Issue#426: Dell - Windows 10 License key wiped off ?

  • yes, but if i switch back to UEFI now, the dell maintenance thingy starts and its gives me errors about the RAM and SSD. hence i am on legacy as of now. also, if you can help me set up a bootable for UEFI ? as the win 7 USB tool makes it a non-UEFI bootable. :/

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#64959: Logitech - m555b Bluetooth pairing issue with Dell Latitude E4300 running Windows 10 64 bits

    Hello, I've been using a m555b Bluetooth for more than 4 years with the same laptop: Win7, Win8, Win8.1 and now Win10 But I currently can't: after the full new installation from scratch, I'm unable to pair it. The Broadcomm "Dell 365 Bluetooth"  module works fine, I've successfully paired an iPhone 5S, a Microsoft Number Pad and an audioset. It properly detects the mouse (including brand and model), when I press the "connect" button under it. But I press the "pair" button on the Bluetooth setting panel on Windows 10, I obtain the warning box "it didn't work - please try again and check your mouse can still be detected" When I press the "close" button and make a new attempt: no further sucess. I remember having suffered such a similar issue with Win8 3 years ago. Please help me!

  • Issue#335420: Dell - Retriving Windows cd key from laptop with preinstaled OS.

    I am trying to fix my mothers laptop and it might have some wierd software issues preventing it from accesing the intrnet, I am no expert and the only fix i know is to format the thing :P Which is also good cause it has like never been formated and its a mess there.

  • Issue#378726: Dell - PRECISION 7910 - SSD - WINDOWS 7 INSTALL FROM USB KEY

    not happening. At first observation, both hard drives were visible and the hard drive with an existing installation (OEM) of Windows 7 had three partitions.

  • Issue#455078: Dell - BIG ISSUE WITH XPS 13 9343 WIFI Windows 10

    Hi there, i need help to solve issue with wifi on Dell XPS 13 9343 with Windows 10 clean install. The Issue is wifi access point field are low and instable and often some access point are not visible also when we are next to access point. Same pc with Windows 7 works well.

  • Issue#477512: Dell - Product Key for windows 8??????

    Kept getting up grade to 8.1, so I finally gave in and started the download, stopped at 98 % done & gave error message needs missing files? Insert media stick but it still won't load. SO I GAVE UP & DECIDED TO PUT SYSTEM BACK TO FACTORY, got 66% complete & froze!

  • Issue#504789: Dell - Having issue of transferring files from Windows 2012 to Cent os

    Hello, I have two servers Dell R730 and 1 Dell NAS. one of the dell R730 I have Cent os in it. and other server and Nas having Windows server 2012. I am transferring binary files from server 1 to Nas which are windows server. working very fine. but while transferring the same files from server 1 or

  • Issue#506418: HP - Refurbished Laptop with no Windows License Key

    Greetings, I just got a refurbished Pavilion laptop. It came with Windows 10 pre-loaded and is in perfect working condition, but they stripped all stickers from it, including the one with the Windows license key. If I purchase the recovery media from HP, will it have the license key, and will it work on my laptop?   I'm awaiting a callback from the refurbisher's customer service department to see if I can get a key from them (I just called a few minutes ago). For the price I paid, I don't mind doing a little legwork to take care of this (including purchasing a new copy of Windows, although I'd rather not if I can avoid it).

  • Issue#510501: Dell - screen resolution issue post windows 10 upgrade

    I recently upgraded to windows10 from win7. post upgrade I am facing issues related to display. 1600X1200 mode is available, but it cuts a portion of the screen. 1400X1250 works fine, but unable to utilize the whole screen-space. here is what i tried: 1) upgrade drivers

  • Issue#520598: Dell - recover activation key windows 8.1

    Hi, Thank you for writing to us! We would suggest you use the Dell OEM cd's or Dell recovery image which wont ask you for the product key. Thanks Robin

  • Issue#614059: Finding Windows 7 license key

    I'm working on a laptop for a client. I have to reimage the hard drive. The laptop shipped with Windows 8 & was downgraded to Windows 7. There is no license key sticker on the laptop. Where would I go to find the license key for this device? 

  • Issue#686161: HP - Lost Windows License key

    I have an old Compaq 610 Notebook PC and the harddrive has unfortunately failed.  I can replace the harddrive, but the Windows licesnse key sticker is so worn I can no longer read the characters.  How can I recover my license Key?

  • Issue#712323: windows 10 + SDK 2015.2 License Issue?

    I am currently forced to work with the SDK 2015.2 and everything was working fine until today when windows in its infinite wisdom required a reboot on my machine in order to install updates. Upon completion and rebooting the machine I opened the SDK to continue working. Much to my dismay I was presented with a license error (screencap1) which I thought was strange. I clicked ok and was presented with VLM again to manage the licenses. Upon investigating I can see my license under the "View License Status" but the SDK does not seem to recognize that I have a license. Non the less I attempted to activate my license again with the xml file I downloaded from xilinx and was presented with error #2 (screencap2).   Has anyone encountered an issue similar to this or has an idea on how to fix it?

