Issue#544560: Skype - OpenSUSE 42.1 skype for business

  • Why is there no skype for business on OpenSUSE 42.1?

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  • Issue#234162: HP - USB graphics adapter issue with IE 11 and skype fo business

    Hello System is new Elitebook Folio 1040 G3 and WIN 7 professional 64-bit. I5-6200 and 8GB memory. 256GB SSD. Installing USB graphics adapter NL571AA and its newest drivers causes Skype ja IE11 fatal error. Windows tries to solve and text "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" appears. Tried same twice and only Win restore point resolves the problem.  Tried HP download for newest driver, but no help at all. Seems to be combatibility issue. Any ideas? Kippari

  • Issue#290390: Skype - Skype and skype business recording Issue

    Hi, I have skype for business license in my organization.I am able to start recording if both ends are connected with skype for business.Recording option is not visible if one user is connected with skype for business and other one is connected with standerd skype.Please help.

  • Issue#641866: Skype for Business - Issue communicating with external domains/users

    So, I've done a fair amount of digging and I can't find a real resolution for this. One of my users asked me to look into why she was getting an error message when she sent an SfB message to a client that uses the same service. I figured it was on the client's side since we (the organization) and she are both setup to communicate with all external domains that aren't blocked. This morning I found out the client can't even see that we're online, so there's 0 communication there. I ran some tests with a few different Skype & SfB accounts and wasn't able to get them to talk. So now it's our problem... THEN...the service tech comes in and tells me another user is able to communicate with the outside world. This prompted another test. I added him as a contact from SfB and I'm now able to communicate with his Skype account. He added me as a...

  • Issue#1766: Skype - I just need to get skype for business downloaded

    Hello, I have paid for Skype for business but can't down load the client on my PC? Really frustrated with this system.. can anyone help? I want to call someone to talk about this but can't even do that as there is no portal for phobe help.....

  • Issue#4518: Skype - ppl calling me from landline or mobile, text, messaging, extensions and codes for business e

    People say there is much static, I am unable to enter extentions for landlines or codes for businesses's, how can I swith to text or messaging without disabling phone, how do ppl from landline or mobile without Skype call me on Skype, and it's not showing usage, (Yet? ) ? I bought 3 months of credit, a Skype # & a 3 month subscription......   Yet nothing is like it was before......Is really not letting me rest till getting it figured out......  

  • Issue#10860: Skype - Link preview title issue

    So a friend just posted a link to an article titled "10 Signs You're [blah blah blah]" Skype Preview shows the title as "10 Signs You\'re [blah blah blah]" The apostrophe is "escaped". If you can't handle strings properly, how can you be trusted to handle our communcations?

  • Issue#11287: Skype - video message issue

    After recording a video message, I did a playback, to see how it sounds before I sent it and the playback  video, and sound had sped up where you couldn't understand it. How do I correct this?

  • Issue#12377: Skype - Additional security verification page is hanging in skype for business for android

    Hello, I've newely installed skype for business for android (Galaxy Note 3), and configured my e-mail address credentials on skype. However, I can't execute the first step in additional security verification "adding contact number & country code" as the page is always hanging and I'm not allowaed to select my country code from the provided list!Can anyone help in this?Thanks! 

  • Issue#12967: Skype - sign in issue.

    I have a sign in issue. My password is correct however the Skype app is telling me it cannot be opened because I am already signed in and is asking me to sign out and try again? I have no idea on how to sign out as there is no choice.  

  • Issue#13868: Skype - An ethical issue

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  • Issue#16008: Skype - Completely Uninstall Skype For Business

    I downloaded microsoft office from my college account and it came with skype for business. I uninstalled it becuase I already have a regular skype account. Now every time I turn on my computer Skype for Business keeps trying to open, even though it is not listed anywhere on my computer! Please help!  Thank you!

  • Issue#18476: Skype - Skype group calling issue

    We already open case  case number is 1323339483 we are continously getting problem in skype group calling for last 10-15 days please look into this  Varen ChughIndus Valley Partners Noida, India  Email :- [e-mail removed for privacy and security]

  • Issue#22638: Installed Skype for Business and it uninstalled Office completely

    Yeah that's right, completely. Office Home and Business 2013, Skype for business 2016. The same day another user with OHaB 2013 reported issues with Excel, things not working, had to uninstall SfB 2016 and run a full repair on office to get it working again. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Issue#25016: Skype - Current issue with chat, possible cause.

    I don't have a solution sadly, as I believe it's traced back to the recent Iphone/Ipad update. The contacts I can't chat with are using iphones/ipads.Anyone else using windows or a mac aren't affected.If anyone else having this issue could confirm that the people they're unable to chat with are on a iphone/ipad, will help with a solution sooner.

  • Issue#27280: Skype - is there a real business or Lync Skype avaible

    I have always upgraded to the best Business Skype available and am will to PAY for more function. is there a real business or Lync Skype available? I believe Lync was integrated with Outlook once upon a time?

  • Issue#28842: How to link on premisis Mitel 5000 to an on premisis Skype for Business server?

    Just upgraded InterTel 5000 to latest firmware (well, kind of latest, 6.0 at least) and I want to integrate the phone system with my Skype for Business server. What are my options and how can this be done?

