Issue#579: Gast C-5B-103 Linear air compressor for air bed: pump dead headed against blockage and quit working

  • A small Linear air compressor that fills my air bed quit working after a line blockage caused it to dead head for several minutes. Can this pump be repaired or is it a throw away? It seems to be 2 small pistons joined in line with a flat link with 4 embedded rods that are loosely sandwiched between 2 110v magnetic coils.Somehow they vibrate in a linear motion causing air to be pumped out through 2 exhaust ports that are manifolded to a single exhaust port.

    ⟐ Answered January 23, 2016 at 4:30 pm -0700

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  • Issue#299445: Black and Decker Air Station: Air station quit working

    I a ired up one tire then hooked my air station to another tire but the air station would not come on.I checked all I could check but it still would not come on.What can I do?Did the ac dc switch suddenly go bad?

  • Issue#461294: MacBook Air Models A1237 and A1304: Wifi not working at all, probably hardware issue

    Hey guys, I bought a used MacBook Air 1304 (Mid 2009 I believe) and changed the HDD for an SSD. For 4 weeks, I could use the laptop perfectly fine, everything worked great. But then one day the Wifi stopped working. If I try to connect my macbook to a wifi, it freezes and reboots, often it gets stuck in a boot loop. I suppose that this is not a software issue since I didn't find the exact same issue on the internet and tried all the solutions I could find. Nothing worked. When I opened the Macbook the very first time, I realised that a small cable running next to the harddrive was damaged and squeezed in two different areas. You can see the cable on the two images ( My question is: would it make sense to change that cable, does it have something to do with the wifi connection? and if yes, where can I get the cable and how do I change it? The broken cable seems to be the most obvious reason for the issue... I would be so grateful for helpful answers!!!! :-

  • Issue#877175: AiO - dead pump or air bubbles?

    Hi folks,   i got a new AiO, i wanted to test out... but its making.. lets say "weird" sounds?   I'am pretty sure the pump is going to die very soon.. but because i want to be on the safe side, i'm going to ask you - dead pump or could this be something else, like to many air bubbles?   It's still working fine.. just sounds very weird - and its very loud (can hear it through my case with headphones - clearly!)   - attached file   Has been running a week or so.. its making the sound since beginning (i already tried tilting the case... it was in that position for about a day.. no difference)   Thanks!       IMG_3165[1].MOV

  • Issue#3166: So I found a working 2013 Macbook Air in the trash/LCD Backlight Question

    I happened to be walking down a street and found a mid 2013 Macbook Pro someone had thrown out. I didn't expect anything to work on it. The bottom panel was detached and seriously dented. I booted it as soon as I got home and it turned on! However at first it seemed as though the battery didn't hold a charge and the backlight for the screen is completely dead. I managed to reset the admin password and noticed that the cable from the battery to the logic board had been detached. So I plugged... So I found a working 2013 Macbook Air in the trash/LCD Backlight Question

  • Issue#9074: Airport Extreme router stopped working after I brought home new macbook air,

    I brought home a new (to me) 2012 macbook air to replace my 2010 MBA. I had the other macbook air on the network uploading some files to iCloud. As soon as I booted the new MBA up the whole network crashed. (Devices were still connecting to the Airport Extreme ac router, green light, but no internets). Restarting the router helped only briefly before the problem returned. When I was logging in with the new MBA I'd seen an error that there were two Macbook Airs on the network and that it... Airport Extreme router stopped working after I brought home new macbook air,

  • Issue#10607: Air print not working from HP photosmart 7520 on IPAD

    I'm having the same problem. I have a new Apple Time Capsule router, so I know it works with AirPrint.My 7520 was working with AirPrint awhile ago, but then suddenly stopped. I had to completely uninstall and reinstall everything to get it to work again.That lasted about 2-3 weeks, and now it suddenly stopped again. So frustrating. The printer can't even access WebServices now, which it did before. Every other device in my house is still accessing the wifi internet perfectly.So why does my printer keep losing the signal and having to be completely reset every month to start working again. This is ridiculous.

  • Issue#20209: MacBook Air: Power On button not working

    I'm not able to power On my Mac Book Air, I gave it to Mac Service center, they told keyboard is faulty and need to be replaced. But price they quoted was too high(I simply cant afford, me being a student). Is there anyway to switch on without using the Power Button? Is there any external keyboard with power button? P.S: There was no water damage, I was very careful. But did not use for long time.

  • Issue#30476: Radio Control - Quad drops out of the air, suspect Emax 1806 2300kv de-synch or motor issue?

