Issue#1608: Bootcamp, Windows 7, Magic Mouse won't work

  • I have Windows 7 installed on my MBP and can't get my Magic Mouse to work. A Microsoft mouse does work, but I'd prefer the Magic Mouse.
    Any ideas?

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  • Issue#501026: Lenovo - T431s with windows 10 64 bit won't work with Microsoft bluetooth mouse

    We have installed Windows 10 64 bit enterprise on multiple T431s ultrabooks with 12G of ram, and 256 ssd's.  All of them will pair Microsoft bluetooth mice, but the mice do NOT work, and cause any other mouse (like the built in one) to freeze often with you turn the bluetooth mouse on.  All drivers were installed with System update, and the same bluetooth mice work fine with our 440s's and othere lenovo computers running windows 10 64 bit.  I feel like an ignorant newbie, nothing I try seems to make a difference, and all other peripherals and hardware work fine.

  • Issue#32712: BootCamp - Windows 7 cant complete install - no keyboard/mouse

    Hi Guys Just got a new Macbook Air - i5/4gb/256gb/OS X 10.8.4. It's my first Mac and I'm in love. I would like to boot strap Windows 7 Ultimate but cannot finish the installation as I cannot use the keyboard and mouse. So no boot in safe mode for me as installation has not finished. I tried a USB keyboard but that wouldnt install drivers. Has anyone had this and what was your workaround? Tried to find an answer to this one but cant seem to! Your help is appreciated!

  • Issue#33178: HP - Won't Allow Me to Interact With Mouse and Keyboard When Booting Windows 7 on Startup

    Hello, I am trying to downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7. I have tried to install Windows 7 but it keeps telling me that "Windows Setup experienced an unexpected error. To install windows, restart the installation." I restarted it a few times but I still got the error. I then tried to install it by booting the disk on startup. Everything loaded fine and the setup screen appeared. But I went to move the mouse but it would not move. I tried several different mouse and keyboards but there was no hope, using both USB 3.0 and 2.0. I done some research and found that you had to turn on 'Legacy Support' in the BIOS. I done that but there was still no movement.  If anyone could apply their knowlege via a comment it would be much appreciated as I have been constantly trying since late December 2015! Many thanks

  • Issue#38323: HP - headphones won't work on Windows Ten laptop

    I recently got a brand new replacement laptop this month after the one that I bough previous never worked correctly. As i've gotten to really use the computer I've realizded that everything works great but my headphones. I put my headphones into the jack and a small message comes up on the screen, "audio device has been plugged in" put when I go to play my video no sound comes from my headphones. When I go to my audio setting, "playback deives" my headphones are not under the divces there. I can't get my laptop to recongize my head phones. Has anyone else had this problem and knows what to do? Extra:.It came with windows ten* B&o audio 

  • Issue#50119: HP - Fingerprint reader won't work since Windows 10 upgrade

    Since upgrading to Windows 10 I cannot get my fingerprint reader to work, have to enter a password now to access the comuter.  Checked the compatability of my driver and it is current and up to date.  How do I get the reader back online?  Thank you.

  • Issue#114221: EA - My Sims 3 won't work after windows 10 downloaded

    I used to play sims 3 with all my expansions on my old laptop. I didn't have windows 10 downloaded on the old laptop and it worked perfectly fine. I recently bought a new laptop & I have downloaded windows 10, & I cant play the game. The game opens, plays the music, and also lets me choose the world I want and then I click create new household and I get as far to making the second person in my sims family, and my laptop freezes on the screen and the catalog where we pick clothes, (I can still move my mouse and the music still plays) but then after a few minutes the game kicks me out and a pop up shows "Sims 3 has stopped responding. Please try again later. If windows finds a solution you will be notified."I have tried deleting the game and retrying it. I have tried deleting expansion packs to see if it will work, it doesn't. I have tried resetting my computer and I have tried shutting my computer off and restarting it. Nothing seems to work at all. I just wanna play my gam

  • Issue#115121: Does magic mouse 1st gen work on latest mini?

    I am going to buy a new Mac Mini and one of the options is to add a second gen magic mouse. I have a first gen magic mouse already. I guess this first gen magic mouse will work with the new Mac Mini, but just want to check.

  • Issue#126301: HP - [Windows 10] Internet Won't Work

    Life is a cruel joke. I wasted 12 stressfull hours trying to fix my Windows when it could have been fixed in less than an hour. My recovery gets deleted so I can't go back to 8.1. So here I am. Back to Windows 10. Internet won't work. It is connected and works on other devices but not on Windows 10. Last time I had Windows 10 it wouldn't work I had to use my warrenty to send it back and get it fixed. Then when I got it back it had a grand total of 4kb/s. So I went back to 8.1. Well I can't now. So how do I fix this?

