Issue#1687: Lenovo - Yoga 12 Bildschirmdrehung Windows 7

  • Hallo,


    ich habe ein Yoga 12 20DK001XGE mit Windows 7 64bit (das wurde mir vom Arbeitgeber leider installiert).

    Mein Problem ist, dass die automatische Bildschirmdrehung nicht funktioniert.

    Was ich dazu schon sagen kann:

    - das Häckchen in der Bildschirmanpassung fehlt

    - in den Diensten taucht weder der Sensordatendienst, noch der Sensordienst noch der Sensorüberwachungsdienst auf

    - im Geräte-Manager wird unter Sensoren "STMicroelectronics Sensor Hub" angezeigt.


    Gibt es eine  Möglichkeit die Bildungschirmdrehung zu aktivieren? Bzw. braucht es dazu ganz andere Informationen?


    mit besten Grüßen



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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    When ever i open my laptop. On the task bar the date and time is pushed off the screen.I think their maybe a issue with the graphics driver and windows 10. If i click on the up arrow on the task back it will snap back to where it is supposed to be. Please let me know if anyone has had a similar issue with their yoga 12.Please also let me know if anyone knows how to fix. All of my drivers are the latest windows 10 versions. its not a huge issue, but it is extreemly annoying. 

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     According to Intel, the Yoga 900 uses a customized computer manufacturer video driver for the Intel HD 520 graphics chipset.  Intel's standard driver ( released 12/22/2015) appears to address an issue I am experiencing with Microsoft's Windows 10 Map application as well as a map-based application I personally am developing that relies upon the same map control that their map application uses.  The current Lenovo driver ( is dated 11/18/2015 so I am fairly confident it doesn't have the 'fix' reported in Intel's 12/22/2015 release notes. Can Intel's HD 520 driver be used with the Yoga 900?   I can uninstall the Lenovo driver and then install the Intel driver but don't want to risk messing something up if it won't work. Thanks, John  

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    Hi all, Trying to install Windows 10 from scratch after formatting SSD. Are the following screenshots something typical for you? The form size is about 1/10 the usual size which makes you unable to see anything unless you squeeze your eyes into the screen. The boot USB usb is working well on all my other machines.Also after installation the display is OK.  ï»¿ï»¿ï»¿

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    Last week my laptop updated to windows 10. This week I had to install the new citrix receiver 4.4 on the laptop. I utilize citrix for cerner applications. When I launch the application from the facilities website, citrix starts. When we get to the applicaiton log in screen the screen continuous flickers. I can input via keyboard but when I need to use the mouse it is a lost cause. I end up having to disconnect via the connection center. Any help anyone can provide will be appreciated. I am normally within citrix 80% of my work day.

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    Computer hangs up when attempting to upgrade to Windows 10 (the circle below the lenovo logo rotates for about a second and then stops). After forced reboot it returns to Windows 8.1 with error message: "We couldn't install Windows 10We've set your PC back to the way it was right before you started installing Windows 10.0xC1900101 - 0x20017The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation" I have tried the suggestions online for this error (switching off bluetooth/wifi, removing USB devices, modifying installation USB), but to no avail (or I'm doing them wrong?),I suspect that this is related to the fact that I cannot boot from the Windows 10 USB install disk either.I have also tried all combinations of UEFI/secure/legacy boot in the Bios. The only time I was able to boot from the Windows 10 USB was on legacy boot, but booting from the USB via UEFI rather than Legacy. This has since stopped working, even after full recovery to Windows 8.1.I have

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    I hope somebody can help me with this problem I have with my Thinkpad Yoga 15 (20DQ001KUS).I have upgraded it to windows 10 and all was running fine in the beginning but now I received ‘the blue screen’ all the time and  the computer does not restart normally after it. If I disable the Nvidia Geforce 840M graphic card (and just use the Intel HD graphics 5500) I don’t receive the errors. I have tried already many things with updating and rolling back drivers for the Geforce card. But it keeps giving problems. All other drivers are also up to date…. Thank you very much in advance! I have received the following error messages on the windows 10 blue screen:video_scheduler_internal_errorDPC_watchdog_violationvideo_management_internalvideo_DXGKRNL_fatal_errorAnd here are the results of the diagnostic scan (I also performed the separate motherboard diagnostic scan and it passed fully): ========================================================== Lenovo Solution

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    Hallo ich habe dieses Lenovo Tablet und habe mir dazu diese SD Karte gekauft: Habe sie reingesteckt, aber mir wird sie nirgendwo angezeigt und mein Festplattenspeicher steht immernoch bei 22.3 Gb davon 9,80 frei. Was ist da los? Wo finde ich die SD Karte? und kann dann meine Programme drauf speichern? Lg.

