Issue#428127: Radio Control - Syma X8 HG or JXD 509G

  • If you had a choice to make which one would you buy. This will be my first quad, but I've flown gas and electic heli's for many years. I wanted to get something to practice on before I get a Yuneec Q500+ later this summer.

    Please don't start suggesting other quads, as I've narrowed my search down to these 2.

    Thanks, jjp

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#592194: Radio Control - has anyone resolved the infamous JXD 509G binding issue?

    Hi everyone, been having a blast ever since i received my jxd 509G. a home made cloverleaf antenna on the fpv receiver has breathed new life into this thing! but in the last few days i've started having binding issues... after the binding procedure the LEDS keep blinking for a while and then they start blinking very quickly, like a strobe effect. it seems like it isn't binded at all but if if bring both sticks down and in the LEDS on the quad start flashing as if i'm calibrating the gyro!!! but it stil won't start, and no other buttons work either (lights, video...) what is this all about!?!?! it can take me SEVERAL attemps before i am finally able to bind. always seems to be a crapshoot. so i've read about this issue a lot but wasn't able to find a definitive fix or procedure... what is your experience with this? i want to get this right from the start!!! thanks!

  • Issue#12219: Radio Control - JXD 509G FPV Drone Mods

    Here's a thread for any mods made on the JXD 509G FPV. Any mods to the 509W or 509V would be fitting too. Much discussion has been started on the thread JXD 509G FPV Drone Flight Test Review. Now that I received my own, I'm going beyond flight test reviews to modifications. Anyone upgrade the props? The motors? The batteries? Remove some of the weight of the body somehow? I'd love to see & hear if it increased your flight time. Pictures preferred. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#79083: Radio Control - JXD 509G JXD509G 5.8G FPV With 2.0MP HD Camera High Hold Mode RC Quadcopter

    JXD 509G JXD509G 5.8G FPV With 2.0MP HD Camera High Hold Mode RC Quadcopter I bought a JXD 385 a couple of years ago when I was flying Wltoys V202s and V252s and it was a good quad at that time that competed with the Wltoys quads well. It came with a transmitter that did not include autoflips at 100% rates like the V252 tx and had the same protocol as the Wltoys, so I used that transmitter for a while to fly the Wltoys quads. The 385 flew very well but did not have good LEDs for night flying. My 385 still works but all four motors have been replaced once. Banggood asked if I would like to review the JXD 509G, I said yes. This is only my second JXD quad. I recieved this quad on 2/01/2016 from Banggood. Good shipping time of only 14 days using China Post. You can find it here: Attachment 8680835 First Impressions As mentioned in the other JXD 509 threads this quad copies the design of the Yuneec Q500, a larger quad that I am

  • Issue#79084: Radio Control - JXD 509v and Syma X8c Flying Together

    My son and I took out the Syma X8c and JXD 509v out flying together the other day,good times :)He likes the altitude hold and auto land on the JXD,I like it pretty well also .Got a little on board video coparison as well. JXD 509v and Syma X8c Flying Together(and making a little "jello") (9 min 16 sec)

  • Issue#88677: Radio Control - My JXD 509G - Upgrades & Mods List

    Here's a list of all the desired upgrades and mods I have for the JXD 509G. Resolve video jello effect.Velcro on camera housing = partially resolved. Prop balanced on quad = WAITING ON RESULTS Remove all props & test individual motor vibration for source OPTION: Mount camera on top OPTION: Hot glue the camera on w/out housing (align before it dries!) - another pilots video shows virtually no jello with this mod! Wide Angle Clip Lens Monochrome LCD display on Controller - some JXD 509s have these, mine did not. Better Antenna’s - for Quad, Controller and FPV.Antenna mod done on quad = WAITING ON RESULTS Bigger FPV LCD and/or FPV goggle mod Multiple battery upgrade Engine upgradeI've read (not verified) the motors are 8.5x20mm. That means these models have compatible engines: Hubsan X4, 107C, 107D, NOT 107L Walkera W100s V929 V949 V959 V969 The engines I found: - $31.00 insane speed - $27 fast speed - $11.99 - Husband originals - $8.80 for two Stock Replacements Caring Case