    Hi All, I was hoping some quadcopter experts could help me diagnose a quadcopter issue. I have a ZMR250 quad (had about 1 month) with naze32 FC, 4x DYS BL20A ESC and 4x Emax 1806 2280KV motors. The issue i'm having is that the quad sometimes just drops out of the air! I can fly for a while then it just drops out of the sky, once it occurs it seems to re-occur more frequently. When it occurs the motor does not feel hot. I don't think its a power delivery issue, it flys ok for a while till the issue occuers, all motors connect to the same power distribution board and the connections are good, if it was a power issue I think other motors/ESCs would have the issue too. I'm using 1300mAH 45C battery which should be fine. This has been happening for a few weeks now or at least more frequently over the past few weeks. Trouble shooting I have tried: 1) Checked all connections 2) Initially I would stop the motors to prevent damage when it crashed. I searched for possible issue and I think it

  • Issue#47204: [ubuntu] 15.10 Macbook Air Broadcom bcm4321 NOT WORKING

    Hey all first post, so hi. I have a 2007 Macbook Air with a Broadcom 4321 wireless chip in it. I have put Mint, Ubuntu Mate, etc... And for the life of me I CAN NOT get the computer to show a wireless card and when I do it fails to show the available networks, just shows "no connection". I am ready to scrap it but have put a fresh install of Ubuntu 15.10 on it and am starting over again. I have run the b43 updates, and all the fun stuff, as we speak I am updating the computer. Using the following commands Code: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade So we will see how well that works, but I am not holding my breath. Does anyone have any ideas. I would really love to get this working. Thanks in advance. I know there is probably more scripts to run and get more info so I will provide them, alas right now I can't remember them. I also have the PCID and all that jazz. Thanks all UPDATE- Got this lspci -nn -d 14e4: 02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corp

  • Issue#51480: MacBook Air Models A1237 and A1304: trackpad and keyboard stops working

    after booting up my air the trackpad and keyboard works for a minute or two then just freezes and neither works. the keyboard backlights work and so does usb mouse or keyboard so not sure what it could be

  • Issue#54664: MacBook Air Models A1237 and A1304: Backlight not working, display does after changing hinges

    Hello, mates I've change the hinges of my macbook air a1237 (1,6ghz core2duo). After that when I power on the macbook I saw that the backlight is not working but the display shows the apple logo and it loads the OS. I've check the cable connections - everything is ok including cables condition. A month ago, I changed the lcd (defect) and after that everything works fine but now after changing hinges, the backlight of the display is not working. Keyboard backlight is working properly. Can you give me some ideas to figure out where the problem lies on? (i'm sorry for my bad english, i work on it)

  • Issue#55147: Corsair - air 540 and res/pump placement

    hi all hello, glad i found this forum. i have finally got my air 540 out of the box and wll be putting a watercooled loop from my old CM 690III into it. i am only cooling the CPU at this time, in the future i may add a GPU but i'm not overly fussed about doing it. anyway, i upgraded my ump and res to a nice XSPC proton dc5 170 res/pump combo. i have a 240 mm rad which i will probably stick at the top of the case. the 2 x corsair af140 fans in the front i will take out. would there be room there to mount the res/pump vertically so i have nice clan loop? i intend to add a draining port so i would run tubing through the back compartment and through a gromit to the pum at the base, sticking the t bar on one of those tubes. is that a sensible and workable idea? i wil be using the 2 hotswap bays for 2 x 3.5 inch discs. n the future, i may swap for SSHD drives to go out the back. my other m.2 drives are on the mobo.

  • Issue#72454: I am doing air compressor analysis

    I am doing air compressor analysis I modeled a surface model of air compressor in ICEM CFD and doing unstructured meshing tetra+hexa mixed in ICEM CFD. when I take the .msh file to fluent following BC I am giving inlet BC- mass flow inlet (0.5 kg/s) outlet BC - pressure outlet (back pressure 3.5bar) compressor walls - wall BC with ambient temp the mesh is very complex as the screw inside the air compressor makes it complex and there are much more elements in my mesh When I run the solution with laminar model and energy eq ON it runs for few iterations I get reversed flow in pressure outlet also I get temperature limited to 1.0000e1 warnings during iteratins later it diverges because of the temperature Kindly anybody can help me to get solution would under relaxation factor help in this regard? Thanks

  • Issue#73254: MacBook Air: My keyboard isn't working ..which USB k.b. works?

    I had a liquid spill and keyboard isn't working. I can't afford the repair or apple keyb./mouse right now.any other brand that works? Tried HP but doesn't respond.

  • Issue#77781: Radio Control - Air compressor revival

    Its 2nd revival. This time, the hose came loose. Put in a better power switch & new hose clamp. The 1st time, it was a failed conversion to try to make a vacuum. It doubled in price in its 15 year history. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#85978: Spotify no longer working on my Macbook Air

    I get a crossed-out image over the icon and when clicked it tells me the Mac no longer runs "PowerPC" operations. What is going on?

  • Issue#108345: The smell of dead unicorns in up in air...