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    After finally managing to upgrade the Yoga 3 Pro to Windows 10 after a long struggle and many failed attempts, I now have a new problem. After a few minutes of usage, the computer hangs up and restarts after a bluescreen stating a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. I have installed all available Windows 10 drivers from Lenovo's website, and tried several of the suggestions that I came across for tackling this error, but none have solved the issue so far. What I have tried:1) Switch off Fast Boot ( - when doing this on Windows 8.1, it seems to have been what finally allowed me to run the upgrade to Windows 10. Unfortunately, now it doesn't seem to change anything. 2) Switch the driver for the hard drive controller from iastor.sys to standard driver as per here: Unfortunately neither have worked, and it is very stressful as the computer is unusable this way.

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    Was kann ich gegen das ab und an einfrieren des Laptops tun?Nach dem Einfrieren hilft nur ein kompletter Neustart des Laptop. Danke für Eure HilfeStefan

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    I have the original Yoga 13 that came with Windows 8 Pro but got updated to Windows 10 in August 2015. After the upgrade, keyboard and touchpad sometimes stop to respond. Windows Event log would have many events on the Synaptics driver SynTPEnh. For example, "The description for Event ID 1 from source DptfPolicyLpmServiceHelper cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.The following information was included with the event:DptfPolicyLpmServiceHelperWinMain: CreateSharedMemory() failed." Or this: "Faulting application name: SynTPEnh.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5568c97cFaulting module name: SynTPAPI.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5568c68fException code: 0xc0000005Fault offset: 0x0000000000001965Fa

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    Hallo, ich möchte ein clean Install von win 10 machen. Anscheinend geht das nicht so leicht wie man es sonst gewohnt ist. Win 10 update hab ich schon durch also ist es schon freigeschaltetWas ich herausgefunden habe ist das man den stick uefi fähig machen muss.Was genau muss ich da machen? Und welche Einstellungen muss ich im BIOS machen? Ich habe gelesen das man den secure Boot deaktivieren soll. Und was sonst noch?Danke schonmal

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    Hello, I've been trying to find a solution to an issue that I have been having with my laptop for the last couple of months, I've made a video of the issue to try and explain/show what is happening. The compute squeals every time I close the lid or press on it. Then it'll crash a couple minutes later. So far I have not been able to find anyone else who is having the same issue, or any sucessful ideas of how to solve it.  Any ideas on what to do to solve it? Thanks! Moria 

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    Hallo, ich hatte mir ein Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro gekauft, und wollte, da ich die vorinstallierten Programme nicht nutze, Windows 8.1 neu aufsetzen.Allerdings riet mir ein Freund davon ab, da bei ihm, nach der Neuinstallation (Windows 8.1 via bootbarem ISO-File auf USB-Stick (2.0)), das Ultrabook viel langsamer lief und manche Funktionen (beispielsweise Bluetooth) nicht funktionierten. Nachdem er den aktuellen Bluetooth-Treiber installiert hatte (von der Lenovo-Seite) und das Ultrabook neustarten wollte, kam er nur noch bis zum Lade-Bildschirm von Lenovo. An dieser Stelle ging es dann nicht weiter, auch nach 5-15 Minuten blieb es nur bei dem Ladebildschirm.  Also dachte er sich er installiert einfach Windows 8.1 nochmal neu, was soweit auch ging, allerdings kam dann beim Start immer eine Fehlermeldung (Fehler beim Starten des PCs, es wird nach Lösungen gesucht (oder so ähnlich)), er kam also nicht mal bis zum Desktop.Jetzt frage ich mich an was das liegt und wie man das umgehen ka

  • Issue#44224: Lenovo - New Yoga 12 upgrade to Windows 10 - MSFT vs. Lenovo drivers and Wacom questions

