Issue#895455: Radio Control - You dont need a lot of space to have a great time fpv flying!

  • FPV mini quad (Garden) 2 (2 min 53 sec)

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  • Issue#634347: Radio Control - FPV Microquad: 50g flying weight & 7 minutes flight time!

    Hi guys! In this video we take our 3D printed brushed FPV quadcopter for a fun ride in the garden. With only 50g flying weight, you can literally fly this almost anywhere and get ~7 minutes (as shown in the video) of fun on a single battery charge. FPV Microquad: 50g flying weight & 7 minutes flight time! (7 min 17 sec) For more micro (& other!) fun, please subscribe to my channel: Many thanks and all the best, Michael

  • Issue#6747: Radio Control - Align MR25P FPV Racing Quad! W/vTX,OSD,Camera (lot's of cool tech in this one)

    For Sale Align MR25P FPV Racing Quad (This is the "P" version not the regular MR25) This quad has some awesome tech built in and all you will need to fly it is your Tx and Rx. Instead of me rambling on how cool this is I'll just post the info directly from Align's website. Lots to read but it's worth it. :) Features: Cutting Edge Flight System: MRS flight controller utilizes a 32 bit high speed processor that combines the ESC, power distribution, OSD, Bluetooth connectivity and gimbal control function. The high precision 6 axis gyro sensor and barometric sensor has been carried over from Align's autopilot technology for stable and reliable performance. Parameter Adjustment Through App: Setup and Flight parameter tuning is done through the MRS app and is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. Bluetooth Functionality: Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility featuring low power, high speed transmission. Customized LED Lights: High intensity LED's are mounted on the bott

  • Issue#10261: Radio Control - Limited time sale: New Rage 180 FPV racer ARF combos (w/Motors, ESC, and Props)

    Limited time sale on ARF combos. PURCHASE HERE at Includes the following: 1. Rage 180 Racer Kit 2. 4 x DYS 1306 3100KV motors 3. 4 x SN20A BLHELI ESCs 4. 8 x Gemfan 4x4.5 props Review here of the Rage 180 by Flydynamics Rage180 Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#32246: Radio Control - Turn a massage chair into an FPV flying station?

    Has anyone thought of making an FPV flying station out of one of these? If so, slap me down and point me in their direction. If not, good idea or bad? I've flown maybe 5 minutes of FPV and realize I'm a second away from tipping over. It's easy enough to sit in a chair, but maybe there is a market for converting one of these. Like you have enough stuff to drag around, right? Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#46773: Radio Control - Micro FPV lot (DreamCatcher, hubsan, spectrum)

    Spektrum va1100 - 2 flights DreamCatcher 8.5mm frame 3D print 4 - 8.5mm hubsan motors 25ish flights 2 - brand new in package 8.5mm hubsan motors 1 - bricked hubsan x4 h107l flight board 1 - hubsan h107c frame couple flights, modded for battery strap on belly 2 pair brand new props 2 pair used good props 1 led 1 hubsan transmitter 4 - 600 mah batteries with 5 charges 1- 380mah hubsan 5 charges 1 - 4 way charger (not shown) I bricked the fc trying to install bradwii and flysky protocol. I'm going to get into BL micro instead. So we'll start the offers at $135 shipped. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#52708: Radio Control - First time flying a warbird

    Wow. I can say I have come pretty far. I flew my first warbird today after just starting to fly RC airplanes in January. Full disclosure: I flew RC heli's for about 5 months before realizing my true calling. I found a local guy selling a Durafly P-40N on craigslist about a week and a half back. Te guy was asking $100 for a PNP bird. I went over and looked at it and dropped him a C-note. It seemed like a good deal. The bird wasn't without problems. Welcome to the world of buying used planes. The rudder servo needs to be replaced but its working. I had to change the push rods for the empennage as well as the clevis'. The servo box needed some work because the hole for the rudder was busted. I made a little 1/2x1/2 tab and Ca'ed them onto the existing servo box. This caused the rudder servo to sit up about 1/8th of an inch and caused some major binding when running from the servo to the tail wheel then onto the rudder. I had an EZ-Link on the servo and on the tailwheel assembly. I ended

  • Issue#60500: Radio Control - Space One FPV ( Orbit 250-FPV Ready ) Carbon Edition - Plus Lipos,Props,accesories!!