    My wife missed her stop at MRT couple of hours ago because she got an announcement on email - the parent company of the small startup she works just announced that they are closing operations in four countries in Asia and 'dehiring' 150 people. Some of them had to pack their stuff and leave office today. Well, it always happens on Friday afternoon, right? Look at what happened the stock of LinkedIn. And there are some other things in air as well. Shiny Things - I asked you this question couple of years ago, that time you thought that there was not incoming crisis yet. Do you still think the same way? Buy, I am glad that majority of my money are parked in savings account at this moment...

  • Issue#123589: How do I transfer I photos from iMac to iPad Air? Sync not working.

    Transferring photos from iMac to iPad air

  • Issue#133944: iPad Air: Backlight Not Working and Gets super Hot When Screen Is On

    After checking the backlight filters due to a different lighting issue, i put everything back together, the screen came on for just a second and then the backlight went completely out. Also, when i have the screen on i can feel the case right under the board getting very, very hot within a minute or so. As soon as I lock the screen it starts to cool down. I actually work for a 3rd party Apple repair place so I know what I'm doing, my boss just isn't here for me to ask today. Any and all help is highly appreciated.

  • Issue#147694: Unity - SetColor working in editor but not on device (Air 2)

    The code below works fine in the editor, but for some reason isn't working on the device. I'm calling switchColor from a button, and I can log the currentColor variable through Xcode. Code (CSharp): public Dictionary<string,Color32> colorDict = new Dictionary<string,Color32>();   void Start(){ paintNames[0] = "Paint1"; colorDict[paintNames[0]] = new Color32(220,220,220,255); }   public void switchColor(int newcolor) {     currentColor = newColor;     myMaterial.SetColor("_Color",... SetColor working in editor but not on device (Air 2)

  • Issue#158936: My alert noise is not working on my iPad Air

    My alert noise is. It working on my iPad Air

  • Issue#176864: MacBook Air: Outlook mac not working at all

    Since yesterday my outlook mac is not working at all. When I click on its icon nothing happens. I have a lot of my downloaded emails in it which I require urgently. Is there something that can be done? ⟐ Answered February 25, 2016 at 12:05 am -0700

  • Issue#181353: Just got a H240X2 and working fine, but cold air / fans

     "For me, getting a new cooler, and all that, is totally new for me. That's why I got a..."

  • Issue#181808: DVDO Air 3C Connecting Issue

    I am having a problem getting the transmitter and receiver to hook up. The instructions are not super clear on the sequence of button pushing to establish the connection. Last night when I got the two units to flash rapidly, which is the connecting action, it would go on and on without hookup even though the two were only 10-15 ft apart and directly facing each other. I'm hoping someone here has a hint on how to get it done easily.

  • Issue#190640: Ethernet suddenly stopped working on MacBook Air

    Hello MacRumors, today i woke up starting up my MacBook Air as usual and realized that i have no internet. I have a MacBook Air Mid 2012 and use a original Apple Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter. In the Network settings it said not connected so i went on and checked several LAN-Cables, router, etc. Everything is fine. Under systesmreport it says that it recognizes my adapter so something else must be wrong. I checked every single thread on the internet and followed several solutions like... Ethernet suddenly stopped working on MacBook Air

  • Issue#192001: What might be the issue for my Macbook Air screen?

    When I wake up from sleep (opening up the lid) i sometimes see this distortion. See attached image. The apple store couldn't find the problem. Is this likely software or hardware issue?

  • Issue#207659: Spotify - Dead air when using shuffle. Track plays, no sound.

    It seems like right after the last big update it does this. I have premium so the only way I can use it is if I put on an album and play it from start to finish. If I do literally anything else it will play the first track, then it goes to the next one and the counter moves like it's playing but no sound. If I hit pause the counter moves back to 0, hit play and the song plays as normal. Then it ends, the next track does the same. It happens on playlists, radio stations, even if I play an album saved offline but try shuffling it. It's probably been around a month now.

  • Issue#209547: HP - Duolex printing issue in MacBook Air

    Hey,I recently bought HP M 126nw printer and I am unable to use the option of duplex printing in my MacBook Air as the option of two side printing is greyed out and I am not able to click on the same. However it works fine with any other Windows laptop. Request you to please let me know How can I use two side printing option in my MacBook. Quick response will b highly appreciated as I am facing a lot of problems.Regards,Piyush Goel

  • Issue#213327: Radio Control - Robart Air Pump like new-100 PSI

    I have a Robart hand air pump in like new condition that sells new for $34.00 on Tower. Mine only $15.00 plus + $2.50 S&H. FEATURES Has a High Stroke-To-Bore Ratio so High Pressures with Minimum Effort Rated at Over 100 psi Gauge on the Pump w/Ball Check Valve so Tank Pressure can be Read Bright Nickel Finish INCLUDES One 100 psi Hand Pump w/Gauge, 14" Red Tubing + Air fill valve. I do not ship outside the US or other countries. Please give me your mailing address and please help me keep track of your order by typing in the item you are buying in the “Subject line” along with your mailing address in your Pay Pal purchase. Please note! My account in Pay Pal is under: Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A