  • Issue#168833: HP - Mouse and Keyboard work in BIOS, but not when Windows setup starts

    Hi,I purchased a new HP Pavilion 55-122a and I am trying to load Windows 7 on it.I have changed the BIOS from secured to legacy. On these new systems, there is nothing else in the BIOS that can change. There is no USB legacy settings etc.When I start the PC and go into the BIOS setup, the mouse and keyboard work fine. But when I boot Windows 7 from either a DVD or an image in a USB stick, and get to the very start of the Windows 7 setup stage, the keyboard and mouse do not work.I have tried all USB ports on the PC, and none of them work during the Windows setup stage.Does anyone know how I can get the Windows to reconise the USB ports so I can install Windows 7?Thanks for you time. Darryl

  • Issue#185612: windows 10 update indesign won't work

    I upgraded to Windows 10 and now In Design won't work.

  • Issue#196682: Lenovo - X61 - Windows 10 Wifi issue - won't reconnect to wifi after sleep

    My X61 won't reconnect to Wifi after waking up from sleep.   I've tried everything, but the only fix is to restart the computer.  It's very frustrating and time-consuming.   Does anyone have a fix?     Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

  • Issue#223371: Windows 10 and laggy Corsair mouse issue after latest updates

    Does anyone else have Windows 10 v1511 and a Corsair mouse, in my case an M65 RGB, and have been having issues with it lagging badly since Tuesday's Windows updates? It seems to be caused by KB3140743 and having an Xbox One controller in use, which is the case for me as I have been using my Elite controller. Threads here: and here: (I am Daz1967 by the way) When this issue occurs then I am unable to even shutdown or restart my PC as it hangs. As long as the mouse is still working normally then I can shutdown and restart without issues.

  • Issue#225958: Need advice: apple magic keyboard and mouse on bootcamp.

    Hi. I'm thinking about buying a Mac mini and use it with both OS X and W10 bootcamp. I've read a post where someone said that you need the wired keyboard to enter boot setup, is this true? I would prefer buying the wireless Magic keyboard, but if I'm not going to be able to switch between OS X and W10... then it's useless for me. About the Magic Mouse 2, can you use the middle button in W10? If read old post having issues with this, but can't find anything recent. Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#228588: Bootcamp & windows 10 : Audio Issue

    Hello All, I have just been able to log on this forum in order to post an issue i 'am experiencing : I have a Macbook pro 15'' I installed Windows 10 through boot camp. I installed boot camp drivers version 5.1 which i downloaded from apple web site. All looks working fine except the audio i kept getting a cross red iconon the audio icon in Windows system tray. i will attach a screenshot describing my issue hoping your help if someone has encoutred the same issue. Rq: when i restart... Bootcamp & windows 10 : Audio Issue

  • Issue#232116: HP - WiFi won't work after upgrading to Windows 10

    Hi I upgraded my Hp 15 notebook to Windows - 10 and my WiFi won't work anymore.

  • Issue#245340: Remotely Upgrading from Windows 8.1 Home to Pro - This Key Won't Work

    Attempting to upgrade from Win 8.1 home to 8.1 Pro.  Doesn't look possible.  Getting "this key won't work.  Check it and try again, or try a different key".  I believe it's not possible to upgrade 8.1 home to pro without install media and a full reinstallation.  Any ideas how to accomplish this remotely?

  • Issue#271545: Acer - Touchpad won't work on Aspire E 15 Start after installing Windows 10.

    I bought an Aspire E 15 Start laptop with Windows 8. When I installed Windows 10 the touch pad quit working. I have installed the Windows 10 driver for the touch pad, but it still does not work. What can I do to get it working again?

  • Issue#271792: Lightroom won't work after windows 10 upgrade

    I last used Lightroom was on Windows 7. Now after getting Windows 10 it won't work. It says, "Unexpected Error opening catalog.   The catalog could not be opened due to an unexpected error."I've followed three steps listed in another forum to fix this. What else should I try?Thank you.

  • Issue#277892: Issue with Magic mouse and new 5k riMac

    I'm having an issue where the Magic Mouse stops scrolling, etc after I wake the unit up from a sleep. It doesn't always happens but I've noticed it always happens when it takes about 10 seconds to get the machine to wake up instead of the normal 1-2 second wake up. I called apple care and the rep said to disable the feature allowing the hard drive to shut off while on sleep mode. Has anyone experienced this or have any solutions? I must restart the machine in order to get everything... Issue with Magic mouse and new 5k riMac

  • Issue#344107: I upgraded to Windows 10 now the scanner on my HP Color LaserJet 2840 MFP Printer won't work

    I upgraded to Windows 10, when I tried using my scanner, I get the message - the printer does not see the PC.   Is there a way around this? 