    Up for Sale New Space One FPV ( Orbit 250 ) 7 piece Carbon Edition!!! Only 4 Flights on this Quad nice clean Build and everthing on it is new. This Frame comes with 2 Top Plates (Short and Long) for different configurations and super thick 6mm arms which also are configurable depending on your setup and flying style. Quad is setup and FPV Ready just add your Goggles and Rock @ Roll... also including all parts ,props and accesories in the pics. Sale includes: *Space One FPV ( Orbit 250 ) 7 Piece Carbon Edition *2 Top Plates short and Long *Naze32 Rave5 Flashed (Clean Flight-Boris B ) *FRSky dr4-ii ( Sbus setup) *Boscam 600mw vtx *Fatshark Spironet antenna (LHCP or RHCP) choose one. *RunCam Sky 650 tvl.. fpv Camera with 3D Printed case plus Original *3D Printed Case (aprox 20 deg. angle) for Xiami-Yi Camera .... ( Xiaomi-yi Cam) Not Included!!! *Ready To Fly Quads Advance 2204-2300kv .. plus 2 extra motors *DYS BLHeli.. mini 20amp ESC......Plus 1 extra new in package *Lost Alarm *L

  • Issue#65338: Radio Control - Lot of misc fpv and quad gear

    I have been cleaning out my flying room as I have to downsize. Here are a bunch of pics, if you are interested in anything just post or send me a pm. Nothing is priced so just shoot me a reasonable offer and it's yours. The whitesheep kit is new There are 4 afro 12 amp escs and 3 out of 4 are unopened. The one that is open has never been used. The ladybird stuff is all either new or in great shape if not packaged however you will need a board as the boards are both bad. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A View

  • Issue#82603: Radio Control - Division's FPV Multirotors and Flying Wings

    Hello! I'm Jussi from Seinäjoki, Finland. I have graduated as engineer of automation technology. I work for Finnish importer of Trumpf metal machinery, as service technician. Most of my work is maintaining, installing and fixing Trumpf laser cutters, tube lasers, bending machines and software. I have quite good selection of tools, and biggest part of RC hobby for me is actually building and modifying my gears. One reason for this ofc is that Finland has not that many calm sunny summer days per year. Lots of darkness, rain and wind = perfect weather for bench, tools and RC. :D I figured out I'd share my gears and hobby with you because basicly all of my platforms are DIY. Feel free to comment (good and bad) and ask any questions. :cool: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Common gear IMAGE COMING... Transmitter: FrSky Taranis Plus UHF module: Hawkeye DTFUHF Deluxe TX V2 TX-pouch: Turnigy Transmitter Glove + TX Warmer by www.rc-thoug

  • Issue#83148: Radio Control - Cheerson CX 20 flew away once, ordering a new one but this time i dont wanna ruin it

    Hello all, As you can read in the title, I had my first 'real' quad some weeks ago. The Cheerson CX 20. But unfortunately it has flown away on me. The cause of this I still haven't figured out. But gearbest was so nice to sell me a new one with some discount. So once I receive it I wanna try to get it up in the air again. As you may think i'm scared as hell that I, or the device itself, has a problem again and it flies away again. I seriously cannot handle this if it were to happen again. The cause of my first fly away is still unknown. I ruled out that it was my own, human error since it did not respond to any of my input. Once I noticed it was flying away from me I completely took off the throttle, it still didnt respond and then I tried return to home which also did not work. So till this day I am unsure what caused my quad to fly away and crashed into oblivion 3km away. So my question here is: how to avoid this from happening again. I have been searching through dozans of yout

  • Issue#117131: Radio Control - FPV Distortion Issue

    Hey all, I've just got into drones and flying a lot of LOS. I've got my self a Quanum V2 goggle set which is great. I'm using an Emax Nighthawk 280 which is awesome to fly. I went out to try FPV for the first time. Bench testing was fine. I put it to the paces and it doesn't take long for the signal to start withering away. The picture would flicker and distort but not bad enough to lose signal. I'm flying with perfect LOS, no trees, no buildings etc, flat open land about 500msq but staying within say a 150m distance. It gets to the point I need my spotter to pull the goggles off to see where I am going. I've installed a heatsink ontop of the tx as it does get pretty hot I am running the standard antenna. I have ordered a set of antennas from Banggood which have some great reviews. Will these fix the issue? I have tried different channels and no luck. I tried a interference/no los test by leaving my setup near my wifi modem in the house and walked outside. I could only get about 10 m

  • Issue#119239: Radio Control - Blade Nano QX FPV Motor Issue

    I've replaced the motors on my Nano QX FPV after one of them went bad (hot and low power) with the MMW medium motors. After only a couple of flights, the same motor position went bad again. Transposed it to another position to confirm it was the motor and it was. Getting very hot and low power. I replaced it again and only 2 or 3 flights, it went bad again, same position. What is the issue here and is it a replaceable component I need to change? Thanks.

  • Issue#123224: Radio Control - Noob to FPV quadcopter flying!!!

    FPV flyers.....I own a Falcon 250 and was wondering if the Fatshark Attitude V2 goggles will be compatible with the stock FPV setup on my quad. I'm thinking about purchasing a pair of used goggles but I'm not sure which ones to invest in?? Any suggestions or information will be much appreciated. Thanks

  • Issue#134588: Radio Control - The Latest and the great FPV goggles ?

