Issue#21: Tableau - Use table worksheet as a datasource

  • There are plenty of times where I would like to use a table on a worksheet as a new datasource - perhaps there are some complex table calculations that I don't want Tableau to recalculate, or that make the chart difficult to draw. Maybe they are totals that I want to refer back to.


    You can sort of do this by copying the table out (view data), then pasting but:


    • This doesn't work when the row count is well into the thousands (copying crashes Tableau with out of memory error)
    • This isn't dynamic - if the source changes, you have to recopy
    • It's just not elegant


    Instead I would see a menu item on worksheet which would be "Use data as new source". Tableau would create an extract based on the view and only go back to the table if I chose update extract. All numbers, including those from table calcs would be written out as normal measures.

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    Here's the challenge I come across (which has different ways to address it, but for now, let's just say that the data is split into nearly identical excel workbooks, one for each region -- and it has to stay that way). So, to build a composite workbook that analyzes each of the separate regions in the same fashion, I want to build out some tabs and dashboards for the east region, then duplicate those tabs and dashboards for the north, south and west regions.  Each of the other regions tabs are to point to their separate datasources. So, if I copy a worksheet tab, then the datasource remains pointed to the original.  Changing the datasource then changes the source for both the original and the copied tab....doesn't achieve the desired result. If I use the 'Replace Datasource' -- it applies it to all worksheets using that datasource.  What i'd like is the option to choose to either apply the replacement to all worksheets or to be able to select which workshe

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    Hi, I'm new to Tableau, and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. I have a quick question: Simply from the view level, is it possible to merge two worksheet tables as they have the same rows? I've tried to build everything in one worksheet but I couldn't since I wanted to display different information under the same column (like the case in attachment file). Then I built separate sheet tables and intended to merge them together at dashboard level but haven't found the functionality yet. Thank you very much for the help! ps: It's my first time in community so

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    A continuation of my previous post (Which is better? Union tables from same data source into one or keeping separate when using a filter ): I have a few tables of a few million rows from the same datasource, and same fields. Union them together will create too huge a table, and Tableau takes forever to load a simple viz. Since each table structure is identical, is there any way I can create a filter parameter such that when selected, will change the table source (via e.g. a custom SQL)? Will appreciate if someone can offer a sample if its not too hard. Or any alternatives to overcome this. Thanks!

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        Hello all, I just want to begin by saying how much this forum has saved my job! Thanks everyone! I am having an issue getting my values to aggregate properly. I have attached two pictures below to help explain:BEFOREAFTERThe problem is that when I remove a dimension, the values are not aggregating properly. Each Facility and Cost Center should have 1 App attached to it and taking away Summary Pay type should not aggregate those Apps. Once I take away Cost Center, then they should begin to aggregate. I can use MAX() but then it keeps the same value when I get rid of cost center and I would want that to be Summed. The end goal of this is to track Dollars/App By facility and able to drilldown to cost center, then summary pay type and another layer of fidelity that I may add in. Thanks!

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    Calling all Tableau Experts! I have 10 months of data, January thru October. I’m trying to write a table calculation that sets a new goal for First Pass Yield that’s 50% higher than the previous high First Pass Yield monthly aggregate. That’s a bit of a mouthful, so here’s an example to better illustrate what I’m looking for (Reference the below table for the values I’m talking about):   First, obviously, January has no previous lookup value to measure against so I’m setting that Goal value to just be .5 (just so there are no Null values in the table calc). For February’s goal, the calculation should be January’s FPY actual plus 50%, which in this case would be 77.27%.      Goal % Calc = ((1-((Lookup(Previous High Value)))*.5)+(Lookup([Previous High Value)))  Now, because February’s FPY was lower than the first month, the goal would still be set at 77.27%. This trend conti

