Issue#28: Tableau - How to find Total till YTD minus 1 day

  • I have to select YTD in the date filter mandatorily as i want to find total since the beginning of the current year But I want to find the total till YTD - 1. Can anyone assist.



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  • Issue#27: Tableau - YTD Totals and Total by Dimension Type

    Hello All.  I have a two part question which If someone could be so kind to provide a solution, it would be a huge advancement for the work I'm trying to do in Tableau ( this would be a simple calculation in Excel ).  Below are the two points I need help with please: a)  A calculation that will bring me the Total for October YTD for the following years 2015 and 2014.  I think it may be necessary to have the option to select the month considered for YTD, in this case October. b) A calculation that will total differently based on the specific Dimensions. The first dimension is an end of month total deposit balance;  (YTD Total should be the balance of October, not the sum of the 10 months).  The second dimension is 'Sales' which DOES TOTAL all the months for the year. Below is the table (prepared in Excel) that I am trying to duplicate in Tableau.  I've also attached the excel file as a reference.    Thank you to all who

  • Issue#31491: Tableau - URGENT - YTD and Previous YTD calculating from start of the year to till date of both of t

    Hi All,  The Fiscal starts from Oct 01 and ends on Sep 30.  I need two values  1. Year to date (for the current year) - 01 Oct 2015 to till date (30 Jan 2016) - Sum of Incidents from 01 Oct 2015 to till date (30 Jan 2016) 2. Previous Year to date (for the previous year) - 01 Oct 2014 to till date (30 Jan 2015) - Sum of Incidents from 01 Oct 2014 to till date (30 Jan 2015) Can someone please look into this and show me the step by step approach of how to do it.  TIA  Warm Regards,Srinivas

  • Issue#82229: Tableau - How to use running total on 25th day for further analysis

    Hello Team,I have below requirement. I have to calculate running total of avg Target qty on day scale. for this I already calculated running total of avg sales qty on day scale.Consider the running total of avg sales qty on 25th day, Subtract this qty from current  months budget qty. which will be the difference of monthly budget and cumulative avg sales qty.Divide the diff by 25 to get the budget for add this day budget to avg sales qty per day for qrt end month or non qtr end month(I already calculated this)and finally take running total of it which will be the cumulative avg budget for the cumulative sales on 25th day = 10154Target for feb16 = 9260Diff = -894daily = -894/25= -36  now add this -36 to avg sales qty for qrt end month or non qtr end monthso day 1 [4+(-36)]= -32, day2 [71+(-32)]=35 like that...Now take cumulative of -32, 35....which will be the cumulative avg budget for the month Problem is how to store Avg cumulative sales o

  • Issue#82962: Tableau - Running total(Accumulate) distinct number by day

    Hi Guys  I know this problem might be ask many times in this forum, I try to search about this problem and found some similar thread but still cannot solve my problem.e.g. Running Distinct Sum or Total using COUNTD this should be most similar issue in my opinion.  So normally I can use COUNTD(Customer ID) to calculate amount of distinct customer but this can be only distinct customer of each day not all period.As you can see in a picture total unique of customer is 1,130 but when I use table calculation to do a running total the number on last day shown as 1,480(it should be shown as 1,130). How can I do a running total without duplicate value from previous days. Thank you in advanced   

  • Issue#490149: Tableau - Adding Total columns and YTD vs. Last YTD columns in data table

    Hello, I am very new to Tableau and am trying to create a table of data in a very specific format.  I have sales by location, by month for the last few years.  I am wanting to add a yearly total column in that will show YTD for the current year and Yearly Total for prior years (would like this to show up where red arrows are in the picture).  I also am wanting to know how to add a calculation that will show year over year % change.  So for example, as my data is thru Feb. 2016, the sum for each row of Jan/Feb 2016 would be compared to the total from Jan./Feb. 2015 and the % difference calculated.  When I receive March data and add it, I would want the % change column to calculate the % change of Jan/Feb/Mar 2016 with Jan/Feb/Mar 2015 and so on.  Im trying to add this all the way at the end, where the green arrow is.  I have tried many different things and can't seem to get this to work, also I couldn't find an example of something similar being d

