Issue#465130: Linux - Hello Everyone Happy OpenSUSE user here

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  • Issue#418976: Linux - Issue with Sftp user account getting disconnected

    Hi the sftp user account trying to connect to the linux server using winscp and upload files they are running the batch process which automates the uploading process they say that when process opens multiple sessions the user gets locked i have gone through the logs but could not find any following is the log of /var/log/secure sshd[15904]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user vcera_ac sshd[15942]: Accepted password for vcera_ac from port 60726 ssh2 sshd[15942]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user vcera_ac by (uid=0) sshd[15946]: subsystem request for sftp sshd[15946]: Received disconnect from 11: Shutdown sshd[15942]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user vcera_ac sshd[15984]: Accepted password for vcera_ac from port 60754 ssh2 sshd[15984]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user vcera_ac by (uid=0) sshd[15988]: subsystem request for sftp sshd[15988]: Received disconnect from 11: Shut

  • Issue#463663: Linux - Happy new Debian user here

    Hello all, I recently got an older PC (AMD Athlon 64) from a friend, and it has re-ignited my interest in Linux. I was tired of using windows, so I figured since I got a spare PC, I could install Linux. So I downloaded a few Debian ISO's. Now that I have it installed, I am very happy with it. I am using MATE and it is probably my favorite DE so far. I already installed a lot of extra packages and I've only had debian installed for about 2-3 days now. I have only posted about once since I registered in January, but now I am back (hopefully for good!). Thanks, S_K

  • Issue#918220: Linux - Collision between GUI sessions in openSUSE 13.2 if program from another user run under first

    Originally, after finding out that kdesu, followed by dolphin, did not work, I had posted at asking how I could open up a file manager window under a user other than the one the full GUI session belonged to. For example, if I have the computer booted into a full KDE GUI desktop session under user joe, I had posted on that previous thread asking how I could open up in joe's KDE desktop session a file manager window running under user john and with the privileges of user john (instead of joe). Ultimately, I got that first question answered, but then encountered another problem. If I have the computer booted into a full KDE GUI desktop session (on vt7) under user joe and open up a file manager window under user john in joe's KDE desktop session, and then open up a full KDE GUI desktop session (on vt8) under user john as shown in the attached screenshot, the two KDE GUI desktop sessions will collide. Specifically, john's desktop scree

  • Issue#1060799: Linux - Missing user/group owner's name in a directory, is this a POSIX issue?

    We have a RHEL server dedicated to Big Data. Looking thru a directory, I've noticed that there are no user names and group names, it has been replaced by a string of numeric characters. This was data that was imported into this server from another UNIX/Linux type server, no one can seem to remember what type and the information has been lost since that former sys admin has moved on. My manager thought maybe it as a POSIX conflict when it was imported into RHEL. I've read up on POSIX and to me it seems that it applies to portability of code from one UNIX/Linux system to another and wouldn't have anythign to do with it, correct? If that is the case, then why the string of numeric characters? On the destination server, there is nothing like that under /etc/passwd or /etc/group. Code: [root@server]# ls -al /dir1 total 288480 drwxrwxrwx. 103 root      root          4096 Jul  5 12:12 . drwxr-xr-x.  7 root     

  • Issue#1156332: Linux - LAMP - Change webroot to /home/user/www - Permission issue

    Hello LQ, I'm trying to setup a small development server (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, default LAMP stack) and I wish to have the documentroot set to my home dir, which is /home/wh33t/www/ I have attempted to get this setup myself but am running into this issue when browsing the website on Firefox. Code: Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at wh33tserv Port 80 This is wh33tserv.conf located in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ Code: <VirtualHost *:80>         ServerName wh33tserv         ServerAdmin         DocumentRoot /home/wh33t/www         ErrorLog /home/wh33t/wwwlogs/error.log         CustomLog /home/wh33t/wwwlogs/access.log combined </VirtualHost> Just to show that my directories exist and their current permissions. Code: wh33t@wh33tserv:~$ ls -l total 8 drwxrwxr-x 2 wh33t wh33t 4096 Aug 31 23:33 www d

  • Issue#2347: Linux - [SOLVED] Kernel threads vs. user threads implementation (kthreads vs. pthreads)

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  • Issue#5738: Ubuntu - Linux Mint issue

    How do I use a folder for desktop slide show instead of all pictures?