    Hello , so i was looking to give my Fatshark dominators a rest and get the latest fatshark dom HDv2 i was checking the reviews on the internet , some nice reviews , but most reviews saying that it has a blur problems .. i dont wear glasses , but am really confused now either to get them or not .. also , any other alternative ? "budget is no problem".

  • Issue#142209: Radio Control - Issue Producing an FPV Image

    Thank you for taking the time to look. My issue I've not been able to figure out... What I have... CX-20 (open source) SJ4000 WiFi Camera Eachine ET25 transmitter USB AV out cable Eachine LCD5802S What I'm trying to figure out is how to connect the USB cable to the transmitter. I am powering the transmitter from the CX-20 in the 12V plugs. I have the transmitter and the LCD on the same band & frequency. I see a black screen when the transmitter is powered up. So now I need to connect the USB out cable to the transmitter. I'm not going to charge the camera so I assume I won't need the red & black cables. Leaving the green(AV-) & white(AV+) cables. I assume I will plug the white USB cable to the yellow transmitter cable. Leaving the green USB cable left. What happens to it? Do I connect it to the black transmitter ground cable? Or match it to the white audio cable on the transmitter? Not sure if this is correct. Now.... **For full disclosure** I had ordere

  • Issue#187271: Radio Control - Good-Great FPV camera - budget $30

    Hey guys, So I have around $30 to spend on a FPV camera. Can you give some recommendation? One of the choices people are talking is PZ0420M Or this one Super HAD II CCD at 26 which a lot of people praise Can you give me more suggestions? What should I get? I will be using it on a 270 Quad with Quanum V2

  • Issue#191097: Radio Control - FT Arrow FPV Flying!

    FT Arrow FPV (4 min 37 sec)

  • Issue#196212: Radio Control - Radio, Servos, FPV antennas, motors lot

    This is a lot of FPV gear. i have a IBCRAZY 5 turn helical that got damaged but has since been repaired since i took the picture. i have a three leaf skewplanar that goes with it for 1280MHZ. Asking 60 dollars shipped. Futaba Radio with Dragonlink V1 with V2 reciever. Both come with antennas. radio works fine and is extremely reliable. just needs a good charge. 120 shipped lot of servos with extensions and arms. 20 dollars shipped. Futaba R149DP Never used: 20 dollars shipped Lot of sunnysky and DSLR pros motors: 25 shipped. all work. .50 equivalent 600KV Brushless motor good for up to 6S. can swing a 15 inch prop. 20 dollars shipped. Vista Power battery chrager. Charges LiPo, Lion, NiCad NiMh Batteries, 30 dollars shipped. Prefer to ship all in one lot. leaving for Airforce basic training march 22nd. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#215660: Radio Control - space one fpv ready

    Dys 30amp esc lumenier (t-motor) 2208-2000kv osdog naze32 200mw 1.3vtx 200mw race edition ubad vtx included 5.8 has bad pdb but all electronics are good as far as I can tell everything will power up individually $250 shipped paypal only no trades. Uscon pm me Spare frame included Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#222421: Radio Control - Showing callsign while flying fpv

    Hey guys. I thought I read somewhere that you must send your call sign before you fly and every ten minutes while flying. I also read a lot of guys are using an odd to display their callsign for a continuous readout while flying. I have been doing a lot of studying for the ham test this Saturday. I have read many places and took an exam that says an amateur station need not show a callsign while operating a model aircraft. Am I correct in saying that while flying you need not broadcast this? As you can see here one of the practice tests confirmed that you don't need to while operating a remote model aircraft. If there kid other literature contradicting this or exceptions and it needs to in fact be broadcast please do provide details. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#247489: Radio Control - Shaky FPV video issue SOLVED

    Hey guys, This is my first post on RC Groups and I'm sure I will be properly reprimanded for posting this thread in the wrong location, but I'll learn my way around eventually. I just HAD to post this (Super HAD, you could say;)) because of the frustration I went through trying to solve an issue. If anyone out there is using the Foxeer XAT600M DC5V-22V 600tvl Sony Super HAD CCD FPV Camera (or one of similar construction; I'm sure there are many), and has been having issues with shaky video, I might have a solution for you. I tuned my copter (Hellbender 122, 4s) as best I could and it seemed to fly fine, except for this annoying shakiness in the live fpv video. For a long time, I assumed this was a tuning issue or a motor/prop vibration issue (or a naze rev6 issue). It would present itself more or less with different throttle amounts but was almost always present. The back cover of the camera has two screws (top right corner and bottom left corner) that hold on the cover but also sa

  • Issue#266600: Radio Control - GT T901F 5.8G 720P Camera FPV Flying Spiders Drone