  • Issue#490626: Tableau - Need to display month and year till current day

    Hello everyone, I would like to provide a parameter / Calculated field which has month and year from three years (ex. 2013) to till current month and current year (2016)By next month values in the parameter should  change from May 2013 - May 2016 dynamically.. ex:Jan 2013....Jan 2016Feb 2016Mar 2016April 2016 (Till here as April is the current month)  ThanksSunil Kumar

  • Issue#491380: Tableau - Percent of Total issue in a USA dashboard

    Hi, Attached workbook version: 9.1 Background:1. I created a superstore worksheet to show Sales as a Percent of Total across the United States.2. I duplicated the worksheet but filtered the States to only Arizona.3. I put these sheets in a dashboard. Problem:1. The actual Percent of Total value for Arizona is 1.54% But on the Arizona sheet it shows up as 100%. Note:- I know the reason as to why this is happening. It's because when filtered on Arizona, the Total Sales is the same as the Sales for Arizona location.- I want to know if there's a solution or a workaround to this problem.- My actual dashboard has Alaska and Hawaii but I couldn't find that in the Superstore database. Help will be much appreciated.Thanks in advance,Suraj.  

  • Issue#589911: Tableau - Custom Date showing values in Running Total for future months in YTD calculation

    Hello, I have a complex problem, which I am hoping someone can help me solve. I attached a workbook that uses the sample data set to help illustrate the problem. Here's the scenario: I am using a date, which has a fiscal year that starts in October. However, sometimes the data needs to be displayed by the actual calendar year, so I created a calculated date from the Order Date (called 'Order Date (Fiscal)'). I then need to create a YTD calculation based on the Order Date (Fiscal), but in order for the calculation to function properly with the fiscal year, I created 2 additional dates using a DATEADD function that add 3 months to the Order Date and TODAY(), titled Fiscal Date and Fiscal Date Today Respectively. The two YTD calculations are titled 2014 YTD Quantity and 2013 YTD Quantity. I have the two YTD calculations on a line graph over months of the year with a running_sum table calculation applied. My problem is this; the line graph extends through June, July, August,

  • Issue#736612: Tableau - Label showing total by day (when broken out by some dimension)

    This seems like an easy quesiton but I can't seem to figure out how to do the graph below have created a stacked area curve by dragging campaign name to the color mark. How can I show the grand total for each day? I.e. on May 24th I would show 33 (27+6) above the line... 

  • Issue#841154: Need to calculate ytd running total to calculate the running total till the max month of the data

    Hi there,   I am trying to write a measure which can calculate the running totals across months of various years. I am somehow getting accurate result with my formula but the only problem with my formula is that it is calculating or rather copy pasting the same amount in the months that are not present in my data.   My data has sales till 31-01-2016 but somehow the running total formula which i wrote is calculating the running total for feb ,march & so on till december but copy pasting the january sales total in all months. here is what i tried. Runningtotal_YTD = calculate(sale,datesytd(datekey(date))) I also tried  runningtotal_YTD= Totalytd(sales,datekey(date)). Both formula are fetching the identical results.  How can i resolve it??

  • Issue#880374: Tableau - Changing starting day for week issue

    Hi, I am trying to create some weekly summaries based on week starting on Friday. I want to set up sum WINDOW_SUM functions using number of weekday. However when I use DATEPART function it is not changing and always showing Sunday s day 1.I use following function: DATEPART('weekday',[date],'friday'). I have also tried chaning Date Properties for the data source to start week on Friday but still nothing.Date that is downstreaming in the SQL I am using is date + time, I have change format in Tableau to show only date.Do you have any ideas what might be causing this?My version of Tableau is 9.1.2, 64-bit.  Adam

  • Issue#924800: Find out total sales for last week per specific day

    Hi all, so i'm completely new to DAX/PowerBI and was looking for some guidence. I'm looking to get the sum of all sales throughout my company for last week(excluding sunday) and have the option to select specific days.   Any ideas?

  • Issue#1028081: Tableau - How to find a Date when Running total crosses a mark.

