Issue#895455: Radio Control - You dont need a lot of space to have a great time fpv flying!

  • FPV mini quad (Garden) 2 (2 min 53 sec)

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  • Issue#52708: Radio Control - First time flying a warbird

    Wow. I can say I have come pretty far. I flew my first warbird today after just starting to fly RC airplanes in January. Full disclosure: I flew RC heli's for about 5 months before realizing my true calling. I found a local guy selling a Durafly P-40N on craigslist about a week and a half back. Te guy was asking $100 for a PNP bird. I went over and looked at it and dropped him a C-note. It seemed like a good deal. The bird wasn't without problems. Welcome to the world of buying used planes. The rudder servo needs to be replaced but its working. I had to change the push rods for the empennage as well as the clevis'. The servo box needed some work because the hole for the rudder was busted. I made a little 1/2x1/2 tab and Ca'ed them onto the existing servo box. This caused the rudder servo to sit up about 1/8th of an inch and caused some major binding when running from the servo to the tail wheel then onto the rudder. I had an EZ-Link on the servo and on the tailwheel assembly. I ended

  • Issue#83148: Radio Control - Cheerson CX 20 flew away once, ordering a new one but this time i dont wanna ruin it

    Hello all, As you can read in the title, I had my first 'real' quad some weeks ago. The Cheerson CX 20. But unfortunately it has flown away on me. The cause of this I still haven't figured out. But gearbest was so nice to sell me a new one with some discount. So once I receive it I wanna try to get it up in the air again. As you may think i'm scared as hell that I, or the device itself, has a problem again and it flies away again. I seriously cannot handle this if it were to happen again. The cause of my first fly away is still unknown. I ruled out that it was my own, human error since it did not respond to any of my input. Once I noticed it was flying away from me I completely took off the throttle, it still didnt respond and then I tried return to home which also did not work. So till this day I am unsure what caused my quad to fly away and crashed into oblivion 3km away. So my question here is: how to avoid this from happening again. I have been searching through dozans of yout

  • Issue#280752: Radio Control - P-51 Ole 8 mustang arf's Great flying Warbird!

    I have some Cassini models p-51 mustang arf's for sale. They feature a fiberglass, comes with fixed gear. These are 1.20 size, I put a Saito 1.20 in mine (pictured) I am in the Riversode CA area. Local pick up preferred. If you are an intermediate flyer and are looking to get into a bigger Warbird this one is for you! Very stable easy flying plane! Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#351958: Radio Control - Aerial videos of flights of my Contixo F1+ Space Explorer R/C Flying Car w/ Camera

    As the thread title suggests, this thread will be for nothing but aerial videos of flights of my Contixo F1+ Space Explorer R/C Flying Car w/ Camera along with any replies. This is the Contixo F1+ Space Explorer R/C Flying Car w/ Camera Let's get this show on the road here, shall we? Maiden flights and drive of my Contixo F1 Space Explorer R/C Flying Car 03-25-16 (4 min 5 sec) Maiden flight/drive of my Contixo F1 Space Explorer R/C Flying Car w/ Camera 03-25-16 Flight & drive took place over a vacant lot near the intersection of Ellinor Ave. and Summit Dr. in Shelton WA. USA on the afternoon of 03-25-16 (or, "2016 25 Mar." or even, "March 25, Twenty Stick-Very-Twirly-Stick" if you prefer). Weather conditions at flight time were partly cloudy, temperature of 57°F (13.9°C), and winds reported as being from the ESE gusting to 3mph (2.595kts, 4.83kph). L'un peu gros {le terme d'argot vulgaire pour celui qui suce {le terme d'argot vulgaire pour l

  • Issue#385141: Radio Control - B-17 Flying Fortress visited Shuttle Landing Facility (Kennedy Space Center, Fl)

    Hello, like to share a few pictures from a visiting B-17 Flying Fortress and this 71-year old World War 2 bomber is no where tired yet. According to the crew who I had the luck and pleasure to interview, the plane was built in 1944 by Douglas Aircraft Corporation at the Long Beach, California plant under license from Boeing. On July 12, 1945, she was delivered to the U.S. Army Air Corps as B-17G-95-DL 44-83872. Number 44-83872 was one of the last 20 B-17s built by Douglas. The Commemorative Air Force’s Gulf Coast Wing "Texas Raiders" group maintains and flies the aircraft. She is hangared at Tomball Jet Center, which is located at David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport in Spring, Texas. The crew told me that it was moved to Dallas, TX. as its new hangar home. Needless to say, it came in for an early morning landing a few minutes before 0900 hours Eastern at the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida and I was lucky to be at the right place and

  • Issue#390610: Radio Control - NO Pilot! Are you flying a Drone? Great Detail on faces and uniforms!

