Issue#2282: Linux - updatedb not working correctly?

  • I could not locate a file, part3.txt, since it was just created.
    I tried this with update.

    updatedb: can not open a temporary file for `/var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db'

    ~/test $ sudo updatedb

    ~/test $ ls dir2

    ~/test $ ls part?.txt
    part1.txt part2.txt

    ~/test $ locate part?.txt

    Now, why is file, /home/user/test/dir2/part3.txt,
    missing from locate's result since I just ran updatedb?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    I am building a game using Linux version 5.1.0f3 of Unity that makes use of keyboard controls and an xbox controller. In a stand alone player for Linux the keys and the controller correspond to what has been mapped in the project settings. However, when I build a WebGL version of the player some weird stuff happens. I describe it below. Some of the buttons work for the controller: x, y, a, b, left and right bumpers. The left and right analogues are behaving as if they're mapped to random... Linux 5.1.0f3 WebGL player: mapped controls not working correctly for either keyboard or controller

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    I am trying to exclude a directory from the rsync process, but I can't seem to get it to work. I have tried every permutation I can think up, but it continues to include the directories in the backup process. For example, - **Trash** should exclude, /Trash/ /.Trash/ /.Trash-0/, /fileTrash/, /Trashcan/ any file with "Trash" in it. Although, this is not really what I want, it's what I've tried, just to get it to exclude /.Trash-0/ rsync continues to include any Trash directory it comes across. I am using the directive --exclude-from=/root/exclude.list The file's name is /root/exclude.list and I've made sure rsync is being run by root. I would think the correct format to exclude, /.Trash-0/ or /.trash-whatever/ would be: - **/?[Tt]rash*/** Any ideas?

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    'Ello folks. I recently got all of the parts in necessary to rig a desktop GPU to my T420, but for some reason it isn't quite working. Everything is plugged in and powered correctly, and the drivers for the card (AMD R7 240) are installed, but my external monitor refuses to recognize that it is plugged in.

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    I have my Harmony 350 remote configured with 3 devices:- TV (Samsung)- Media center (PC with IR receiver)- Music Sound System It works perfectly with the media center and the sound system, but with the TV it doesn't work so well. What I can see from my side is that when I hit the vol up or vol down, the activity light for the TV should turn on so that the remote sends its commands, but sometimes it doesn't turn on at all (so I think it doesn't send them). But if I switch to other activity, I can send the commands without issues and the activity light turns on. I've tried a re-sync with myharmony software but the issue seems to be still present and I haven't found any pattern to it. Sometimes I want to change channel or change the volume in the TV and sometimes it goes well and others it doesn't seem to work. I have the remote configured so the volume buttons when the remote is in the Media Center activity goes to the TV itself, not to the media center. Could this be part of t

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    Every time I login to skype it works for less than a minute then I get the following message: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Anyone have a solution. Already tried reinstallation and still having the issue.

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    Hi, Prior to upgrading my desktop machine from 64-14.1 to 64-current last night I was able to open remote windows on the local screen. This no longer works. The local machine does still work as an X client, just not as an X server for remote windows. ssh was not used in any way, it even worked with telnet opening the initial connection so ssh is not the issue. netstat shows the local, upgraded, machine does not have port 6000 open even though defaultserverargs is empty. How to re-enable please?

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    I am trying to make a script that counts objects in a list that are already active, I want my activeAmount to increase by 1 whenever a gameobject in the array is set to false, however I seem unable to. So far it either increases by 1 and then doesn't change, or it continuously increases without stop, any help is appreciated. I couldn't find any other question posted that dealt with this. Code (CSharp):  using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using System.Collections; using... Object counter issue: not working

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    I try to explain this issue in other threads without luck. And i think 14.2 arrives finally with that bug...if no one hunt the problem. ______________________________________________________________ 1 - slackware 14.2 beta1 FRESH INSTALL Code: /etc/rc.d/rc.networkmanager restart First attemp , and lost the wireless cards on networkmanager But i discover , if try again Code: /etc/rc.d/rc.networkmanager restart Then , lost the ethernet , now no net conecction. Code: /etc/rc.d/rc.networkmanager status Mua ha ha ha ha , he say IS STOPPED , OK , I SEE..BUT In a task manager , i can see perfectly , process networkmanager running...but not working. I think rc.networkmanager script have some bug.

  • Issue#3377: HP - wifi is not working in linux

    I am using hp paviloion ab032tx. I tried to dual boot linux(kali linux) with windows.But wifi is not working in linux. Signal strenght appears to be very low. If the wifi router is very near,  Its showing 3-4 signal bars . If the router is in next room, linux is not even detecting the network. I couldnt find any solution for this. My friends also facing the same problem in hp laptops.