  • Issue#355994: Hard drive won't work dor Windows 10?

    I'm trying to install Windows 10 off of a flash drive into my new computer I just built, and the W10 setup wizard is telling me that I can't install into the drive. It's a WD Blue 1TB, brand new, so it shouldn't be having any issues. Any ideas as to what's happening? I can send pictures, and give more information as to how I'm setting Windows up if necessary.

  • Issue#360037: Autodesk - Revit won't work properly on my aptop. Is it windows 10 or Nvidia Geforce 960M?

    Hi,I just bought a new ASUS Zenbook pro with 6th generation i7 , 16GB, SSD, and Nvidia 960M. Revit 2016 is installed, as well as R1 and R2. Revit won't work properly, it has display glitches, and it freezes making it unusable. I turned off the hardware acceleration and the anti-aliasing options, still no luck. is the problem in windows 10 or my graphic card? Any help would be much appreciated. If I can't get this to work I will have to return the laptop. I have only 10 days to decide.

  • Issue#382195: Mouse Scroll does not work in case structure case drop down on Windows 10

    On Windows 10 machines there seems to be an issue where in LabVIEW the mouse scroll works fine for scrolling you front panel and block diagram but it does not work for any drop-down list, i.e. rings, combo boxes, case structures, event structures, etc. This worked fine in Windows 7 and I first thought it was an incompatibility between LV2013 and Windows 10 but LV2015 has the same issue. Unfortunately I inherited a statemachine with 100+ cases in one case structure and without the mouse scroll (and lo scroll bar) switching cases has become much more tedious. Does anyone have an idea whether this is a Windows 10 settings issue or if this is a LabVIEW issue? Any help is appreciated.

  • Issue#401402: On Z97 or X99 motherboard What Parts or Drivers won't work when Installing Windows 10?

     "I decided to check if my Z97 AsRock Extreme 6 ac will work on win 10 I saw the lack of..."

  • Issue#407570: HP - Officejet 4630 Won't Work with Windows 10 - BRAND NEW PRINTER

    I just bought a new printer 2-3 weeks ago, and I cannot get it to work with my computer which is running Windows 10. I tried installing the drivers on the disc. I downloaded the drivers from the HP website 3 times. I completely cleared my computer of every reference to HP, then tried re-installing a new download of the drivers from the website. None of these steps have helped. My boyfriend can print from his computer (which uses Windows 8) with no issues. Please, someone fix this. I shouldn't have to return a new printer because HP can't figure out how to make their stuff work on Windows 10.

  • Issue#417090: Autodesk - mouse wheel zoom won't work

    Hi, thanks for this Anwer day! Lately when I open Fusion, the mouse wheel ZOOM won't load until several minutes after I ran the program. Sometimes it doesn't load it at all. the wheel does work in everything else though, so is not the mouse. Why is it happening? Is it a common problem? 

  • Issue#425678: Dell Inspiron 14-7437: Touch screen and mouse pad won't work, help?

    When I turned on my laptop to sign in, both my touchscreen and mouse pad would not work. How can I fix this? ⟐ Answer accepted April 7, 2016 at 5:40 pm -0700

  • Issue#436845: EA - Mouse clicking issue: Mouse is there, clicking doesn't work at all

    I just bought the trilogy of this game but right after launching the game in full-screen I noticed I get my windows cursor (small white arrow). I thought it was funny at first because games usually change your cursor so it looks according to game. I could move my mouse yet clicking doesn't work at all, not in the main screen, not when creating your character, nothing. I went back to the main menu and made it to Options > Configuration > peripherals and there's this option that says "Mouse: NO" so I turned it into "YES". My mouse appearance changed into a transparent looking mouse with a blueish outline. But besides of being a fancy movable object it still won't click at all. I've read a lot of "mouse issue" solutions out there so I decided to be as detailed as I could because non of these solutions has worked for me. I have nothing plugged in to my laptop except for my mouse/keyboard USB drive. It's a Genius mouse and it works on every game, every software, except

  • Issue#471135: HP - Why my touchscreen won't work in Windows 10 Home Insiders Preview Build 14,000 series?

    Hi, I recently updated to Windows 10,  Build 10586. The touch screen worked fine. But when I updated to Windows Home Insiders Preview Build 14322, my touchScreen stopped working.. Butwhen Irestore back to build 10586, it worked.. Is there a way to fix it? It happens everytime I update to the Windows 10 home Insiders Preview  builds 14000 series..