  • Issue#95603: Radio Control - JXD 509G 5.8 GHz FPV Quadcopter with Altitude Hold (work in progress)

    One of the current hypes in cheap RTF "multirotor-country" is altitude hold. The idea is to make flying easier, as throttle control is one of the hardest functions to grasp, for fresh pilots. Another benefit should be, to have a more stable platform for shooting video. Will this work out as intended? A closer look at the JXD 509G might give some answers. Disclaimer: I don't get paid, or in any other way make money with reviews like these. Product specifications and quality may vary at the manufacturer's discretion, and are beyond my influence. I cannot guarantuee you will get a product that performs exactly the same as seen and described in this review. For easy navigation, here's a list of contents: 1: Specifications (posting #1) 2: Unboxing (posting #1) 3: Transmitter (posting #1) 4: Flying Performance (posting #1) 5: Preliminary Verdict (posting #1) 6: Suitable for a Beginner? (posting #1) 7: Camera & FPV Performance (posting #2) 8: Hints, Tips & Modification

  • Issue#385144: Radio Control - Jxd 509g weight

    Does anyone know how much a 509g weighs thanks in advance I'm curious because I want to Kow if I have to register it

  • Issue#420140: Radio Control - JXD 509G 18% Off In $69.99 Ends In 24 Hours

    JXD 509G RC Quadcopter on sale today This original JXD 509G aricraft features innovative flight technology It is a machine you can fly just about anywhere. It features height locking flight mode, a button to take off function. 2.0MP HD camera will bring you wonderful scenes about 100 yards away. With a performance edge, It will makes your flight experience more fun than you could imagine. Don't hesitate to take it home! It comes with 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro 5.8G FPV Built-in Height Locking Flight RC Quadcopter Comes with 2.0MP HD Camera BUY HERE

  • Issue#422541: Radio Control - jxd 509g questions / opinions

    Hi! After lots of scouring the internet to find the best new fpv quad under $200, i settled for the jxd 509g. The only quad i owned before this was the Hubsan X4 h107L (no fpv) and what i loved about it was how quick and "nervous" it is. it is super responsive and if you use gravity properly the thing really flies like a rocket. i'm scared that the jxd 509g won't be as quick.... i've tried a syma x5c and was a little dissapointed that it just felt like a big whale. it was super stable, but a little boring compared to the x4. so to those of you who own or have flown the jxd 509g, how did you like it? is it quick? responsive? how is the fpv range? flight time? do you think it is the best fpv quad at this price point or do you prefer another model? curious to hear what y'all have to say!

  • Issue#686303: Radio Control - Syma x8c issue

    Hi, I've tried searching for an answer but can't find one. I recently bought a syma x8c and it will now not take off. It wobbles badly but never leaves the ground. Does anyone know what could be wrong with it? I'll try and attach a video. Thanks in advance, Josh

  • Issue#693629: Radio Control - Syma X8 battery compartment issue.

    Syma X8 battery compartment issue. And how to solve the problem my way. Normally the battery is snug fit into the compartment in order to prevent it movement in flight. So it's rather hard to remove without a bit pulling the wires (the wires connection can easily be damaged). The following is my very basic solution ::) Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#770847: Radio Control - How do I know when my JXD 509G Battery is going to die?

    I have bought the 509G and I was flying, then when the battery went flat it just dropped from the sky! Is there something that tells me somewhere when the battery is about to go flat? Many thanks, James

  • Issue#793458: Radio Control - Syma X5SW Control Issue

    I recently purchased a X5SW, still pretty new to Quads. I have had the chance to fly it around for the past few weeks with no issue. Today on the other hand when I went to change the battery after a hard landing, and something went wrong. I plugged in the new battery and paired the quad as normal, but when I took off I noticed that the L/R Yaw and L/R roll have been switched. Any guess how this happened? Crossed wire? Software issue?