  • Issue#725594: Geforce - Windows 10 duel graphics cards start up issue (Dell Optiplex 790 DT)

    . Sounds like a power supply issue. Pull one card and see if the issue disappears. But, the [url=]Optiflex 790[/url](page 6) has only 1 PCIex16 port that functions for Graphics @x16, the other is a @x1 bandwidth. ----------------- Since the driver reinstall appeared to fix it, I would suggest the 359.06 .

  • Issue#739837: HP - License key for Windows 8

    Once I replace the hard drive in my Laptop, I have a Windows 10 ISO DVD to install Windows. Microsoft requires that I provide the license  key for Windows 8 that came with the laptop to provide free upgrade to Windows 10. Where do I find the License key for the Windows 8 that came with the HP Laptop. It is currently upgraded to Windows 10, and current hard drive is working fine. I want to replace it with a SSD and clean install of Windows 10

  • Issue#789463: Dell - Hard Drive crashed, no backup, and no windows license tag

    If the Hard drive is replaced you will need to install the operating system from a Dell OEM disc, which will automatically retrieve the key from the motherboard.

  • Issue#800289: Dell - product key for windows 10 (upgraded from 7)

    If the system was upgraded through Microsoft (Windows update), no product key is needed. If not, that's the way you need to do the upgrade.

  • Issue#823784: Dell - Optiplex 3040 - Windows 2008 server deployment issue (No Option to choose 'ATA' in BIOS)

    You have to install INTEL RST F6 drivers.


    You can Download a Windows 10 .iso and Clean Install with it. It'll automatically pick up the Windows 8 Product key embedded in your UEFI BIOS (enable UEFI and SecureBoot for optimal performance). See here for details: http://dellwindowsreinstallationguide.

  • Issue#824781: R5 m335 on dell laptop crashing issue Crimson 15.12 Windows 10, a10-8700p

    a10 8700p Dell with r5 m335 2GB gives issues. Poor Performance on simplest of tasks. Overheating major concern and results in shutdown.MSI Afterburner shows fan speed locked to 20%. Temperatures of above 80 C on normal-moderate usage.Is the fan speed an issue ?How to fix it?No help on using Speedfan. No options are available in Configure.Main concern is shutdown due to overheating. Regards

  • Issue#871246: Lenovo - Activating license key of Windows 8 on another laptop

    I bought a Lenovo laptop few years ago that came with Windows 8. I'm planning on buying another laptop but it comes without a Windows OS. Can I use my Windows 8 from my old Lenovo laptop and activate the license key to the new one? Do I have to unistall Windows 8 so I can activate on the new one? Or because it's embedded on the bios I can't use it on another laptop even if I uninstall it?

  • Issue#879228: Dell - Optiplex 7020 SFF, Windows 7, Realtek audio issue

    That thread, "XPS 8700, Windows 10, Realtek Maxx Audio Pro features missing?" was from July 2015 and locked in December 2015. When locked, you cannot reply to it. You needed to start a new thread since your system is not the XPS 8700 and not running Windows 10.

  • Issue#904782: Dell - XPS 13 Bluetooth issue, Windows 10

    Weird Bluetooth issues on my brand new XPS 13 9350 as well. I've had it where it's working fine and do a simple restart, and after the restart the mouse doesn't work. Restart again and now it works. All drivers updated based on July 8 Dell driver site listing.

  • Issue#905110: Dell - Venue 8 Pro missing embedded Windows Key after repair - can't activate after reinstall.

    I have a Venue 8 Pro 5830 tablet, which was borked by my wife shortly after I bought it. Dell tech support sent me a Windows 8.1 USB drive (p/n PA5093L-MD8U), which I couldn't use to fix the tablet because Dell hadn't released the USB+Power adapter yet. Support had me send it in for repair.

  • Issue#907900: HP - windows 8 license key


  • Issue#938143: Dell - E5570 Latitude Windows 10 Bitlocker Issue

    Recently received a new batch of Latitude E5570 Laptops. Did my normal thing of applying a Win10-VL image, activating bitlocker post install and everything normally runs fine on all my other Latitudes (E5550,E5540, etc.) However, the following behaviors now occurs: Scenario 1.

  • Issue#940480: Dell - XPS 8700 - 4TB Hard Drive - WIndows 10 - Driver Install Issue

    I downloaded drivers to the 4TB drive. ALL drivers have the same issue: IF from the 4TB drive I click on the driver executable, the decompress and run fails EVERY time, EVERY driver so far up to the video driver. IF I copy the driver file to the 1TB OS drive (desktop) and click on it.... IT WORKS.

  • Issue#975659: Dell - Vostro 3500 and Windows 10 Wifi issue

    Apologies that your system is not working the way you expected. The Vostro 3500 is not recommended with windows 10, which is why you are unable to locate Win10 drivers for it.

  • Issue#980203: Dell - Windows 8 Product Key

    It seems like updating the BIOS has changed your boot sequence... so you should power down your system and press [F2] at startup and amend the boot order so the SSD/HDD is on top. You may also need to revert the SATA operation if its changed and toggle between UEFI and Legacy BIOS...

  • Issue#980908: Dell - How can I locate the Windows Product key on repaired Win 8 laptop?

    Not sure yet what was replaced/repaired on my daughters laptop--we are waiting to hear back from the repair service the warranty company used. Booting up her repaired laptop we are being asked for the Windows Key. Windows came pre-loaded. No disc, No sticker. Supposedly key is in bios.