Issue#691: Playstation - Stuck on connect controller via usb screen

  • I have tried everything couple different controllers and usb the controller is a Sony controller not after market when I plug it in does nothing at all but I plugged in my phone and i charges it , I have reset the controllers and still nothing also controller works on other console and it's fully charged. Any one have a solution?

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  • Issue#434401: Playstation - Stuck in MP connecting screen. 2 Users can connect, the other 2 cannot.

    Greetings, I can't get through the connecting screen of the factions (multiplayer) mode. I tried changing to other account users and they worked. The ones that couldn't get through are my accounts, which I usually use them to play in the MP mode. The ones that DID work were my brother's, which he has never used them to play in the MP mode before. The other thing is I haven't logged in for like a half of a year. So, why can't I play the faction mode? Please help, I really miss playing the multiplayer mode.Thanks in advance,PK

  • Issue#559: Playstation - Playstation 4 controller (DS4) light bar issue

    Aside from everything else woking in perfect condition, the light bar is turned off completely at any circumstances, except it lights up when it is placed on PowerA charging station but only a litte bit and off without having it charged. It charges with USB althought no light bar. "Resetting the controller" using the reset button at the back all seem not to get it back on. Is it because of the latest update? Would anybody have a solution to such a light bar issue?

  • Issue#5305: Playstation - screen brightness issue on new ps4

    Hello,Just got  a PS4 and I'm noticing that when the console first comes on, the screen is bright, but then it dims down very dark. It is not my TV, because when I go back to TV or my other ports, the brightness returns to normal. I have tried: 1. Resetting to default settings2. going through the screen and video sections in Accessibility. Still have the issue and can't understand why. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

  • Issue#22976: Geforce - No audio when i connect Nvidia Shield Controller, to any usb port.

    I have been having this issue the past week, it turns out that whenever i plugged in the nvidia controller the audio stops working, and when i unplug it of course the audio comes back on. Can someone help me? Asus maximux VII hero intel i7 4790k 16 GB crucial gtx 970 I do not know what other information to put.

  • Issue#62093: Playstation - Help us solve the dark/black PS3 screen issue

    This issue takes the form of most of the screen becoming black or very dark since the 4.02 patch on PS3.   Would you please help us nail down the details by answering a couple of questions in this thread so we can find the cause?   Are you experiencing this on a PS3? (If you have PS3 that still works fine, please let us know and still fill in the rest) What version of PS3 - is it the Regular, Slim or Superslim (or any other special version)? Did the game work for you before, or are you a first time user? What resolution are you using? (system settings, not in game settings) Thank you all for helping us by reporting your details! We're doing all we can to solve it as fast as possible.

  • Issue#72320: Playstation - bought a ps4 from someone they just rested it and the controller won't connect to the

    the start up won't let me press the ps button like it will just be there and it is connected I used 2 usbs

  • Issue#74693: Playstation - screen flashing issue with new samsung J7100

    So after firing up the PS4 with this new TV, I'm noticing an intermittent flash/flicker every few seconds.  Screen looks great, but then it'll briefly flash grayish static for a split second.  Only seems to happen on the PS4 main menu screens (not during bluray playback).  Is this a known issue?

  • Issue#84976: Playstation - connect my dualshock controller to my android device

    can you help me connect my dualshock controller to my android device?

  • Issue#85946: Playstation - PS3 stuck in safe mode and controller not working

    I have a PS3 that was turned off I think during a restore or something.  Right now it comes up with a prompt to connect the controller and hit the PS button in several languages.  I have tried multiple controllers and none of them get it to do anything else.  When the controllers are connected, the four red lights flash on the controller.  I have tried to boot into safe mode and I can't get any further because the controller doesn't connect.  Is there a way to reset the system without a controller?

