Issue#402861: Argus PVR add-on in opensuse

  • Have a media PC setup on Win10, using Kodi + ArgusTV, that works OK, but would like to access the ArgusTV server on an OpensuseLeap42.1 x64 machine (mainly for recordings).
    Have installed Kodi, and am trying to install the ArgusTV PVR add-on, without success.
    Configure TV in system, and add the PVR addon, and seems to configure OK, pointing it at the server, but the addon never seems to save properly, and looking at the log, I'm getting:

    10:29:00 T:139705890895616 NOTICE: PVRManager - starting up
    10:29:00 T:139705865717504 ERROR: PVR - Add-on 'ARGUS TV client' is using an incompatible API version. XBMC minimum API version = '4.1.0', add-on API version '1.9.6'
    10:29:00 T:139705865717504 WARNING: UpdateAndInitialiseClients - failed to create add-on ARGUS TV client, status = 6
    10:29:00 T:139705865717504 WARNING: UpdateAndInitialiseClients - failed to load the dll for add-on ARGUS TV client, disabling it
    10:29:00 T:139707065846016 NOTICE: starting zeroconf publishing
    10:29:00 T:139707065846016 ERROR: WebServer: Failed to start the webserver

    Opensuse Leap42.1 x64 - Fully patched.
    Kodi 16.0 GIT: 20160220
    Argus TV client: 1.10.11

    Thanks, John,

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    Hi, Can someone please help. When I want to enable Live TV in kodi settings it says "NO PVR ADD-ONS COULD BE FOUND you need a tuner, backend software, and an add-on for the backend to be able to use PVR. Please visit PVR (wiki) to learn more I have no PVR section in my addons. I am running Openelec 6.0.3 with Kodi 15.2. I have done a clean install but still the same problem. Thank you!

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