Issue#8693: Fairphone - FP2: Research on power consumption in IDLE and STAND-BY to prolong battery duration

  • @therob wrote:

    This thread is intended to discuss about the possibilities to increase the battery efficiency of the FP2 (using the pre-installed FP-OS). Maybe we can develop it into an wiki/guide later on.

    Note by @paulkreuzer: Since there are many topics about batteries and charging let's please keep them sharply distinguished from each other.
    To discuss problems with your battery please go here, to show off how long you can make your battery last go here and to learn more about your battery or contribute to our knowledgebase go here....

    Bottom line: As I am quite pleased about the battery consumption during the stand-by/screen switched off phase I am very dissapointed of the energy saving capabilities if screen is turned on, but the phone has nothing to do (= idle).

    Until now I used for this BetterBatteryStats, CPU-Z, SetCPU at my rooted FP2.
    If have none of the google-services actively used, no google-account set up and only installed programms from F-Droid or via direct APKs (from FP1).

    Until now I can only use the FP2 about 50-30% of the time as I am used to with my FP1 at same usage - which I can't accept with such a better and more modern SOC aka Snapdragon 801.

    No question - the FP2 has a good performance, especially compared to FP1 in nearly any aspect. But I had not thought that we will buy this with the lack of battery efficiency if this high-performance-features are not used!

    I have begun some research on this topic and any hints, further research or ideas are highly appreciated!

    Stand-by mode (Screen off)

    Let's start with the power consumption in stand-by mode. Here the screen is turned off and the FP2/chipsets should go to the most energy saving states possible (if no other tasks HAS to be done).
    I find it quite satisfying values for this and will add more numbers/screenshots in the future here.

    • Typical values of consumption in stand-by is about 0.2 - 0.3 %/h
    • I could not see a big difference between flight-mode and SIM1+2 activated in 2G-mode - thats good!
    • The CPU is in more than** 95%** of the time at the so-called "Deep Sleep", which is the most energy efficient stat (and below the lowest frequency setting of 300 MHz)
    • Screenshots: CPU states and processes:

    IDLE mode (Screen on)

    Now let's have a look to these values, when the FP2 is switched on in IDLE mode:
    Screen ON, but without having any app performing a discrete tasks. Phone is freshly booted.
    My observations after keeping the screen ON for ~40minutes with nearly doing nothing:

    • CPU-Z-says, that the CPU is continously at 30-40% load
    • CPU-Z says, that only 2 cores are most of the time "stopped=Deep Sleep", while the other 2 cores are continuesly changing frequency.
    • CPU-Z says: one of the 2 busy cores are most of the time at highest frequence (which I limited to 1036MHz with SetCPU), while the other at least some times is at minimum 300MHz
    • In BetterBatteryStats I can't find any programm, which would explain the high CPU usage.
    • In BetterBatteryStats I only see "PowerManagerService.Display" which is active the complete display-on time. I guess this normal, although I don't know exatkly what it means?
    • BetterBatteryStats calculates a consumption of about 10 %/h - without doing anything!!!
    • Screenshots: CPU-Z / 4xBetterBatteryStats

    • Same test at my FP1 reveald a CPU load of 2-5% and 3/4 cores "stopped", 1 core all the time resting at its minum frequency (~800MHz)

    So my questions and thoughts about are:

    • What is the exact reason why the CPU can't rest and be more energy efficient, if there is nothing to do (exept lighting a not changing screen)?
    • Why not 3/4 cores can be "stopped" and 1 core resting at minimum 300MHz, as I know it from FP1
    • Can anybody reproduce this behaviour or can bring some light in this problem?
    • Can it be related to a bad software-side settings of the so-called "governor" and "IO-scheduler" of the CPU? (see below for more details)
    • Could this problem be related to the often reported "bad battery duration" during internet browsing or chatting or other low-usage tasks?
    • Could a better CPU-setting bring us a lot of more Battery duration and efficiency?
    • I think same problems occur during making calls, as the battery is eaten quite fast and phone gets hot although only 2G is used.

    In the next time I will repeat my "research", also under other conditions, e.g. "Battery Saving" option of Android enabled, ...

    At this screenshots you see the available "governors" and "IO-Schedulers", at my FP2 which SetCPU reports. With playing around with them, I also could not provoke an acceptable IDLE-behaviour...

    Cheers, Robert

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