  • Issue#119376: Playstation - PS4 Controller Loses Connection After Unplugging USB

    Whenever my DS4 controller is not plugged into the USB port, and it isn't used for around 15 seconds, it disconnects. It will turn back on if I press the PS button again, but it can lead to the controller having laggy inputs or just not working for brief periods. But as soon as I plug the USB back in, it works perfectly fine. Worth noting, this is the second controller this has happened to. The first one was pre-owned, and the second one was brand new, as I originally thought that the problem was with the controller. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Issue#130478: HP - Recovery USB loaded and boots so screen saying issue and reboots in a loop

    I ordered replacement recovery USB from HP I want a complete factory reset It arrived - I booted to the USB and everything went as planned Until... The part where it says all the info has been loaded and the computer will restart several timesas it competes the factory rest.  The reboot then boots to a blue screen with friendly language and a sad face saying there was a problem and its coing to try to work it out etc... It just reboots on a loop Help

  • Issue#153750: Playstation - Headsets That Connect Directly to PS3 Controller?

    Are there headsets that connect directly to the PS3 controller? Is that even possible?       Mod Edit: Updated title to be as descriptive as possible. --GrainneNessa

  • Issue#160439: Playstation - PS4 Call of Duty BO3 controller issue

    After playing for a for about 7-8 rounds the controller starts lagging very badly in response to in buttons and triggers and gets stuck where the character is just spinning around or mostly unresponsive. I have reset the controller, tried different controllers and rebooted the PlayStation.

  • Issue#194574: Playstation - PS4 Controller Won't connect

    My ps4 controller will charge but not connect to my ps4 no matter what it's really annoying 

  • Issue#225473: Playstation - Stuck at loading screen for the match

    Once I get some players to join me in a match and right before the match begins the screen with all the characters stays stuck. The music still plays and they characters still move but it's in a loop and won't continue

  • Issue#232623: Playstation - Spotify stuck on beginning loading screen.

    I've had this problem for a few months now, my spotify app does not load up anymore it just stays on the loading screen. I have tried a lot of things but nothing works. Does anyone know a method in which I could fix this?

  • Issue#235983: Playstation - Ps4 shuts down during gameplay, then will turn back on but controller will not connect

    Hey guys need help, I was playing no issues then ps4 shuts down on its own then the ps4 controller will not connect. Does this sound like a console issue,controller issue or corrupted file issue any help would be great. It's ps4 call of duty edition 1tb only 3 months old gets played about 4-5 hours daily 

  • Issue#239232: Playstation - Ps4 won't connect to any controller

    I have a ps4 and over the night it won't sync with any controller. I have tried with differnt cables, 5 or six different controllers, reinstall the software, rebuild database, factory reset ( because the controller works in safe mode), but everything was in vain. I even took it to service and they said they changed the bluetooth receiver, but still nothing happend. Any ideas will be very well received. Thank you.

  • Issue#251890: Playstation - What is the best USB cable to charge my PS4 controller?

    I dont know why USB cable that I use wont work when I use the PS3 USB cable on an PS4 product that own by the same company.

  • Issue#300167: Playstation - PS3 slimline will only connect some USB devices.

    My PS3 suddenly won't recognize that my controller is connected, it also wont recognize my daughters skylanders accessory but It will charge and recognize my phone. There's nothing wrong with my controller, USB cord, or the Skylanders accessory because I've checked them in my computer's USB ports.

  • Issue#318116: Playstation - How to connect two PS4 consoles to one TV splitting the screen

    Okay, so I purchased two Playstation 4's, two copies of Battlefeild, and an 80" TV so my duaghter and I could play online side by side instead of differant  rooms and to keep the wife happy by not moving a second TV into the livibg room. Problem 1 PIP only works if signal 1 comes from the onair or coaxial input and signal 2 from HDMI input. We found a way to input one PS4 into the coaxial input, however the picture is terriable from the coaxial side. Can some one please tell me a way to split my signal from two PS4's to one screen? I have found an afordable device online that will split the signal from two HDMI devices, but it say it does not support  HDCP which I believe PS4 utilizes. Is there a solution to my problem?   