  • Issue#5982: mounting CIFS with different user for Windows and Linux

    My fstab entry says: Code: //kellerpc.bellaria/D_KellerPc /mnt/kellerpc_d cifs username=aag,password=mysecretpwd,iocharset=utf8,uid=1000, gid=1004 0 0 this works, but the ls output is: Code: drwxr-xr-x 2 aag  root  4096 Jan 25 20:04 kellerpc_d These privileges get me into the windows share as user aag, which is good. However, I would like to chown and chgrp the mounted folder, so that other linux users will access it (impersonating aag on the windows side). How can I achieve that? I was hoping to use ntfs, so I tried this: Code: //kellerpc.bellaria/D_KellerPc /mnt/kellerpc_d nls=iso8859-1,permissions,users,auto,exec but that apparently does not work on dynamic disks. It would be great if a kind soul would help me on this!

  • Issue#6831: Linux - Slackware user interested in Red Hat Certification

    Hello, I just finished my university education and currently trying to find a job. I have been using Slackware for about 10 years now but I'm not really sure how much I know and if it's enough in real-life situations, since how long I've been using it is not a good measure anyway. After thinking things through, I realized that I really love Linux or other UNIX-like systems and I want go into systems and infrastructure development. Unfortunately, the jobs I've seen so far needs me to have 3-4 years of real-life experience with sys-administration. So I have been considering Red Hat Certification before starting with my job hunting, in hope that it would help me land a sysadmin job. Does anyone have experience with this? As in taking the test coming from Slackware camp. Any tips for getting into the field as a fresh graduate? Thank you in advance.

  • Issue#11647: Linux - how to add or remove a user to a folder for permissions / replace a existing user with anoth

    Hello Everyone, Question..... I created a new folder called "test". On the folder for permissions it has "root" for owner, group "wheel", and "everyone" for read only access. Let's say I wanted to create a new user named "bob", but I wanted to add "bob" to the permissions on the folder "test", how would I do this ? Also, if I wanted to remove "everyone" from the folder permissions and replace it with "bob", how would I do that ? Thanks !!!

  • Issue#12678: Autodesk - Report showing details of the user who closed the issue

    Hi thereI’m trying to find a report in Field which will show the date the issue was closed as well as the details of a user who closed it.The person who closes the issues is considered as the approver so it is very important metadata to present at the end of the project.Info of who closed the issue is already in the history tab so the metadata is there I just don’t seem to be able to view it in a report.Please can you advise?  Many thanks,Karolina Molenda

  • Issue#14046: Linux - openSuse Leap installer gets stuck or doesn't load

    I have been preparing to perform a major upgrade and HDD replacement at the same time. While waiting for the hardware to arrive, I have been downloading and burning all the iso's that I expect to need. I have downloaded the openSuse Leap X86-64 iso twice and the boot from dvd fails at the same place each time. -checksums ok, -media boots and verify media ok when done in a different machine -openSuse 13.2 i586 DVD gets to the partitioning part of the install at which point I bail out. When booting from the Leap x64 DVD there is a green progress bar that runs along the bottom of the screen. It gets stuck when that reaches 100%. I left it for 20 minutes last night just in case it was a bit slow. Does any one know which point in the start up this or is there any way to get some verbose messages up on the screen so that I can see what is happening? At this point I am suspecting that something in my machine does not like 64 bit even though the CPU (Pentium D 820) and chipset (intel

  • Issue#16906: Linux - end user fails to switch to a newgrp

    So I'm working from an example, where as a normal user, uses the following command: Code: newgrp Then create a file, with touch, then list the file and see that the new group has permissions to that file. The only issue is that when I do this, newgrp, I get prompted for the passwd and then type the user's passwd and get Invalid Password. Code: -sh-4.1$ newgrp testing Password: Invalid password.  -sh-4.1$ newgrp testing Password:  Invalid password. If I add that user to that group Code: usermod -g testing jbaxter Then I su to that user (jbaxter) and them I'm able to use the newgrp command successfully. So I'm thinking the example that I'm looking at is bad and you have to add the user to that group first before issuing the newgrp command, correct?