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    When trying to drag & drop a Material from the Projects window on top of an object in the viewport, the material is applied to many/all objects under the mouse pointer, even though the material has not been dropped yet. Additionally, sometimes an object does not apply the material at all (see the GIF). The material has not been dropped during the recording. The drag & drop indications in the tree view of the Project window (I am talking about the... Drag & Drop of Material into Viewport not working correctly

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    Hi Everyone I'm setting up an Aruba Controller for the first time (OAW4030 running version)The setup is farily basic, only one guest network and nothing elseI'm still in a lab environment so I have no internet access, anyway: - When i connect to the network, most devices (W8, Android, etc) are not redirected to the CP login page. The page only appears if I type an IP Address in the browser (even if the IP Address points to nowhere). If i type an URL nothing happens (except for a Sony Xperia Device that I own, but i wouldn't take it as an example, since if tested with four other android devices and none of them worked) Where am I missing? Thank you very much Regards 

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    Hello, I want to try Gnome on Wayland but each time I log in on it I log out instantly and get back to login screen. At the same time I would like to know what it is and if it's normal. Is there a way to try it?

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    How do I use a folder for desktop slide show instead of all pictures?

  • Issue#10478: HP - Photo printing not working correctly

    New printer printed pictures decently the first trials out of the box, just a little light and too green.  Month later printer will not print pictures on photo paper from photo tray.  Have tried hard reset by unplugging.  Have used copy function to copy to photo paper tray and copy comes out wet and smeared but on photo paper.  Have run Print and Scan Doctor several times and it cleared up most of black ink streaks in the cyan.  Have changed both printer cartridges to no effect.  About ready to put it back in the box to HP.  Help ???

  • Issue#15179: iPad Wi-Fi: Dropped iPad and now display is not working correctly.

    I dropped my iPad and now 1/2 the top half (when holding it with the button on the bottom) is black except for a few colored lines. What do I need to do/replace to fix it? ⟐ Commented January 27, 2016 at 12:07 pm -0700

  • Issue#16734: Car issue, spotify now working on bluetooth

    Hello there!I have a VW GOLF MK 7 (bluetooth) version and since my last update the spotify is not working anymore with my car. Even if I put the volume higher and higher and it continues mute with no sound. I can see the seconds of musics going on but NO sound!Can anyone help me with that?

  • Issue#17717: [UbuntuGnome] Linux and virtualisation: why are some distro's not working?

    I like Gnome 3. Many people left Gnome after 3 came out (Mate, Cinnamon, Unity,...) but I think it's fine working. I also like Ubuntu.It's community, the software center, the set-up,... So I certainly wanted UbuntuGnome as a distro. I also have to use Windows for my work. I use specific software in which there is no valable Linux alternative and due to the very limited and underdeveloped target public there never will be. So I run VirtualBox and have some virtual machines running GNU/Linux. Gives me the chance to check out other distro's too, I even gave Gentoo and Linux from scratch a shot but I'm not that technically developped. :( OK, UbuntuGnome works fine, but is enormously resource hungry after a while: it goes slow slow slow with over 2 GB of RAM consumed (3GB dedicated of 8G physically present) and 85% of processor capacity (AMD A10-6700). The only programs open are LibreOffice Calc, Firefox, a gnome-calculator and Terminator. Other distro's are giving problems too. CentOS w

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    Hi All, I have written an expect script to login into another server using ssh. But, when I want to do the same for multiple servers using a for loop, it doesnt work. Below is the script: #!/usr/bin/expect match_max 5000 set expect_out(buffer) {} for i in `cat node_list.txt` do node_ip=`echo $i| awk -F"," '{print $1}'` node_initial_pwd=`echo $i| awk -F"," '{print $2}'` spawn ssh root@$node_ip expect { "*(yes/no)?" {send "yes\r";exp_continue} "'s password:" {send "$node_initial_pwd\r";exp_continue} "*current*" {send "$node_initial_pwd\r";exp_continue} "Enter*" {send "Jan2016!\r";exp_continue} "Retype*" {send "Jan2016!\r";exp_continue} "\\\$" { puts "matched prompt"} } done --------- node_list.txt has IP's and passwords separated by a comma(,). --------- Error I get is this: mayankp@mayankp:~/scripts/new$ ./ invalid comman

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    Hi ! I tried both SBo and Alien packages, websites always report that flash isn't installed.

