Issue#156: Sony - error en el inicio de mi vaio SVF15218PLB

  • Mi vaio SVF15218PLB se actualizo a la version windows 10 pro version 1511. Ahora cuando inicia me aparece un cartel que dice "iolorgdf32 program not found skipping autocheck". Me lleva a una compresión del registro (que puedo evitar pulsando la tecla Esc, pero la notebook, demora bastante mas en iniciar normalmento. Desde ya gracias al que sepa como evitar esto.

    Ya probé lo que figura en los foros de windows 8, editando el registro, pero cuando busco "iolorgdf32", el registro no responde.

    Gracias a aquel que pueda ayudarme con este problema.


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#75561: Sony - Weird Vaio laptop keyboard issue

    My wife's SVP13215PXB Vaio laptop on Windows 10 has developed a very odd fault. The cursor keys and the delete keys have started working intermittently after a few months of working totally fine after the upgrade to Windows 10. So, on the Win 10 login screen all keys work fine. But when in Windows the cursor and delete keys only work when holding down the shift key. I thought it might be the scroll or num lock stuck on but I've toggled Fn+Del but that doesn't seem to do anything. I've uninstalled the keyboard driver a few times and have updated Windows and everything in the Vaio Care app.Any ideas greatly appreciated!CheersSimon

  • Issue#127276: Sony - Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0E screen issue - links to pictures

    Hi, Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0EModel: PCG-11211M Computer has worked fine yesterday in the morning.In the evening it looked like atachment few minutes it changes to From the sounds it lloks like it boots as always - just no screen. Can anyone please help to recognize the issue and estimate the chance for fix?Thank you very much for all feedback.   Regards,

  • Issue#127397: Sony - Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0E [all in one] screen issue - links to pictures

    Hi, Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0EModel: PCG-11211M Computer has worked fine yesterday in the morning.In the evening it looked like atachment few minutes it changes to From the sounds it lloks like it boots as always - just no screen. Can anyone please help to recognize the issue and estimate the chance for fix?Thank you very much for all feedback.   Regards,

  • Issue#179628: Sony - Buyback Issue - Offer for Buyback on Sony Vaio (no response)

    Event ID: E62678062 Email: Thank you for contacting Sony Electronics Inc. regarding your Sony SVP132190X. Your case has been forwarded to the National Customer Relations office for review. Sony takes great pride in the workmanship and design of each of our products. The Sony Protection Plan that was purchased with your product warrants your unit for a designated period. At this point we have deemed that your unit is irreparable, we would like to buyout the Sony Protection Plan warranty for $1,406.47. I replied to this email with a signed PDF of the settlement offer and was told I'd receive a reply within two business days with information on how the process would continue. I replied on the 16th of February.   

  • Issue#206556: Sony - Sony VAIO svt1311x9es Bluetooth issue

    Problem with Sony VAIO svt1311x9es I can see my laptop on my iphone but it not pairing and it not searching on my laptop aswell?

  • Issue#278932: Sony - Vaio pro 13 - WIFI update issue

    Hello Everybody, I own a  VP132A1CM and today I bought a Intel Card 8260 AC to update the range & strenght of the wifi (actual one is 7260).After the installation, it seems that the drivers are not running at all (the device is recognized in windows) so I'm not able to detect any wifi around. I have also try to delete the device manually and delete in the device manager.Uninstall the old drivers and set the new one (18.33.0) as well... no result do anyone have already done this upgrade ?Im out of idea ... Many thanks  

  • Issue#362674: Sony - Vaio Ultrabook SVD112A1SW Mouse Pointer running at Left top corner issue

    I have a Viao Duo 11 (model SVD112A1SW) with Windows 10 (after upgrade). The mouse pointer is running away at the left top corner so frequently that won't let me do my job properly. Initially, it was not so frequent, but now it has become constant, so that I can't use the laptop to work at all. I have found old solution for users running win 8, but nothing for win 10, and also none of the Sony websites I have searched recognizes my model nb. Is there any software update or something to help?