    Hi, I have a dataset in the following format:       App_IDDateEarnings1301/1/15101301/2/15151301/3/1551451/1/15451451/2/15301451/3/1560  This is a prototype. I want to find out the date when the Running total of the earnings crosses particular marks, say 100/200/300 and so on. I tried using CASE: CASE RUNNING_SUM([earnings])when > 1000    THEN MIN([date])WHEN > 2000     THEN MIN([date])END This doesn't work. I get an error: Maybe you are missing an identifier. My knowledge of the tool is very limited and this is all I could think of. Is there any way to getting that date? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Issue#1056444: Tableau - Grand Total Issue

    I need my grand total to sum while set to automatic to work properly for another field but cannot seem how to force it to sum the calculated field

  • Issue#20: Tableau - Aggregation issue

        Hello all, I just want to begin by saying how much this forum has saved my job! Thanks everyone! I am having an issue getting my values to aggregate properly. I have attached two pictures below to help explain:BEFOREAFTERThe problem is that when I remove a dimension, the values are not aggregating properly. Each Facility and Cost Center should have 1 App attached to it and taking away Summary Pay type should not aggregate those Apps. Once I take away Cost Center, then they should begin to aggregate. I can use MAX() but then it keeps the same value when I get rid of cost center and I would want that to be Summed. The end goal of this is to track Dollars/App By facility and able to drilldown to cost center, then summary pay type and another layer of fidelity that I may add in. Thanks!

  • Issue#22: Tableau - average by day of week for dates within parameter range

    i would like to calculate the average Revenue by day of week for the parameter range (Baseline End and Start): if ([Baseline End] >= [RevenueDate] AND [Baseline Start] <= [RevenueDate])and [DayOfWeek] = 'Monday'then { AVG([Revenue]) }ELSEnullEND i seem to be getting more days then just Monday...? ??? thank you.

  • Issue#98: Tableau - Percentage of Total

    How do I create the last 2 columns? NameItemsWeek 1Week 2Total% of Total% of Grand TotalJane Total4090130=130/130=130/210JaneBook2050=70/130=70/210Paper2040=60/130=60/210Mike Total6050110=110/110=110/210MikeComputer4030=70/110=70/210Lamp2020=40/110=40/210Grand Total90120210=210/210

  • Issue#107: Tableau - Count Number of Changes per day?

    Hi, I have a time series of stock ratings that range in value from 1 to 5. I'd like to count the number of changes per day--in other words I want to know the number of stocks that experienced a rating change during each day. It seems simple but I can't quite figure out how to make it work.  Would appreciate any tips! Thanks!

  • Issue#7974: Tableau - Start performance recording - the system cannot find the path specified

    After clicking "Start performance recording" on Tableau 9 Desktop I get the error "the system cannot find the path specified". Any ideas?(I'm using a connection to SSAS)

  • Issue#20247: Tableau - Percent of total from value in Dimension

    Hi there, I have a large table of data that has the following structure - DateUser AttributeCount1/1/16Web Session501/1/16Purchase301/1/16Active1001/2/16Web Session501/2/16Purchase401/2/16Active90 I'm trying to create a calculation that displays % of total Active based on whether they had a web session or purchase. For example ideally the data would be structured like this in Tableau Date1/16/161/2/16Web Session50% (50/100)50% (50/100)Purchase30% (30/100)40% (40/100) I want to see what % of users are actually engaging on our website. I am able to do a full percent of total however it calculates it from all parts of the 'User Attribute' column whereas I want to calculate the percent of total from a value within that dimension. I've searched through the forums and haven't found a request that leverages data within a dimension. Any ideas?

  • Issue#29202: Tableau - Daily Total Cumulative Average

    Hi there, I am trying to display a graph of our cumulative total average each day. Here is an example of the data structure: DateStar RatingReview1/1/164comment 11/1/164comment 21/1/163comment 31/2/161comment 11/2/161comment 21/2/162comment 31/2/165comment 41/2/165comment 5 I am able to display a line graph of the average rating per day, however I'd like to display a cumulative average for total ratings over time. For example, the chart would have these data points along the graph - DateCumulative Average1/1/163.66 vs. 3.66 daily1/2/163.125 vs. 2.8 daily I tried this formula however the averages do not come out correct. 

  • Issue#31677: Parrot Bebop 2 Camera Blurry Issue Comparison (Night, Cloudy, Day) - Not first batch hardware issue.