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    Hello Tableau Community, I am struggling with a table calculation using LOD expression and an IF statement. Below is my data-set, I would like to calculate the MAX of each SOW for a specific date range (between 01/31/2015 and 03/31/2015).  The formula { FIXED [Sow Id]: MAX([SOW Value])} is working perfectly until I add the condition to it. See the screen below...  If somebody has any hint please let me know. PS: I do not want to use filters because I will not be using only one measure. Thank you very much in advance,Cheers, Maxime

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    When previewing the data in a table/view in the data pane of a Data Source it would be helpful to have the name of the object being viewed in the title bar. Preview the table/view: ...and in the title bar put the name of the table/view that is being displayed: When looking at multiple screens of custom SQL queries and bouncing between table/view previews I will sometimes draw a blank as to what table/view I'm previewing.  This is particularly helpful when I get pulled away and return to what I was doing as I would know right away what it was I was looking at before the interruption.

  • Issue#100: Tableau - Float Legends on a Worksheet

    It would be great if you could float a legend on top of a view in a worksheet without creating a dashboard. There are copy/paste options to include the various legends, but they often cause a lot of white space in your view.

  • Issue#3035: Tableau - Action Filters with table Calculations

    I have a worksheet that compares for 16 different regions actual year to date, month to date, quarter to date, & day vs prior year based upon the date parameter a user selects.  I accomplish this by bringing in all rows & using a lookback (Last function) of a specific # of days based upon the parameter selected.  I have a second table that does the same thing - except evaluates 8 marketing channels rather than the 16 Regions.  I use different lookbacks at the channel level (8 vs 16 rows per parameter).  Prior period is a table calculation in both instances, based upon the lookback.  Both views are shown on one dashboard A request has com in to allow for an action filter so that when a user clicks on a Region, the Channel dash filters out values only for the given region.  Similarly, when a user clicks on a Channel, the Region table shows only values for the given channel selected.  For example: User selects US Region -  Channel

  • Issue#6003: Tableau - Difference between two time period on a table

    Hi all -  I have a simple table like this - DateDepartmentCost1/1/2015Dept 1101/2/2015Dept 2201/3/2015Dept 2202/1/2015Dept 1302/2/2015Dept 2102/3/2015Dept 1103/1/2015Dept 1103/2/2015Dept 2203/3/2015Dept 110 and I want to turn it to the following table visualization in Tableau:DepartmentJan-15Feb-15DifferenceDept 11040-30Dept 2401030  I would like the two months that are being compared to be selected by the user, probably with a parameter.  Should be very simple.  I had used the difference table calculation but for some reason I keep getting a blank column right before the Difference column, which I cannot get rid of.  Is there an easier way to do this? Much thanks! H.

  • Issue#10016: Tableau - Blank lines with Table Calc Difference

    I am sure this is not difficult to do but for some reason I am having a very hard time doing it.  This is something that is needed in most of my analyses.  I shall attach a workbook but first picture is what I need to achieve (not too worried about formatting but need a worksheet showing this data as a means of validation. Here is my attempt in Tableau This would work if I could get rid of the 2015 line of zeros??? Workbook attached. Julia

  • Issue#16418: Tableau - How to make gantt chart using SSAS as datasource

    Hello everyone, I want to know if it is possible to make gantt charts using SSAS cube as a datasource. After some inventigation about how to make gantt charts in Tableau I found there is necessary to use a calculated field with this value (for example):  DATEDIFF('day',[Order Date],[Ship Date])  Build a Gantt Chart  How to apply this if my datasource is SSAS? Or what I need to do in the cube in order to get this. Do you know a workaround for this? Thanks in advance for your reponse.David