  • Issue#373988: Sony - Stamina issue - VAIO PRO 13

    Dear all, I do have an issue with the stamina.After formatting my VAIO PRO 13 (SVP131ACM), I do have a maximum stamina of 3h30 instead of the 5h30 I do have before formatting... I have installed all previous drivers etc but I doesn't change anything.I have tried to press the small button on the bottom on the laptop but problem still exist.. Any idea how I can recover my old stamina ? 

  • Issue#385183: Sony - VAIO SVE15127CAB Battery and Heat Issue!

    Hello sony support,Ive noticed my Battery last up to 40mins. and much heat that from the exhaust fan after 30mins of used. Any suggestionor recommendation for my issue?Next, is this update Is my Laptop eligible for this update??A fast reply is a great help. VAIO SVE15127CAB regards

  • Issue#400951: Notebook - Sony Vaio E series - VPCEA33EN Baclight issue

    Dear All, I am new to this forum and not that expert in hardware. I am doing someone a favour and trying to fix his laptop - Sony Vaio E series - VPCEA33EN. This has a backlight issue. Now before I go ahead buy another screen, I found this very useful forum and learned that a fuse might be the culprit. So, I have opened up the laptop and got the MOBO out. Please can some one tell me which ine is the fuse and what should I do next. Thanks to all.... Sony Vaio E series - VPCEA33EN Baclight issue

  • Issue#601803: Sony - Blue Screen Error in Sony Vaio Laptop.

    Dear Sony corporationI have a problem with my laptop which it restart usually when I was working normally with it.( without any vibration) when it is restarting , laptpos fan become fast. Where is the problem !? and how can I fix it? Laptop model : VPCF23EFX Error image : Thanks.  

  • Issue#647450: Sony - Vaio care script error on start up

    On start up, Vaio care cause Windows host script error, it cannot find the file C:\windows\temp\Vaio Care Rescue Tools.vbs. I am running Windows 10, but the error was also present on Windows 8 before upgrading to windows 10. How can I fix this error? I have seen solutions like disabling Windows care at startup or create en empty file with the filename mentioen above.In my opinion this does not solve the problem, it only hide the visible problem. I also have another Sony computer on Windows 10. On this computer, there is no such error. The missing file mentioend above doesn't exist on this computer either. So it means that Vaio care should be able to run without this file. The question is whaat is triggering Vaio to look for this file.  

  • Issue#787780: Sony - error bateria vaio duo con windows 10

    Tengo un Vaio duo 13 y actualice a windows 10 con todo el procedimiento, todo parece funcionar bien pero no detecta la bateria!!! dice bateria no presente, he intentado todo y nada me soluciona esto, quien me podria ayudar???

  • Issue#824780: Sony - Workaround for error in instructions for Windows 10 upgrade in VAIO Care 8

    I found an error in the VAIO Care v.8 instructions for the Windows 10 upgrade.  In step 3, it says to download and run the VAIO Update for Windows 10 Upgrade Tool VUforWin10_2Upg.exe. When, as instructed, I clicked on that link in the VAIO Care v.8 software,   I got the circling dots indicating computer process, lasting for more than 30 min, but no disk activity as per the orange  light.  I tried it twice and closed VAIO Care when nothing had happened in 30 min.  I tried calling Customer support and they wanted to charge me $70 and have a technician log in remotely to solve the problem caused by Sony's faulty program.  Instead, I thought I would try the following and it worked: Workaround:  I went to the Sony support site and found the identical Windows 10 upgrade instructions page there. I clicked on that link, the file downloaded instantly and I clicked on it and it ran -

