issue#753583: HP - External USB drive on USB-C Dock with Elite x2 issue

    I have the following problem with my Elite x2 and USB C-dock and I'm wondering if anyone is able to reproduce the issue.  I've attempted to open a case with HP, but as soon as it turned out to be an intermittent problem the help desk refused to open a case. The issue is that sometimes when copying files to an external USB drive connected to the C-Dock that the drive goes into a "not ready" state.  This happens with a specific .ISO I downloaded from HP, but also when I attempt to use Casper to take a clone image of my C: drive.  When the external drive is connected to the x2's internal USB port there is no problem.  i've duplicated this issue on 2 different x2s with 2 different C-docks -- including swapping the docks between the to x2.  The issue is also unrelated to the specific external drive; that is, I've duplicated it with 2 different external drives too. Here are instructions that can be used to trigger the failure: Download the ISO image fr

  • Issue#806701: Sony - External Hard Drive HD-B1

    Greetings everyone, I have an Sony External Hard Drive HD-B1.  whenever i connect the hard disk to my laptop  , it shows up under Local drive     instead of    Removable Storage.  Can i know is this supposed to be the case? All the external hard drive i haved used are all under Removable Storage. Tried emailing Sony Customer Support, but their reply was to invite me to participate in a Sony Customer Satisfaction survey without answering my query. Quite disappointing.

  • Issue#838113: Sony - XBR65X810C External Audio Issue

    Hey Everyone, I have had this TV for a little over 2 months now. An issue that still prevails is this: I have a Samsung HT-F5530 Surround Sound System connected to my TV via Optical Out. The TV is able to control the volume up and down and control the system with the regular Sony Remote. However, the issue that I am having is when I turn the TV on say the TV is already at volume 15 on the external system. I can turn up the volume with no issue. However, if I want to turn the volume down past 15 I have to mute the system and unmute and then it will allow me to turn down the volume. Otherwise you can see the Sony TV light show it is getting a command but the volume will not go lower than 15. It is as if it gets stuck on whatever volume the TV starts at when being tunred on.  Is this a known Android TV issue? Or a known Sony issue?  I did not have this problem with my previous Sharp set. It is easily remidied by unmuting but still annoying. Also, do we know w

  • Issue#845763: Sony - Seagate Hard Drive Issue

    Hi, i connected my 1TB Seagate hard drive to my Sony Bravio TV, KD-55X8000C, to record a show. Now when i connect it back to my window 10 PC i can not see it in the windows tree. I can disconnect it from the tool bar and i can see it in the disk management section. Does nayone have any ideas.Thanks.

  • Issue#849910: Sony - Is it possible to connect an external hard drive to an A7S II camera and record directly to i

    I need the ability to record time lapse frames over extended periods without having to change the memory card. The camera will be hardwired for power and mounted out of reach (without using an aerial lift).

  • Issue#890583: HP - Z-Book G3 M1000M Netflix presents no video with external monitors

    I am a poud new owner of a new Z-book G3 Studio with the 4K screen and Quadra M1000M video. I am having difficulties with two streaming services, one is Netflix the other is Xfinity streaming.  When the workstation is running standalone with no external monitors there are no issues using the streaming services. Once I've plug in an exteternal monitor into the built in HDMI port or the display port or 15 pin connector on the HP 150 Thunderbolt docking station and extending the displays, the streaming services  only play back audio. There are no errors presented. The video is just black. It does not matter if I am using the Microsoft Store Netflix application of running it from a browser. I should mention this is true no matter which screen is the main screen.  Disconnening the montitors does not fix the issue alone. I need to disconnect the second monitor, logoff and log back in. All thread around Netflix issues point to the need to updated display drivers

  • Issue#903420: Western Digital My Passport Ultra: My external hard drive isnt connecting

    hello my external hard drive isnt connecting , i was using to watch a movie and then i just wanted to take something off from the table infront of me with my mac on my lap and external hard drive beside it , when i stood up i forgot to pick my hard drive up and it fell , it wasnt long fall or hard and it got disconnect from the usb and now its not connecting to my mac and when i unplug and plug it , it just make this beeping sound and the light is on and after couple of minutes the beeping stops but the light is still on and still not connecting. how do i fix that ? do i need to back up and buy another one ? :-? :-/ ⟐ Commented July 11, 2016 at 6:36 am -0700

  • Issue#1114513: Sony - Feeling frustrated! Internet connectivity issue in Bravia 4K Ultra HD TV ( Model - XBR-55X700

    Hi ! I bought a new 55" TV yesterday. While setting it up for the first time - I could connect the TV to my wifi within a few seconds which made me really happy. However, today morning I found that the connection is lost and neither the wifi is found in the scan list. I could not connect it even after trying to search it several times in the scan list. Surprisingly all other devices are working fine on that wifi. Feeling frustrated !! Please help!

  • Issue#1152457: After Effects - Photoshop Permissions Related Issue With External Hard Drive

    I am having a problem saving a file from an external hard drive opened from Lightroom to Photoshop. I am able to make edits, but when I try to close and save the file I get an error telling me that my file can't be saved because write access was not granted. Importantly, it only seems to be one folder (so far) in this external hard drive that has this issue as I am able to save files from other folders from the same external hard drive (even files within the same folder) without any issue. I believe this is a permissions related issue so after checking a video by Julianne Kost about preferences I removed the preferences folder from Photoshop CC and placed it on my desktop. I closed Photoshop CC (and Lightroom), restarted them and tried to edit the photo again, but to no avail. It may be just a few photos that are impacted or it may just be one, I'm not sure at the moment. How can I fix this problem?

  • Issue#1161596: Sony - Compatible external drive

    Dear sir, May I know which brand of External Drive are compatible with my KDL-W800C model. Recently I used 1 TB WD Passport to watch downloaded movies but It's not working....could you pls suggest me the compatiable one that can pluq & play....TQ.

  • Issue#1178938: Sony - I forgot password of my External Hard Drive, Model: HD-E1, Plaese help me to find out.

    Dear Sir, Please help me find out password of my External Drive, Model: HD-E1, Plaese help me to find out the password. I have stored much data on it.  Thanks in Advance Varun James  

  • Issue#122: Lenovo - X1 Carbon 3rd gen cant access my 1.5T external hard drive

    I have a problem connecting my X1 carbon 3rd gen with my iomega external hard drive anybody has a solution for this issuethis iomega drive is working on all my other notebook except the X1I tried even to connect it via the lenovo dock but not able to access it

  • Issue#831: Bootcamp Win 10 on external Thunderbolt drive?

    Hey, so I'm looking to install Windows 10 through bootcamp to a bootable clone on my Thunderbolt 2 external hard drive, which I use with my 2015 rMBP. I have the full retail USB version of Win 10, not the ISO. I've seen a couple threads here and there, but given I'm using El Capitan (which made some changes) and Windows 10, I'm not exactly sure what the best way of going about this is. Any ideas?