  • Issue#33315: Qlik - PIVOT TABLE SHOW ISSUE

    I have a pivot table with State as a dimension .  If you  see the attachment NO_Month_Selection. I can see Sates 'AR'  and  'KY' which is what I would like to see, but as soon as I select the month 'Jan'  (attachment MOnth_Selection), I loose 'AR' and 'KY'.  What do I need to do so that I should see 'AR'  and 'KY'. Here is my expression  If((sum({<Year={$(=MAx(Year))},NO_BOP_FLAG={'0'},ORGANIZATION_NAME= ,[Line of Business]=>}INDEMNITY_PAID_YTD-INDEMNITY_RECOVERY_YTD)orsum({<Year={$(=MAx(Year)-1)},NO_BOP_FLAG={'0'},ORGANIZATION_NAME= ,[Line of Business]=>}INDEMNITY_PAID_YTD-INDEMNITY_RECOVERY_YTD))='0',0, ((max({<Year={$(=Max(Year))} ,NO_BOP_FLAG={'0'},ORGANIZATION_NAME= ,[Line of Business]=,Month = {"<=$(=Max(Month))"}>}MthNbr)/12)*Sum({<Year={$(=Max(Year))},NO_BOP_FLAG={'0'},ORGANIZATION_NAME= ,[Line of Business]=,Month = {"<=$(=Max(Month))"}>} ind_budget)))

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    I have a question WRT using parameters in the data source. Please help me understand the below situation. I am using a live (Postgres) connection to a workbook. I am controlling a denominator value in the custom sql using a parameter “X". Which is working fine.Now, in the same workbook I am using the same parameter “X” within another calculated field. However when the value x changed is not being reflected in the viz.. Am I doing anything wrong here? Is it that the same parameter can’t be used in the datasource and calculated filed?

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    Hi  Is there a way that I could display total no of rows in a table in the Title? Thanks!

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    Hi,  Tableau Newbie here!Im creating a Workbook on Tableau Desktop to analyze some csv files collected by request from specific customers. Wanted to know if there is way to create a self-service page where they can upload their own csv files (12 in total) and receive a report by mail with the information from the dashboard.  Im open to scripting, integrating and even purchasing Tableau Server for this... Can someone tell if this is a possible setup?  ThanksFabio

  • Issue#46358: Tableau - How do I join comma delimited column with a table?

    I have a table (TABLE A) that has a column called states with the states listed and separated by commas.  I want to join each state on that list with a table (TABLE B)  that has a list of states and the region they belong to.   I need to find out how to join them. TABLE AState(s)PA,NY,MAWV,VA,NCWA,ORWV,VA,NCOH,TN,KY,LANY,CT,MAOH,WV,VAOH,WV,PA,NJNJ,NY,CT,RI,MA TABLE BState Name         State      RegionAlabama              AL          SoutheastArizona                AZ          WesternArkansas            AR          SouthwestCalifornia      

  • Issue#58696: Tableau - Need Help in my Table Calculation when Blending the data

    Hey Tableau Experts, I am facing a huge problem when I am blending the 2 data sources. I am creating a dashboard where I need to provide the amount in 1 currency using a 2nd data source which will provide me the currency conversion data on a particular day.Issue is, amount is converting correctly on row level but when I am applying the total in the view or taking that converted calculated field it is not showing me the desired results. I am attaching a TWBX with sample data similar to the actual data. Please let me know if you need any me my work is totally stuck. Regards,Nakul

  • Issue#60590: Tableau - Table name changed after extracting data - Error - Invalid table name valueT

    Hello! I'm getting below error as the name of a table I'm using in custom SQL has changed (after I extracted data into the workbook). I'm using Tableau Desktop 9.2. When I click on Data Source, I get prompted to enter connection details (Cloudera Hadoop). When I hit OK, then I get above message. However, the screen where I set up custom SQL is not coming up. How do I modify my sql to reflect new table name and resolve above error? Thanks for your attention! Ravi.

  • Issue#62696: Tableau - Apply Different Filters to Different Measures in Worksheet

    Hello Tableau community, I'm in a bit of a pickle here and can't figure out the solution.   I need to show multiple measures on the same worksheet - Average Cycle Times of Different Processes - but each of these measures has some wild outliers that need to be filtered.  The problem is that each record (row) has a measure for each process, meaning that if I filter every measure by each outlier deletion criteria I'll delete useful measurements. (I.e. a row may have an outlier in one measurement but the other measurement may be within completely normal bounds - I'd like to only filter the first). Essentially, I'm looking to apply filters on a worksheet to only specific measures.  Is there any way to do this in Tableau?  Lots of searching hasn't led to much. Thanks!