  • Issue#829948: Linux - Boot issue: -14.1/x86_64 on Sony Vaio laptop

    This host has been running 14.1/x86_64 without problems. It's a full installation (well, except for KDE) and no SBo packages installed, but AlienBOB's multilib packages are installed. About 2 weeks ago I ran slackpkg and upgraded all packages. Now it has issues booting and loading the GUI login screen. Somehow there seem to be both 32- and 64-bit modules that the system _very_ slowly loads: gtk, and pango are two I recall seeing. The boot process is many times slower than it was in the past, and after announcing it's loading kdm(?) the monitor blanks, displays a brief cursor in the upper, left corner then blanks again. I cannot move to a different console (ctrl-alt-Fn), and ctrl-alt-del does not halt the sytem. Not having experienced this issue before I'm at a loss of how to identify the cause and fix it. Advice and suggestions sooner rather than later will be much appreciated by the laptop's user. TIA, Rich

  • Issue#867612: Sony - VPCEH18FG Vaio-Update Update Issue

    Laptop details:Model : VPCEH18FGOS : WIN 7 64 bit  home primium I keep getting a message saying:A new version of VAIO update is available. VAIO Update cannot be used unless it is updated. Update now?  Went through below link and found thatInitlally it was downloading version : Vaio update 5.6 then again same pop up and download started from below link all downloads are sucessful. No error . But its downloading Vaio Update again and again. I went to sony vaio website and found that menrioned latest version for VAIO UPDATE VAIO Update version Please help me out to resolve error A new version of VAIO update is available. VAIO Update cannot be us

  • Issue#902821: Sony - Sony Vaio SVE14A26CG freezes and shows error after upgrading to Windows 10

    I have a Sony Vaio Laptop (Model: SVG14A26CG) which I have recently upgraded to Windows 10.Everything appears to be correct except for the fact that the machine freezes sporadically. It also shows a blue screen with the following error. "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.... If you'd like to know more you can search online later for this error: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I have checked all the other drivers and think this may either be an issue with the OS or graphics driver. Can anyone help suggest a solution for this? I think possibly that a graphics driver for Windows 10 (or one for Windows 8) will work. Or maybe something else. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • Issue#905199: Sony - There is an error in the download procedure for Vaio Care Solution Center Update.

    An error message appears when one tries to download Vaio Care Solution Center Update, posted on 07/08/2016.The download of EP0000324886.exe does not happen.Could someone fix this bug?

  • Issue#936492: Sony - Job No: J60007466 - Sony Vaio SVF15219CGW - hinges issue - Purely on Laptop Design issue

    My Repair Job Number is: J60007466. I have handed over my laptop to Sony service center at somerset singapore as per ]advised by Singapore Sony Customer support. I have received a call from Technician from Sony service centre. Technician was saying that he has checked my laptop and need to replace the hinges, for this he asked me to pay around $500 Singapore dollars because of physical damaged.I have requested him to give genuine diagnosis report and he has confirmed that this is not physical damaged.Technician told me that he cannot take any decision on this and need to check with his manager. I have been following up to Sony customer support for two one week by daily basis to know the repair status of my laptop after handed over my laptop. No one was giving any proper answers and always saying that It's pending with manager decision (came to know that his Manager is on long  leave without backup resource ) and finally got an response from the m

  • Issue#978932: Sony - VAIO VPCZ128GG power issue

    My VPCZ128GG shows no power indicator light and will not power up

  • Issue#1005795: Sony Vaio issue??

    We have a client that has a VAIO Tap 21 Portable All-in-One Desktop Model # SVT21213CXB 8.1 proThey did the in place upgrade to win 10 pro it appeared to work but when they rebooted the sony diagnostics page comes up :stating your vaio failed to start windows OS not foundWe have tried to let sony fix the windows issue from this screen no go.Reset the default values in the bios like the screen recommended bios sees the drivewe made a windows 10 media tool downloaded it on a usb and booted it up tried to reinstall from there got to the part where you partition and format the HDD in windows setup and it keep failing?I am thinking of installing a new HDD what do you spice heads think is there something else to fix issue?I dont see any screws on the back of this thing to take the back off anyone know how to do this if need to install new...