    GT T901F 5.8G 720P Camera FPV Flying Spiders Drone Highlight: 5.8Ghz 720P FPV one key return headless mode H/L speed to switch 4G Memory card and card reader 360 flip 720P camera can Video/Photograph Battery protection Description: Brand Name:GT Item NO.:T901F Item Name: The Flying Spiders Drone Frequency:5.8Ghz Channel: 4 CH Gyro: 6 Axis Flight Duration: About 6-8 Minutes Remote Control Distance: About 150 Meters Recharging Time: About 70 Mins Battery For Quadcopter: 3.7V 500mAh (included) Battery For Transmiter: 3.7V 450mAh(included) Color:Black Camera: 2.0 Megapixel(720P) Function: 5.8Ghz 720P FPV/CF mode aheadless/one key return/up/down/forward/backward /side flying/One-button 3D Flips & Rolls /hover/ HD photo and video THE DRONE Package Includes: 1*RC Quadcopter(with 720P camera) 1*Transmitter 1*Quadcopter Battery(with 3.7V 500mAh) 1*Transmitter Battery(with 3.7V 450mAh) 1*4GB SD card 1*card reader 1*Pro

  • Issue#276932: Radio Control - FPV Freerider, Taranis, iMac weird calibration issue

    On my MacBook Air, the Taranis and the FPV demo work perfectly. This evening I decided to purchase the full application and install it on my 2012 iMac. The Taranis is recognized by the system, but the calibration is WAY off. As you can see in the attached screenshot, my sticks are centered as instructed, but the circles are way above the midline. I've created a new model and set the weight and offset to 50 as instructed in the Taranis setup guide. I've deleted FPV Freerider prefs, restarted computer, no dice. -charles Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#280752: Radio Control - P-51 Ole 8 mustang arf's Great flying Warbird!

    I have some Cassini models p-51 mustang arf's for sale. They feature a fiberglass, comes with fixed gear. These are 1.20 size, I put a Saito 1.20 in mine (pictured) I am in the Riversode CA area. Local pick up preferred. If you are an intermediate flyer and are looking to get into a bigger Warbird this one is for you! Very stable easy flying plane! Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#284389: Radio Control - CX - 10W. With CX - 10A Transmitter and FPV At Same Time.

    CX - 10W. With CX - 10A Transmitter and FPV At Same Time. It's Actually Rates Left Stick. Flips Right Stick. I'm Using The Tx From a CX - 10A. No Guarantee All CX - 10A Tx's Will Work! App Available here: Apologies For The Terrible Camera Work. CX - 10W. With CX - 10A Tx and FPV. (2 min 46 sec)

  • Issue#300731: Radio Control - What Transmitter for FPV flying??

    I'm looking to replace my DX6 transmitter for something else... With the orange PPM recievers, i have issues with bad output (long story, tried different recievers, etc) PPM isnt as fast as other digital transmissions. I guess i should look for a sbus transmitter, with possible small recievers (so itll fit on 180/210 frames). Any advices on this?

  • Issue#327718: Radio Control - Victory 230 - Week of Flying the best budget FPV Drone!

    Victory 230 - Week of Flying the Best Budget FPV Racing Drone! (4 min 5 sec) Currently on-sale for $200 on RCtimers website! Cannot find a better performing quadcopter for the price, am thoroughly impressed :D Check it out:

  • Issue#351958: Radio Control - Aerial videos of flights of my Contixo F1+ Space Explorer R/C Flying Car w/ Camera

    As the thread title suggests, this thread will be for nothing but aerial videos of flights of my Contixo F1+ Space Explorer R/C Flying Car w/ Camera along with any replies. This is the Contixo F1+ Space Explorer R/C Flying Car w/ Camera Let's get this show on the road here, shall we? Maiden flights and drive of my Contixo F1 Space Explorer R/C Flying Car 03-25-16 (4 min 5 sec) Maiden flight/drive of my Contixo F1 Space Explorer R/C Flying Car w/ Camera 03-25-16 Flight & drive took place over a vacant lot near the intersection of Ellinor Ave. and Summit Dr. in Shelton WA. USA on the afternoon of 03-25-16 (or, "2016 25 Mar." or even, "March 25, Twenty Stick-Very-Twirly-Stick" if you prefer). Weather conditions at flight time were partly cloudy, temperature of 57°F (13.9°C), and winds reported as being from the ESE gusting to 3mph (2.595kts, 4.83kph). L'un peu gros {le terme d'argot vulgaire pour celui qui suce {le terme d'argot vulgaire pour l

  • Issue#353963: Radio Control - ABANDONED WAREHOUSE . It's time to fpv!

    Hey guys! The last thursday I was flying in this increíble spot! I hope you enjoy it! CARRERA DE DRONES EN NAVE ABANDONADA. RACING DRONE GALICIA (3 min 26 sec)