  • Issue#339579: Playstation - ps4 wont work anymore stuck at the welcome screen where it says press ps button. Help

    Hi guy's My ps4 has gone from workng completely fine to not wanting to work today. I have run into a random problem that is frustrating the poo out of me, The ps4 itself wont turn on when i press the ps button on the controller usb cable or no usb cable, I can turn it on by pressing the power button on the console but quickly get nowhere when it gets to the welcome back screen and asks to push the ps button on the controller. The controller is flashing a blue light for a few seconds then stops, i plug in the charge cable and it flashes orange for a second and then stops. Have tried all available settings in safe mode it lets me use the controll for safe mode but once out of safe mode it stops working. I have tried resetting the controll with paper clip, rebuilding database, restarting console and even intialized ps4 wiping all my save games and data, which is now booting up like a brand new first time startup showing the ps4 diagram telling you to plug in cable and controll and st

  • Issue#343888: Playstation - Watch the BIG FAILURE: Sony 850c TV fails to connect with PlayStation controller

    Watch the BIG FAILURE: Sony 850c TV fails to connect with PlayStation controller I paid for PlayStation NOW account and I want it to work.  The Sony 850c 75" TV is brand new.  The controller is brand new. Watch the failure here: STEPS:1) I plugged the controller into the TV with the USB cable.2) I paid for PlayStation NOW account.3) I entered the PlayStation Now account on the TV.4) I got the "Controller Connected" message to pop-up on the TV.5) I go into the PlayStation NOW account.6) It goes into the game.  The game says, "Play by 3/3/1/2016".  I clicked 7-day free trial, but on the web I also entered a credit card. THE PROBLEM:a) The TV remote CENTER button fails to start the game.b) The cursor fails to navigate around this page.c) The BACK button on the TV remote fails to work.  But the HOME button does leave PlayStation Now app.d) The controller does NOTHING.  No button works. I'd love someone

  • Issue#345831: Playstation - PS4 Controller Won't Connect - Please Help!

    Hello, I have a serious problem with my controller. When I want to turn my PS4 on and press the PS-Button on one of my two controllers the PS4 turns on but I then get the screen which says: Welcome back. Please press the PS-Button to use the controller. But if I press the button nothing happens. I checked both controllers....  Please help me quick  Tobias O.

  • Issue#389296: Playstation - Controller issue

    Switched to a different controller recently, or at least tried to. But every time I hit the x button it takes me back to the PlayStation home screen. I've tried resetting g the controller, but it doesn't work. Anything else I can do to fix it? It didn't do this when I first started using it.

  • Issue#400602: Playstation - ps4 controller major issue

    Why have I bought 10, $60 controllers since buying my ps4? I still have original controllers for my old Sony systems... They work fine.... But I'm spending $60 every 3-6 months for new ps4 ccontroller. These controllers are flawed. From the r&l 3. Buttons wearing the rubber off and falling in between the ball socket completely messing up functionability, to the r&l 1&2 buttons.sticking or somehow just not regestiring the intended actions. Or the home screen button being placed directly in between the two joysticks causing us to slip mid game and take us to the home screen. Or the charging port that eventually looses its ability to accept a charge. I feel companies take advantage of the consumer by giving us products that quickly need to be replaced by spending another $60. Was the $400 we spent in The first place not enough????? Just give us a controller that will work. PLEASE

  • Issue#412931: Playstation - ps4 controller issue

    i dont know if its been posted or not, and i do not want to go through tons of pages on my phone. the issue i am having is an input issue i think but sometimes when i try to move i wont be able to, or if i go left it will continue spinning in a circle after ive let the analogue stick go. ive reset the controller and still the same issue, what can i do?

  • Issue#418219: Playstation - Stuck on 3.15 downloaded installed 3.50 still stuck on 3.15 USB install Still stuck on

    Hi Ive downloaded installed 3.50 thro the ps4 but im stuck on 3.15 after it installs, also installed the USB way still stuck 3.15. any insight would be great as i searched long and hard and find no one with this problem.

  • Issue#421120: Android - stuck on usb screen

    i have an asus memo pad fhd 10, i plugged it in today and got a screen that shows the usb symbol and a bar, the bar changes from white to red every once in a while and eventuallly the screen goes off. I left it on the charger and it still shows this screen so yea, help please