  • Issue#29196: Skype - Install Skype for Business on computer with Microsoft Office 365 subscription installed

    Hi, I use Windows 10. I own an Office 365 license for home use and currently use Office 2016 apps. Version 16.0.6366.2056. I use a personal email address to log in. In order to use my home computer for work, I need Skype for Business. I am entitled to a license for Skype for Business through a separate Office 365 Pro Plus account through work. I use my work email address to log in. I tried to set up a login on my home computer for my work email address, thinking I could then download and install my Office 365 Pro Plus apps, thus getting me the access to the Skype for Business app I need. However, the installer will not install an older version of Office when a new version is present. I do not want to give up my home license/newer apps. However, it seems there is no other way to be able to install Skype for Business. I tried using Skype for Business through Remote Desktop control of my work PC, but certain functions that I need do not appear to be supp

  • Issue#29493: Skype - group chat issue

    So this started yesteray.. I can't seem to get my group chats to work properly. I tried updating skype, reinstalling skype, and it's not working on either my iPhone or my desktop... This is really pissing me off right now. I have several group chats I'm in. I can seem to talk to people one on one, but no one can see what I post into my group chats nor can I see what they've said. I'm even the creator of one group, so I know it's not because of some permissions. I need to know what the heck is going on before I go crazy!

  • Issue#30502: Skype - Group Chat Issue - Messages Aren't Coming Through

    Yes yes, I'm highly aware that there's other threads like this but this one might be different from all the others. I do text role plays with one of my dearest friends and, to keep all our RPs sorted out so we're not scrolling through our own private chat for 10 (yes, 10!) different universes to pick up where we left off...none of my messages are going through. I've tested 7 out of the 10 and the only time that they DO go through is with our private conversation. I'm fully aware that my friend is online (he's trying to get help from a rep as we speak!) but he says that NOTHING is getting through! (If you really wanna be technical I've had a 70% failure rate of having my responses all within a matter of minutes!) Please help, we're at the ends of our respective ropes here...

  • Issue#35297: Skype - Skype number issue

    I am not receiving calls to my skype number.Am using skype on Windows , MAC, iphone 5, And MOTO E mobile.Kindly help me . I tried the steps given in the below link. Thanks

  • Issue#36852: Skype - Caller Id ISSUE

    Hi,   I want to set this no 16504884899 as my Caller Id number, this is also bought from skype so it is not a cell phone number and I am not able to receive SMS confirmation Code to activate this number on my caller ID. Kindly let me know what should i do ?   Thanks  

  • Issue#37722: Skype - Subscription Renewal Issue

    My phone number renewal payment from Skype credit failed.  I received an email stating that my phone number will be cancelled tomorrow.   Yesterday added Skype credit to cover the $30 renewal. My Skype account says the next attempt to get payment is 4 days in the past.  I need to force the renewal, so my phone number can be retained. How do I force the renewal before my number is cancelled?  Alternatively, when is the next type Skype will attempt payment for this feature? Regards...  -Pete

  • Issue#38749: Skype - Using Skype for my Business

    Dear All, I am very pleased to meet you, and thank you in advance for your feedback and advise. I am located in Europe, and I have been hired by a US company, to undertake sales of their product, in United States. Being in Europe, I will have to use Skype in order to call prospects and to try to have conversations with them. However, calling Skype from my account means that I will have to pay for those calls myself, always feeding my credit. So, here is what we have decided I will need: - I will need to have a number where it will show that I am calling from United States.- I will need to have as many free calls / or at least very low cost, for US landlines only.- I will need a way to be able either to receive calls back to me US number (Skype US number), or at least to get messages. Is there a way that you would recommend I do this, please? Thank you again for your advise and I look forward to hearing from you. Michael.

  • Issue#43666: Skype - File name issue in Google chrome extension for Skype Web

    Hello!Linux is case-sensitive, working with file names, so, when I trying to install this: app, installation crashes with message about missing icon file. When i've downloaded ext and manually edited icon name, all seems to be ok, but i'm not shure, 'cause homebrew extension has different id, so skype web doesn't see it.

  • Issue#46616: Skype - Subscription Issue with changing credit cards

    I entered a new credit card after the old one expired. The new credit card was accepted and charged successfully for one year. I then tried to delete the old credit card, and was informed that it was still used for my current subscription, and that I would have to cancel my sucscription, which I am loath to do because I need to make Skype calls for my online medical practice, and have not idea how to remake a new subscription with the same telephone number. I am currently unable to make Skype telephone calls. The process of changing credit cards should be made to be really simple, but isn't.  The link to "Change credit card" never appeared during this process. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

  • Issue#46631: Skype for business getting enterprise voice

    Good day, I got my Skype for business server setup. Anyone can suggest the Bestway to get enterprise voice going? Thank you

  • Issue#47304: Skype - Subscription Issue

    Hello, I purchased an order (8042000000350690915) on 29th Jan and the status showing as delivered, but in the susbcription left , it is not showing any free minutes. Ideally it should give 800 minutes of India calling. then thereafter i have done skype credit. Can you check the same and revert.... Thank you

  • Issue#55065: Skype - cant access business account

    please help me access my business account, an ex collgue set up the account has now left the company, it was either [e-mail removed for privacy and security] or [e-mail removed for privacy and security] please can you help Emma steedman[e-mail removed for privacy and security] 

  • Issue#57140: Skype - Simple Skype question about Skype and Skype for Business.

    As there isn't a "General Skype Area" that has nothing to do with Mac or Windows I'm asking this question here ( well I am a Mac person  Question is: Can someone who is using Plain Skype, video link with someone using Skype for Business ? I ask because I was asked to do a test from home with a college at Work, they used S4B and I used my own Skype account ( Not S4B ). It didn't work ?  I even sent 2 'Contact Requests' and neither each my friend at work ???   Subject/title amended for clarity.