  • Issue#32100: Linux - mounting a user's home folder through pam mount who authenticated through AD has permission

    I have a CentOS 7 machine that can properly authenticate and log in an AD user but, although their home directory is mounted through PAM_mount, the user gets the following errors when they log in: (mount.c:341): mkdir \home\domain failed: Permission denied (pam_mount.c:522): mount of \\\folder failed The file server on which the home folders reside is a Windows server. I'm trying to get more information on how to fix the issue and any help would be appreciated.

  • Issue#41163: My 10th anniversary as a Linux user part 1: Escape from windows XP

    Well this year is my 10th official year as a linux user, it is a time of reflection and a time of celebration so at the end of each month I will pick a subject and discuss it in at least two pages worth of material in LibreOffice. This months subject: My journey from XP to linux Windows XP, for many this was the first operating system they used but not for me. My first OS was DOS all the way back in the late 90's, but I never owned a home computer until the year 2000. This was a big year for the world, the start of a new millennium but for me it was the start of a new life. My family moved out of my grandmothers house, we got our own home and also a cheap old computer with windows 95 on itÂ… Yeah that didnt last long, with support being pulled for it we got a proper desktop with windows XP in 2001. XP was easy to use, for my family it gave away the fears we still had of computers. For two years XP was our OS of choice, with our mighty E machine we braced into the age of the internet a

  • Issue#41673: Linux - systemd dependency issue?

    Hello everyone I am running owncloud on CentOS 7. Everything is working perfectly except one. When I reboot server in owncloud I have error: app":"cron","message":"Failed to connect to the database: An exception occured in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket ' In: /usr/lib/systemd/system httpd.service [Unit] Description=The Apache HTTP Server After=network.service mariadb.service mariadb.service [Unit] Description=MariaDB database server After=network.service I have configured start services in this manner, it solved problem but after several reboot owncloud still logs same error. My question, does that happen because of delay of mysql creates socket after httpd service is starting or it is not related with service dependencies? Thank you

  • Issue#44070: Linux - How not to log one particular user in /var/log/wtmp

    Hi, I have a service account that logs into my server from another server frequently. They are legit logins. When I use the 'last' command, I see all the logins. But I don't want to log the logins for this particular service account (and only this service account). Is there a way to do this? I am running Red Hat 6.x and CentOS 6.x. Of course I can use 'last |grep -v theServiceAccount' to exclude it when using the 'last' command. But I do not want to log the logins at all. Thanks Jim

  • Issue#46621: LXer: February 2016 Issue of Linux Journal

    Published at LXer: All of us here in the Linux Journal community have a love for Linux and open source, but even inside our world, there are some topics that are just downright fun! This month is full of articles we're passionate about. Read More...

  • Issue#53224: Linux - Account details issue on kubuntu

    Hello, I am having an issue with account details on Kubuntu on for some reason on "Password and User Account" where you put your name or email from your user, I try to change information and every time I reboot system information goes back to the one before. So, my question is how I can change this, where I have to go or what file I need to edit so the changes I make on email and name are permanent and dont get reset every time I reboot the machine. Thanks.

  • Issue#54933: Linux - Issue with different version of a library (libX11)

    I have a Debian-derived Linux distro with "libX11-6" installed. Every time I try to configure ROOT (a package), then I get the error: "libX11 MUST be installed". I saw the configuration file log and I found this: " [...] libraries to check for: libX11.tbd [...]" It tries to find these libraries in some dir, without luck. If I try to install "libX11-dev", it answers with "libX11-dev is already the newest version". The version is the same of libX11-6... I think this problem is due to different filesname of different version of the same library. How can I solve this problem? I am a newbie in linux

  • Issue#59309: DPI issue on linux mint mate

    So I recently did a reinstall of mint (mate) and now my text is small on all 3rd party applications. When I bring up any system text, it's all fine it is only in applications like firefox, or a 3rd party application like osbuddy. I'm wondering if it could be a screen resolution issue, or something along those lines. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • Issue#59468: Linux - Gnome Screen Lock Issue

    Hi I have Fedora 23 installed on my Asus Laptop. My problem is the following. After the desktop is inactive for 5 minutes, it becomes black (Only the mouse cursor is appearing). Then, if a touch a keyboard button or a mouse, the screen lock appears. I expected that the screen will become black after certain time inactivity. But this is not the case. I looked for similar problems in forums and I did not find somethings relevant. Any Help or suggestion is appreciated. Thaks in advance. By the way, I am using Gnome 3.18.2. I have also KDE Desktop and MATE Desktop installed on my system. Thanks in advance