    What no Pilot? Make you plane complete by adding a pilot so it looks like someone is flying the plane and it is not a DRONE!!! 4-different WWII fighter pilots in 1/5 for your Warbird. You can't paint them this good!!! All new faces!!! Latest version with more painted detail. These are already painted in great detail and are in flexible rubber and molded in flesh color. You can always make them shorter for canopy clearance by using a Razor saw, band saw or new #11 Exacto blade. 1. American 1/5 2. British 1/5 3. German 1/5 scale 4. Japanese 1/5 (Hard to find pilot!!!) Specs: 1/5 (1.08 to larger gas planes) Weight: 2.4oz Width: 3.98"-4.13"(101mm-105mm) Height: 3.7"(94mm) 1/5 scale for $21.99 plus $3.50 shipped first class mail. It is really important for you to let me know what pilot you want and what size you want in your PM and Pay Pal "Subject Line"!!! I do not ship outside the USA! Please give me your mailing address and please refe

  • Issue#474787: Radio Control - Great Weather Fun Flying With My MJX X101

    I have now flown my MJX X101 in every season of New England ,summer,fall,winter,and now spring :)Very pleased with this quad ,no issues with it whatsoever:) Great Weather Fun Flying With My MJX X101 (6 min 38 sec)

  • Issue#513121: Radio Control - Thermal Flying in Melbourne, FL (Space Coast)?

    Moving to Florida this June and was trying to find a place to fly thermal duration. Anyone on this site that flies TD with IRKC north of Melbourne? I have emailed the president and another board member but have yet to hear back. Just trying to get a feel for the area. Thanks Brian

  • Issue#634347: Radio Control - FPV Microquad: 50g flying weight & 7 minutes flight time!

    Hi guys! In this video we take our 3D printed brushed FPV quadcopter for a fun ride in the garden. With only 50g flying weight, you can literally fly this almost anywhere and get ~7 minutes (as shown in the video) of fun on a single battery charge. FPV Microquad: 50g flying weight & 7 minutes flight time! (7 min 17 sec) For more micro (& other!) fun, please subscribe to my channel: Many thanks and all the best, Michael

  • Issue#825913: Radio Control - 3W - 28i w/muffler in great running shape. Flying friend going to electric.

    I have a friend 3W-28i Gas engine with very little run time with an NGK plug and Slim Line Pitts Style muffler. Manual comes with it. He is going electric and has 4 other glow engines for sale as well. $327.00 with muffler + S&H. Cylinder capacity 28 ccm / 1.74 cu in Power 2.9 HP / 2.1 KW Bore diameter Ø 1.42 inch (36.00 mm) Stroke 1.1 inch (28.00 mm) Speed range 1500 – 8500 RPM Weight 2.67 lbs (1.2 kg) incl. ignition Crankshaft 3 ball bearing Oil/Gasoline ratio 1:50 / 2% mix Operating voltage 6 – 8.4 V DC Torque 2.49 Nm / 8150 RPM kW/RPM 2.13 KW / 8150 RPM Engine Type / Setup Engine 3W-28i Serial No. 14612053Bi Direction tractor Muffler Slimline Pitts Style meffler Fuel Recreation Gas + Oil Running time before test 6 hours Throttle position variable Propeller 18x8 3W wood Propeller 2-bladed 16x10; 18x8; 18x10; 20x8 Propeller 3-bladed 16 x8; 16x10 I do not ship outside the US or other countries. Please give me your mailing address and please help me keep track of your order

  • Issue#872688: Radio Control - Great Time in NYC Central Park Conservatory Water

    It was a really great moment! RC tramp steamer and battleship in central park conservatory water 20160703 (8 min 37 sec) Victor's Yamato is fantastically graceful. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#896990: Radio Control - Flying 3D X8 and the FlyShark S8 Assistant Issue

    With the help of the RC Groups forum members, I think I may have my X8 in a ready to fly condition. I recently upgraded the firmware to 1.49 using the S8 Assistant, and after the update, everything seems to function, acquired 8 satellites, and the functions all seem to be working properly. However, one thing that I cannot figure out is why the satellite map in the S8 Assistant shows China, and not the USA. Does anyone know why or have an explanation for that? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#899370: Radio Control - Anyone Else Spend More Time Fixing Their Quad Than Flying It?