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    Hello, my setup is Debian 8.3.0 i386, xfce, openvpn, iceweasel. Without VPN eth0 is my only interface, everything fine. ping reproducibly around 20 msec. With VPN started I have eth0 and tun0 interfaces. I expect tun0 to be the default/system interface. ping reproducibly around 100 msec ping -I eth0 is still 20 msec My conclusion: networking correctly switched to tun0. Using iceweasel however I find that eth0 is used, not tun0, employing a test surface on the VPN provider side. This is true regardless of the iceweasel setting - use system networking settings or - auto detect networking setting What can I do to instruct iceweasel to truly use the system setting ? Thanks and regards Retro

  • Issue#19796: Home button not working correctly

    Hey guys, so i just recently had my phone screen replaced after it was dropped and shattered pretty badly. I took it to a 3rd party company to replace the screen and they did an excellent job however when i got it back i noticed the home button did not work properly. For some odd reason, when the screen is locked and asleep, clicking the home button does nothing, it does not turn the screen on nor does it unlock it with the touchID. So I have to use the power button to wake it up and then... Home button not working correctly

  • Issue#20428: asus eeepc seashell keyboard not working after compiling linux-4.4

    Hi guys, I have just compiled the linux-4.4 kernel for my asus eeepc netbook, but after all the process, when I boot with the fresh new kernel the netbook integrated keyboard don't work and I have to plug an external usb keyboard. Someone knows what option I must enable when compiling in order to get it working? I have no problems with the generic 3.10.17 shipped with my Slackware 14.1. Every comment will be welcome, thank you!

  • Issue#23423: Unity - 2D Root Motion curves - not working correctly

    Hello, After watching the "Authoring Root Motion" tutorial video, I attempted to set it up myself but ran into an issue. I have a 2D frame-by-frame animation setup in unity in the animator, and I've set up a Transform frame-by-frame animation with it so that the character actually moves while the animation plays. I used the "Generate Root Motion Curves" button on the animation asset, but when playing the scene, it doesn't seem to work right. The character moves VERY far per frame, not at... 2D Root Motion curves - not working correctly

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    Update my game 01/29/2016 CET 1am but : Help us Ubi.

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  • Issue#32557: Linux - apache redirect to https isn't working

    Hi, I've installed owncloud on my Centos 7 VPS. It works fine and I've also enabled ssl. Of course, the problem now is that clients are not automatically redirected to https. So I tried using Redirect /, but it doesn't work. It says, "the page isn't directing properly" on Firefox. In Safari it asks me to accept a certificate (my self-signed certificate) and then it says "Safari can't open the page". If I try running, it's the same thing. Here is part of my httpd.conf: Code: ServerRoot "/etc/httpd" Listen Listen Include conf.modules.d/*.conf User apache Group apache ServerAdmin ServerName   DocumentRoot "/var/www/html" Redirect permanent / Alias /owncloud /var/www/html/owncloud <Directory "/var/www/html/owncloud">         Options Indexes FollowSymlinks         AllowOve

  • Issue#33655: Linux - KDE not working after dist-upgrade

    Hi! After running a dist-upgrade (from stable to testing) KDE stopped working, all I get (after login in with lightdm) are the modals you can see in the attachments [1]. I do not think it is an X issue, because I can login using lightdm (and MATE is working fine). I suspect this is because I had KDE installed before running the upgrade. The things I tried so far are: - Runing "apt-get remove kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data" . Then "apt-get autoremove". I did it to remove every KDE related package, after that, I ran "aptitude purge '~c' " to clean all config files. And finally "apt-get install kde-standard" to get KDE again. - Removed .cache, .config and .kde folders. Also removed .lock files in .config folder, as I saw somewhere. - Looked for some log files, but I could not find anything (I don't even know where to look really :P ) Right now I do not know what to do, I will appreciate if any of you had something similar and solved it. This is almost

  • Issue#35879: HP - HDMI attached monitor not working correctly

    I just bought this 15t from Amazon and attached it to my ViewSonic VA2012wb monitor via the HDMI ports.  The second monitor appears to display correctly and I am able to extend my first monitor, but when I try to do something in the second monitor, it starts acting oddly. Instead of full screen, it shows the target view in about 2/3 the area of the full screen (which still shows underneath). If it is a video playing the top, smaller screen seems to be trying to show the video, but the full screen also trys to display the video in sporadic fashion. The clicks of the mouse sometimes seem to be on target and other times it just misses. I have previously had no trouble with this monitor when attached via the vga port.