Issue#686159: HP - Elite x2 1012 G1 Intel Bluetooth Driver and Audio problem

  • I am trying to create a MDT2013 build image for Windows 10 x64 for the HP Elite x2 1012 G1. Almost all drivers install OK but I have an outstanding issue with the Intel High Definition DSP and "Unknown Device". These are related to Audio and Intel Bluetooth.


    Manually installing SP74946 works OK for the audio but if I place the softpaq with CVA in the SSM updates folder it doe snot install automatically.


    For the bluetooth I cannot find a Windows 10 driver only a WIndows 8.1 (SP74472) manually running this does nothing, putting SSM does nothing. Extracting and running the setup.exe install the driver but leaves wioth yellow exclamation.


    For SP74946 in SSM the output shows a "Possible Update" but does not install in in "Updates Performed"


    Possible Updates

    •  Update 1: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9D70 Conexant HD Audio Driver 2015 - Version: 10.0.877.61 Q (SP74946.CVA)

    SP74472 is not even listed?


    I have also managed to extract and create an application for the audio which kinda resolves the issue but creating an application package and using "SIlentInstall.bat" but would rather this worked in SSM

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    i update my driver but i am still getting intel driver error when i loading the game up can some one help me out here my computer meets min requirements so if any one can help me out i would like it . driver version  1 1018 13 61 91 2\8\2016  00:00:00 #2 10.18.10 . 4358 12\21\2015 it say i need this 15.4251 or later  can some help me out

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    Hi  My name is Karn . And I have a problem with Intel Driver update version on my PC, when I launched the game by ORIGIN.I have attached file as picture , too. What I have done ??:- restart origin after finish installation- I have updated Intel Driver Version to already. What should I do for now ?Could you give me an advise ?? Thanks a lot for your answer.   

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