  • Issue#59594: Linux - openSUSE LEAP 42.1 install problem

    Have also a strange [never before in decade] install problem with 42.1; after download, burn and verify, and start of install [got screen where select ‘installation’] and see that it has finished loading the Linux kernel, it goes to black & white scrolling script and then ends [cursor blinking at bottom of screen]; no further screen or install progress. First time it ended at line : ‘[0.253117] PCI:using config type 1 for bass access’ After that first time it stalled 3 times in row at: ‘[0.44494] Timer: vector = 0x38 apic=0 pin1=2 apic2=-1 pin2=-1’ Should mention that initial laptop [Itronix VR2] b&w [not LEAP OS] screen has: 1. Legacy (isolinux) Select CD-ROM Boot type: (put in the 1 and Enter and starts install process). Installing on General Dynamics GoBook VR2 [Intel Centrino duo] Would it help to input various kernel options?

  • Issue#60848: Linux - allow only certain iptable string User-Agent

    I have a Asterisk phone server and I get attacked every so often and I have all sorts of things that stop the attacks but recently am looking for a way to do with with User-Agent string and have all my external phones use a manipulated User agent and only allow user agents that are well what I allow.. I have no idea how to do this.. how do I drop all user agents i know I could easily do iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 5060 -m string --algo bm --string "User-Agent: cUStoM123TT" -j ACCEPT but how do I start by dropping all unknown * User-Agent how do I properly write this . Does anyone see any issues i would have with this?. would this work?

  • Issue#62126: LXer: openSUSE 13.1 Linux Has Reached End of Life, Evergreen Team Takes Over

    Published at LXer: All good things must come to an end, and so SUSE and the openSUSE Linux community today, February 3, 2016, announced that they will no longer support the openSUSE 13.1 operating system. Read More...

  • Issue#64952: Linux - Long time peeker, now a user

    I have been reading here from time to time, when questions pop up, and answers are to be find in here. A little Introduction: I am from Denmark, so bare with me than English is not my native language. I have been working with "Linux" for the past 8 years now. It started with Unix actually (Tru64), and now it's Red Hat and Ubuntu. Part from Linux, I work with Networks, I program C#, HTML,, CSS, PHP, Python and shell scripts. When I am not a nerd at work, I am a casual gamer, when time allows it, or watching a movie. I enjoy assembling Lego (sometimes with my GF), or playing with Duplo with my son. Hope this leaves a good introduction :)

  • Issue#65266: Lenovo - External Display issue with P50 on Linux

    Hello! I have a P50 (TopSeller 20EN0013US) and dual boot Windows 10 Pro and UbuntuGnome 15.10 with it. I have been having an issue connecting external displays via the laptop's mini-DisplayPort connector. When I plug in an external display while the machine is running, the internal display will begin turning on and off every second, until the external display is disconnected. The external display never turns on. I have the bios set to use dedicated graphics only. I am using the binary Nvidia driver, version 352.63, and have also tried the 352.79, 358.xx, and 361.xx (from the nvidia-drivers ppa) which all have the same issue. I am using the kernel version, which is the stock 15.10 ubuntu kernel. The issue does not occur under Windows 10 Pro. I have been able to work around the issue by setting the mini-Displayport to the primary display device (so it is visible at boot, and ends up being used for the console framebuffer), which then allows me to switch to the console

  • Issue#69096: Linux - samba - anonymous + write for user

    hello, may I ask you for help about samba? I want my samba server to have shares which are Read accessible to anyone (without any logging, just doubleclick) and also RW accessible for me (I have admin account there). there will be me connecting on linux mint, windows xp and windows 7 and about 15 other people with no accounts on server, running everything possible. They are not the same people, so giving them account on server is nonsense. So far I can see the shares on my win 7 computer but I cant open them without asking for permissions. samba is running on raspbian jessie.

  • Issue#75923: Linux - Oracle Virtual Box Install openSuse Leap 42.1

    Got a question on a new install. Like to know if anyone has a suggestion on which version of Virtual Box to install on the latest openSuse LEAP 42.1 package. Overall install has gone well with no apparent issues. Oracle has packages for openSuse 13.2 but does not list LEAP 42.1