    Greetings.  I am the technical helper to a creative in getting their new Yoga 12 setup and upgraded to windows 10.It is arriving tomorrow with Windows 8.1 installed.  I have been through many OS upgrades on different devices and I know the best advice comes form users that have done it!  Of course I see the web page that has all the windows 10 drivers for the yoga 12.  I am also aware that many other brands have had issues upgrading to 10 based on which drivers are installed for windows 8.1 at the time of the upgrade.  So my question is this.  What is the "best practice" to upgrade a new Windows 8.1 Yoga 12 to windows 10? I looked for posts and of course read about issues after the upgrade...but could not find a recommended order and method to do the upgrade. The lenovo website just had some generic windows 10 upgrade insturctions. So is the typical approach the preferred method?  :   Install all windows 8.1 updates, verify al

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    Buenos días,he actualizado mi Lenovo Yoga 3 14 a windows 10 y hace un ruido del ventilador insoportable. Las características son las siguientes:-Lenovo 3 14 Portátil 14" intel core i7-5500U, 8GB de RAM,256 GB SS y venida preinstalado Windows 8.1-Actualizado a Windows 10-Producto 80JH-BIOS: BACN95WW Â¿Alguna sugerencia?Un saludo 

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    My Yoga 2 Pro often runs slows, even in desktop mode. I'm wondering what the problem might be. I'm wondering if the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver might be leaking, as it seems to be using a lot of memory. Does anyone know if that could be the problem and whether it is possible to upgrade the driver to a newer version (and whether that would make a difference)? Are there any known issues that might cause a slowdown under Windows 10?

  • Issue#67843: Lenovo - on bezel below Windows button Thinkpad Yoga 12

    Hi A small has developed on the bottom edge of the bezel, in the centre, directly below the Windows button. The laptop hasn't been dropped or banged. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, did it get worse or cause any other issues?  Will my warranty be affected if I have a future issue, and it's considered that there is existing damage? Thanks Rob

  • Issue#73056: Lenovo - Yoga 500-14ACL Windows 10 drivers

    Hi, I just formatted my Yoga 500-14ACL notebook and now wanted to download drivers, like W-Lan, Bluetooth, and Touchpad. But on the Lenovo support site for this model there are only drivers for Windows 8.1. How can I find the drivers for Windows 10?

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    Hi, is it possible reinstall yoga 2 13 1050F from system android to windows 10?

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    Hello everyone ! I bought a Yoga 500 15 IBD a few days ago. Everything runs perfectly except the speakers. When I watch videos or listen to music, there are static noises everytime (like s). Has anyone encountered the same issue ? Is there a solution ? Thanks a lot F.

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    I made a USB boot disk with Windows and tried to make a clean install. Unfortunately, when I chose Custom Install, I erased all the partitions in order to gain more space. Now, when I choose to make a partition, format it and then press Next, I cannot continue and it says that ''Windows cannot be installed on drive 0 partition 1. My laptop is a Yoga 300-11BY and it has a emmc 32 GB drive. What can I do? I have erased everything and I cannot work it.

  • Issue#98037: Lenovo - Windows 10/8 crash Yoga 2 13

    Hello, This problem is a little convoluted so I'll try to give as much detail as possible. 1. The problem started last week when I was unable to connect my steam app to the internet. I uninstalled and reinstalled steam. 2. When I closed out of the download window I fund that my desktop background had gone black, but the icons and links were still on the screen. The internet (an enterprise 2 network) also disconnected and was not able to reconnect during the duration of the issue. I was not able to open the start menu via the keyboard nor the screen. I also could not open any apps, including offline apps like Microsoft office, without getting an error alert that the objects had been moved or deleted. This also held true for "folders" and "control panel". Even in safe mode these features did not change. 3. After much troubleshooting I took it to my college IT department, who announced it was a windows crash and that the damage was too serious to repair. They reverted

  • Issue#102772: Lenovo - Yoga 2 Pro and Windows 10 today - what Lenovo software is needed and/or reliable

    Hi folks, I know this topic has been discussed in parts over various threads, and I've also reviewed the Lenovo website info on Windows 10 updates, supported systems, and "supported software".  The supported software list by Lenovo is the most ambiguous and unclear part of it all. I've installed windows 10 a number of times on my Yoga 2 Pro, most recently I decided to do it as an upgrade after a factory restore of the base lenovo win 8.1, but after I applied the most recent drivers from the Lenovo site. So, while things seem to work reasonably well, I'm trying to understand what the rest of you are doing to get the system to be operating optimally with all its intended features as well as keeping the battery safe.  At this point, I still have installed: Lenovo Transitions - (carried over from the upgrade), no clue if it's really still needed or not Yoga Picks - (carried over) is this really needed? Lenovo Companion - (carried over and updated w/ lates