    This video is to prove that the Bebop 2 camera blurry video is not caused by a camera defect but the firmware programming issue. They need to fix... I would suggest FF3 to allow users to adjust the video recording bandwidth optionally (from default 20Mbps to 45Mbps adjustable) to be set in the preference of coming updates of FF3. The bandwidth of FPV live feed remains unchanged is ok for a 1500mW bi-directional Router Mod but not sure for a stock drone. Also to provide an option to disable denoise filter will be nice. But I don't think Paris is ok and understandable to do these new optimizations.  

  • Issue#33798: Rogue Till The Day You Die

    I'm not a huge fan of PVP, but I seem to be holding my own in this game, so far. My entry to the Dark Zone, however, was rather ignominous: found there was a mass firefight just past the entrance gate, went splat, respawned, went back in shooting and then got told I'd gone Rogue, WTF? The game could definitely do with explaining these little bits as you pass through the checkpoint, not as you find yourself accidentally engaging in them. Anyway, on to my point. I soldiered on and managed to get to the other side of the Zone that we can currently play in, whereupon I crossed paths with what turned out to be a pair of blatant griefers; the problem was, however, I couldn't tell that they were. Why? Because every time they killed another player, they'd run off into a particular corner of the game map and wait for their countdowns to run out, then re-emerge to go squashing the next player they came across; for about 10-20 minutes, that happened to be me, over and over again. It didn't help

  • Issue#43252: Tableau - same day calculation

    Hi all, as more I work with Tablea as more questions I have So here is the next one: I need to create a formula which help to count the numbers only if the record is closed on the same day and with the same priority and in the same City. In words it is something like if close date is same and Priority =4 and City = same then "P4 Batch" else "P4" end

  • Issue#45185: Tableau - How to do YTD and MTD calculations in MSAS cube?

    There are very less resources and examples pertaining this question.Please refer to the screenshot below. It shows the dimension and measure names of my cube. I referred to the link below for YTD and MTD calculations.Microsoft Analysis Services Cube: MDX Calculation for YTD,MTD and Today()I have been using the following calculated member to find out MTDSUM(MTD(Strtomember("[DIM TIME].[Date].&["+format(now(),"mm/dd/yyyy")+"]")),[Measures].[SALES AMOUNT]) It does not give me any result. Note: This link is helpful tooMTD & YTD Columns from Analysis Services Cube

  • Issue#49238: Tableau - count down from total sum

    hello all, i think i got a simple task for Tableau but as i am still learning i would like a little guidance please  i got a dataset with 2000+ drawing numbers and a date next to them showing when authorised,i have been able to create a calculated field that counts the authorised dates and then map this on line chart by date (screenshot) i would like to have a count down from the sum total, so instead of showing the amount of drawings issued that month, i want to show how many drawings are left in total per month so in December instead of 166 we would have around 1700  any help would be great thanks

  • Issue#52469: Tableau - total or sum of groups

    Hello, I tried searching the forums for an answer to this, but I'm trying to show the totals for each "department" as seen in the screenshot below.. so for COM I'd like to show the sum of CNTD(Stac ID) and the sum of Active Students Count eg - COM - 22 34 I'm working on attaching a sample workbook, but I have to anonymize the data etc... I feel like it's something close to a window_sum(countD()) but I can't seem to make it quite right.. any help is (of course) appreciated! 

  • Issue#64289: Tableau - Where on the Tableau website can I find a list of enhancements by version?

    Recently, my company made the jump from Tableau 8.2 to 9.1.  I wanted to compile a list of enhancements for 8.3, 9.0 and 9.1 to share with our users so they had an idea of what new functionality would be available to them with this big jump in versions. However, on the Tableau site, I can only find release notes for all versions, and they don't mention new functionality, only problems that they're correcting (i.e., "Resizing a dialog could cause Tableau Desktop to close unexpectedly"). I need to see the new functionality listings, stuff like "Smarter Excel Importing:  Tableau now disregards blank lines, headers and footers when importing an XLS." Any idea where I can find this info?

  • Issue#70674: Tableau - Change map view based on hours of the day: slider?

    I'd like to allow a user to use a slider to move through the hours of a day, and have the corresponding view update accordingly. My data is SQL transactional data with timestamps down to the second, and I'm restricting this to a 24-hour 'day-to-date' view, aggregating at the level of the hour. I've created a parameter which can take integer values from 0-23, but don't know how to take that next step of linking it to my data and making it act of the view. Any help would be appreciated! Note in the view below that the slider has no effect. The data in the view is for the whole day.