  • Issue#619: Radio Control - Down The Rabbit Hole From Drug Store Quad to a Modded Syma X8C

    Attachment 8631112It all started for me around Christmas as I manage a 4 person group and I wanted to get a little fun gift for everyone. So I see a few nano quads at CVS pharmacy and think hey that could be fun. My nano breaks after a day and I am now hooked after 4 flights. I drive down to hobby people and see the Dromida Vista RTF UAV. Grey black and red they knew their target in me! I fly the vista in the parking garage at my apartment complex and really as a first actual quad it had a learning curve. After a few days and 10 or so flights I can fly it around the poles in figure eights and banking. I had a good crash and tried to recalibrate it but It wasn't doing it quite right and after a while I figured I have a bad motor. Sadly the store was all out of replacements. Feeling bummed and having to pick up my medication at Target I browsed the toy section and found the Sky Viper S670 Stunt drone for $49 dollars and since I was heading out of town for the holidays I bought it thi

  • Issue#901: Radio Control - Park zone Sport Cub aileron issue

    Park zone Sport Cub First flight ended with a crash, bent prop, ed nose cowl Replaced parts Getting airplane ready for my second flight with it and I noticed that the right aileron is a few degrees down with the stick centered. Any ideas? And yes, I'm new at this. And yes I've thoroughly checked out all the transmitter settings,servos,links,horns, clevises, etc.. Thanks guys for any advice

  • Issue#1915: Radio Control - syma x5sc-1 range mod

    hello guys I wanned to antenna "mod" my syma x5sc-1 and there is no grounding pad I can see its just one spot that says 2.4 ghz on it where the other one is. there isn't another spot on it like the x5c. what do I do with the ground part of the wire Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#1923: Radio Control - SW capacitor/ librepilot issue HELP!!

    Hi all, I have a problem.. My Eachine landed from about a metre flat on its belly and the SW capacitor came off, and one off the connecting pins broke so I replaced with a 470uf 25v from maplin.. LibrePilot takes longer than usual to choose the FC in wizard then on setting the motor start points that SW motor runs seemingly slower and rattly, then on saving the wizard settings it gets to preparing mixer settings and crashes there. That's about as much info as I have as I'm new to this and only had my Eachine 2 days Thanks in advance

  • Issue#3839: Radio Control - SkyZone 5.8Ghz 200mw Range issue

    Hi! i am very new to Quad flying and am having a little trouble with my FPV Setup, i purchased the Quanum V2,, and the Quanum Nova quad, been having heeps of fun flying but when i tried to get the goggles to work i was getting less than 15m without the no signal warning, i have the Transmitter mounted inside the quad with the antenna poking out between the two front rotors, ( i can post a pick if you need) is there something interrupting the signal because of this mounting point? when i am next to the drone the signal is clear as day without much static at all, any ideas why this is happening? Thanks!!!

  • Issue#8241: Radio Control - Best Parts Supplier for Syma X5C

    Need my first set of replacements. I would like to stay with a highly rated supplier with fast response. Suggestions pls

  • Issue#8246: Radio Control - Uncontrollable Yaw Issue

    I have an F330 clone frame that has an Openpilot CC3D FC, HK 25/30a ESC's and Propdrive 28-26s 1200kv motors. I hooked it up to the Openpilot GCS and went through the FC and transmitter configuration steps. The problem is that after arming and taking off, it wants to continually yaw left and kind of bounce up and down making it hard to control. I checked most settings and everything looks fine including the motor RPM speed sliders as well as I completed the ESC calibration and double checked that the props are on correctly. I also looked on my Turnigy 9xr controller settings and it looks like it is correct. I am not sure what to do next. This is not my first quad but I am clueless what to do next. Everything is new with the exception of the ESC's and motors. Thanks! John

  • Issue#11626: Radio Control - Issue with TDisaster

    Just wanted to get the word out- I bought a battery from TDisaster. He was extremely responsive on the day I pm'ed him about buying the battery and was quick to take my money, but all but disappeared afterwards. Payment sent on 1-11-16. About a week after I sent payment, 1-17-16, I sent him a PM asking for the tracking info because I should have received the battery by then. A couple days went by then he said that he was too busy and didn't get it out but that he would do so shortly. That was a week and a half ago and I still have no battery and he hasn't replied to a PM in ~four days. It's now 1-26-16 and still no battery or response. Here is the original FS thread I'll update if I hear anything or if there ends up being a positive resolution. Just wanted to get the word out since he has some other stuff for sale too. EDIT: And now his PM box is full.

