Issue#222: Windows 8.1 speech application development for WinForms c# using Grammars or Training?

  • Am not sure which forum or place to ask, any guidance and redirect to the right place is appreciated.

    Currently made a Windows 7 winforms c# app using the C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETFramework\v4.5.2\System.Speech.dll   version 4.0

    The question was can the Windows 7 built in speech application run my app, such that I can do the Speech Training exercise to improve the speech recognition?  Then my app runs better?  

    The new way to do things is with custom Grammars in an XML file, and you DO NOT train the voice anymore?  But this is what they have for Windows 10 and the Unified platform? No, we can ONLY run Windows 8.1 and nothing else, no upgrade possible, its Windows 8.1

    It seems there was a huge paradigm shift between the way speech was done for 30 years and now its done where you use custom Grammars and link to Cortana or ? maybe a built in local speech engine on the PC?  I dont know.  We cannot use Windows 10 and the newest.   So my question is: Can this grammars approach be used on Windows 8.1 where the speech engine is this newer and powerful new speech system??  or, use Cortana on a PC running Windows 8.1?  

    Am hoping to find that my app done with Grammars or GRXML ? will just work with the new, advanced speech in Windows 8.1 or be made to have an option to switch to cloud based Cortana

    OR, is the speech engine in Windows 8.1 exactly the same as the one listed above?  I know if we could go to Windows 10 and unified, that there is some new speech engine, but does Windows 8.1 have something better than Windows 7? and the old paradigm?


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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