  • Issue#63691: continually table read memory issue

    hi,         i  continusally ever 1sec ones  read data from data base table.may i know about after long time  it  will creat any memmory issue or memory leakage but now it working no error.

  • Issue#68203: Autodesk - ADO table sorting issue (GetcolumnNames)

    Hello, we try to reconfigure our ODBC connection towards different solution. While connection to the database is working fine we have problems to produceplists because of the fact that GetColumnNames() sorts the result .Doing a plist with a for next loop results in a wrong combination of ColumnName and value.  For I = 1 To Length(Me.GetColumnNames(DB_Table)) Step 1 Plist_Choosen=Plist_Choosen + {makename(nth(I,GetColumnNames(DB_Table))),Table_choosen.GetFieldValue(0,I-1)} Nextwhat am I doing wrong here ?  Thank you / RegardsTimo

  • Issue#68348: Tableau - Display Measure and Shapes into one Worksheet

    Hi, I have to separate sheets:- one display only measure:- second one display shape based on condition: Into Dashboard when I need to be very careful with set position for both sheets that Value 1 were on the same position as Value 1 from second sheet (name is hidden into sheet with shapes) It's possible to create just one sheet and display it shapes and values?I'm using tableau 9.0.

  • Issue#70485: Tableau - Format Percent in Pivot Values on a Tex table

    Hi All, I uploaded a csv into Tableau, pivoted the data and realized that some of the values where whole numbers and some where decimals. So for example I had a value of 1000 in price column and a value of 0.25 in the tax column. I want the value of 0.25 to show as 25%. Is there way to do some type of calculated field on the pivot field values or pivot field names to do this. Something like If this pivot field name is this then make its value in percent? Or a custom number format? Or where I make 0.25, 25 in my data and then do some type of formula so that tax values have the text "%" next to them. What is the best solution? Thanks!Brook

  • Issue#78085: Tableau - Why does the Backgrounder fail though there seems no memory issue ?

    Hi All, I have Tableau Server version 9.2. Data sources are extracts and MySql data connection. I have 3 backgrounders. The system is of very high configuration (64bit, 32 Gb RAM, 7.5 TB memory). MySql Db is on different server than Tableau (which is also with good config) Sometimes there seems error as Lost Connection-com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.TableauException: [MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver][mysqld-5.5.39]Lost connection to MySQL server during queryin background status of extracts although the refresh extract query is not heavy and executes in seconds. When I look at show processlist there was no memory issue/lock or anything during the execution. Also the system memory on both the servers seem fine too during the error time. I have seen in some threads where it is mentioned that the backgrounder restart itself in some interval.Is that true?  I am getting this issue in this version only. Din't get in previous version. Also, not every time same extract gets fai

  • Issue#85504: Tableau - Publish a Workbook, without letting users see the datasource?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to publish a workbook on our Tableau server (same workbook is going to be accessed by multiple departments).But i don't want the users to access this data source any other way than that workbook. As information from each department is confidential to their own. I tried publishing report to different folders, but it looks like report won't open unless i give them datasource access to. In that case they would see the entire company data. as the report is being restricted using Tableau user filters.  Does anyone have a workaround?

  • Issue#93695: Tableau - Table calculation using rank

    Hi, I'm trying to translate some logic I have in SQL to Tableau. My schema is like this (table header and two rows): customer_id, date, A1, 2015-01-01, 51, 2016-01-02, 6 I want to calculate the value of A, for the first date of each customer. In SQL, I would do something like this:SELECTA,RANK() OVER (PARTITION BY customer_id ORDER BY date) AS rank....QUALIFY rank=1 In Tableau, I see there's a rank function, and I can specify to partition over customer_id.To look at just the first rank, would I just create a calculated field that says 'IF rank=1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END' and filter on that being = to 1? thanks!