  • Issue#11927: Radio Control - SkyRC Quattro B6AC issue

    This is the second SkyRC Quattro B6AC I have and both seem to have the same issue. One of the four charging circuits has given up the ghost. This one pictured the top right gave up and the second the bottom right. I emailed SkyRC and of course no response to 2 emails for customer service. I opened up the unit itself in hope it was four separate charging circuits boards and I could find a replacement or combine for one functioning charger. Question is anyone had this issue with this brand or Hitech they are identical in every way. If so were you able to trouble shoot the problem? Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#12861: Radio Control - Walkera qr x3560 pro gps issue

    Hi Guys... Greetings from Barcelona.. i am new on this forum and i hope you can help me out with this issue. I've got a walkera qr x350 pro since few months already with over 30 hrs flight and never had an ssue till last week when my GPS started having some problems of connections. I followed all procedure as usual but after callibration, the gps light didn't start blinking as it used to do in the past so i could not fly on gps mode. I opened but everything seems ok might be the antenna or something else? I would need your advices whenever possible Many thanks in advance

  • Issue#17569: Radio Control - Android HOTT Viewer App Issue

    Hi guys. Has anyone else experienced the issue of Rx and Tx Reciever signal data not being shown using the HOTT Viewer App on a Samsung Galaxy 3 ? Any ideas? Attachment 8646219 Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#21658: Radio Control - Syma X9 RTF Flying Car from Review

    !Introduction | spec2 | |> Syma X9 RTF Flying Car | @8571651 |> Dimensions (LxWxH) |< 7x8.5x2.5" (180x215x65mm) |> Transmitter: |< Syma 2.4GHz proprietary four channel with digital trims and LCD display |> Receiver: |< Syma proprietary receiver/ESC combination with six-axis gyro |> Battery: |< 600mAh 3.7V lithium polymer with JST/Team Losi micro connector |> Motors: |< Four 8mm coreless with gear drives; motor for surface operation not specified |> Propellers: |< Proprietary 4" (102mm) diameter, pitch not given |> Typical Flight Duration: |< Five minutes |> Operator Skill Level/Age: |< Beginner; 8+ |> Manufacturer: |< Syma Toys Industrial Co., Ltd., Laimei Industrial Park, Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong, China |> Available From: |< |> Price (USD): |< $46.99 with worldwide free shipping People have been dreaming of flying cars ever since the invention of both cars and aircraft. Althou

  • Issue#23050: Radio Control - Upgrade Syma x8c camera keeping stock

    HI all Im a total newbie to rc but love my x8c. Hate the camera though!so... Is it possible to put a new, better lens and board into the existing camera pod and still be able to activate pics and video from the syma TX. I know I can buy Mobius ,sj4000 etc, but I want to be able to capture pics vids from the tx PLEASE HELP!

  • Issue#23305: Radio Control - Syma X5c

    Have for sale a Syma X5c RTF. Includes three batteries, spare props, prop guards, camera...basically everything that is normally included. Flies great, but I am upgrading to a better multi rotor. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#26371: Radio Control - FTDI Adapter issue?

    Hi, I am having weird issue with my silabs ftdi adapter with windows 10. First, I have the driver installed. I have been reading around seeing that FTDI has installed an update in windows that bricks any (knock off) FTDI chips. Is this a result of it? Background, I had Windows 10 pro since it first released. I have flashed a minimosd or two within that time with this same FTDI adapter with no issues. I recently cleaned my desktop with a fresh install of Windows 10 pro. Anyone know what or why this is happened? Thank you. (note I saw a few videos of Arduinos getting bricked as well. Could something have happened to where I bricked this?

  • Issue#28097: Radio Control - Power issue

    Hello, New here and just trying to get into a multirotor hobby, so I purchased the LS 128 Sky Hunter. Flew it for a bit, crashed the heck out of it, but it is pretty durable...and now have a quick issue. When I full power it, it remains at about half power and it doesn't come off the ground, but...when I yawl it right at full power, it goes to full power...yawling left full power does nothing. So 2 of the motors are engaging full power (yawl right) and 2 are not. I have made no modifications to it. Sounds like there is a disconnect somewhere, but I am not sure where to begin. I took the unit entirely apart and all wires seem to be connected. Anybody have any ideas?? Thanks