  • Issue#1053029: Sony - SONY VAIO VPCEB46FG - Driver error for PCI Communications Controller

    Dear Community, I had to perform a clean install of Windows 7 - I have been able to install all original drivers - but having issues with the PCI Communications Controller. I have gone into the Hardware Manager and it displays a yellow triangle next to it. I then click on troubleshoot and it does not appear to work. Can someone please assist me - SONY VAIO VPCEB46FG Windows 7 Professional - now installed.64 Bit. I am only a computer newbie and I do not wish to mess up the system.

  • Issue#1105985: Sony - Vaio Duo 11using Window 10 mouse pointer running at left top corner issue

    Hi,I am using Vaio Duo 11, after upgrade to Window 10 the mouse poiter is always running to the left top conner of screen and automatically working. It become more serious now and I could not control it. I have search and get solution for Window 8 but my window is 10 now.Please give me your hand? Thank you so much for your help. Yours,Linh

  • Issue#1172096: Sony - Error de Inicio Tv Sony Bravia XBR-55X855B

    Cada vez que enciendo el tv aparece mensaje inicio de seccion no sastifactorioya hace un tiempo me paso, solucione reiniciando o sea apretando boton control remoto y encendido desde la tv, pero ahora no funciona, tambien he probado desencufar del toma y desconectar cable antenay esta actualizadoalguna solucion o sugerencia gracias

  • Issue#139: Sony - No power or lights from my Vaio Fit 14 / Flip PC

    my laptop was working perfectly until this morning. tried to turn it on and nothing happened.. plugged it in to charger.. and nothing , no lights or anything. ive never had a battery issue or anything else. i used it 2 days ago last with no issue and powered down correctly. Any ideas or help? Vaio Fit 14 / Flip PCModel # SVF14N190X / SVF14NA1ELi7 256ssd I contacted sony support through chat but they told me was hardware issue and to go to best buy or risk opening the bottom myself. 

  • Issue#169: Sony - Latest Vaio Care & Vaio Update versions

    Hi,I have a Sony SVF15A1C5E and want to know the latest software versions for Vaio Care & Vaio Update.The reason is when I open Vaio Care it says there's a new version, but it always fails to update.Below are images of the versions I currently have and the error I get:-      Thanks in advance...

  • Issue#1572: Sony - SONY VAIO DISPLAY

    SONY VAIO SVE15117 has no display on startup but sound comes on windows startup.

  • Issue#1986: Sony - Baffling XQD card error

    I have found some threads similar to my problem but not exactly the same thing. First, some background that may be helpful in troubleshooting, followed by the issue at hand.I rented two Sony 128GB G series XQD cards for a project. I am recording UHD in XAVC-I at 24p and 48p.One of the cards would not format in-camera. I tried deleting the files in the clip folder (card was near full) and inserting into the camera. The camera then proceeded to format. It gave me some quirky issues later on during recording: reaching max clip number when time was still remaining on the card. Footage was still ingested and the card complied with formatting in camera afte that.Last night, I recorded around 30 mins of footage on this card without issue. When turning my camera after a break, I get an "Unknown Media" error message. I turned the camera off and removed the card. My laptop will not recognize the card when trying to mount through the USB card reader. I stil get "Unknown Media" error messages when

  • Issue#3655: Sony Vaio Duo 11: Sony Vaio Duo 11 DC input needs replacing

    My Vaio Duo 11 fell onto the floor. Unfortunately it landed on the DC input side. When I checked the internal battery will not charge. And I think the DC input broke as I opened it up and see the DC input board was bit loose. At the moment I can only use the laptop using sheet battery, it only lasts 1-1.5 hours usage. And I have to take the sheet battery off for recharging (inefficient process) . I wonder if you could tell me where I could buy the Sony Vaio Duo 11 DC input board from? Thank you