    Hmmm... So over the past few months I've probably spent 5 times as much time fixing quads than flying them. I'm just curious if anyone else has had similar experiences where you spend more time on the bench than in the air. My experience over the past few months so far, I think I'm trending at getting about 4 packs in between serious crashes. :eek: - Fly first pack LOS, quad loses orientation and I cut the motors and drop it at the end of a field, gets dragged off into the woods by a Fox as I'm chasing after it never to be seen again... 10 days grounded. - Fly for a day then crash at 60mph into a concrete wall.. 7 days grounded waiting for parts. - Get brand new quad, crash twice into a tree and I figured out later it snagged some wiring. Flying 100 feet in the air practicing back flips when the motors cut out, plowed nose first in a full speed dive into soft dirt, leaving a 5" crater, nose breaks off and quad is lodged in the dirt... 8 days grounded. - Flying above a parking lo

  • Issue#915584: Radio Control - Oh great ... now sharks are flying too?

    just flying around and shooting down stuff.... Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#998691: Radio Control - Great day out Flying at the club field

    I got up and loaded some aircraft this morning and headed out to the Funflyer club field at Milo Mciver state park here in Oregon . I had and great time flew only 2 of the 4 planes I took all day just kept switching between the two of them . The EF MXS and the EF EDGE 540T . I have been flying the MXS for a couple months now , But only recently setup the EDGE to my new radio . so I have 2 48" 4-cell planes on 2 different Jr radios one on my 9503 dsm2 , the other on my Jr 12x . Well today is maiden/re- maiden for the Edge I had not yet flown it prior to todays outing. Both of the planes fly great makes me want to spend more time flying when I go to the field. Took some pictures this morning leaving and while at the field check them out ... Enjoy merril "motorhead540" Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#1003285: Radio Control - Flying Cx-10w quadcopter first time

    Anyone experienced this cheerson cx-10w nano quadcopter?. I did my first flight today and it seems one must have initial flying skills to start this as hobby... This nano quadcopter has integrated FPV camera and it binds with your smartphone (iphone in my case) via an app ...u can see live streaming on your phone while flying. Since its a very tiny device so controlling is a bit of challenge...hit the wall of my garage couple of times and u can see twisted propellers in the pictures... Any one who has done a stable flight , please share ur experience. Thanks

  • Issue#1052165: Radio Control - Having a great time doing some freestyle practice

    A short video of some clips from the 2 flights I managed to do today with my diatone 250. Would have loved to have flown more but didn't remember to charge my batteries:mad: Crop Surfing - FPV Freestyle 2 (4 min 50 sec)

  • Issue#1078691: Radio Control - Flying with others for the first time

    Last night, for the first time, I flew with some other quad pilots who I had met on FB. In addition to being the first time I'd flown with other pilots, it was the first time I'd flown at a spot that had trees. I normally just fly in an open field with, at best, some low bushes. - I'd never seen quads being flown aggressively from 3rd person view. I've only seen my own FPV and FPV videos. Man these things COOK! You don't get a real perspective on speed until you see it from LOS with someone else flying. And the forward tilt is extreme! They almost look like they're flying vertically. - Tuning my goggles to someone else's channel while they flew was wild. I've watched tons of FPV video but seeing it "live" was very different. It was also surprisingly disorienting. I can watch FPV videos all day long but standing with goggles on while someone else flies made me a bit wobbly! - I can't talk while I fly. - 4S is where it's at. This was the first time my 3s quad felt slow. I

  • Issue#1127489: Radio Control - First time flying over my neighborhood

    FPV RC QUADCOPTER neighborhood from the sky! (5 min 45 sec)

  • Issue#396: Radio Control - im new, dont know what 2 do..

    hello world. I have bought a few redcat racing rc electric cars for my kids, they work gr8 ,but heres the thing. we live in Dominican republic and there are no hobby shops by us. im looking to invest into a couple of nitro cars so we can have hours of fun. what are the shipping rules for the nitro. and has anyone ever put a few gallons on there checkd bags while flying. what is a good nitro to get for the cars, im noticing theres difrent % of mix to chose from. thank you for taking the time to read this , respectfully, c. brady

  • Issue#731: Radio Control - Hitec HS985MG servo great shape

    $30 shipped. Please PM me. Thanks

  • Issue#879: Radio Control - Thursday Flying Anyone??

    OK, so yeah, I'm still a bit chaffed at losing Thursday from the event and I'm starting to wonder if enough people are thinking to come out and fly on Thursday I might still wanna take the day off and make another day out of it. Is anyone else thinking about getting out there on Thursday?:confused: Call it the 'pregame'. :popcorn:

  • Issue#890: Radio Control - Winter Storm Jonas / Flying the Chroma

    I had a blast today flying in Winter Storm Jonas. Took my Blade Chroma out with a brand new GB203 gimbal. I'm impressed as hell with the stability and results from this gimbal and GoPro Hero 4k Black. Before I took off, I used scotch tape and sealed up all of the vents AND the power switch on the Chroma. I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I feel like covering those vents is a good idea as you can see some parts of the fc board are exposed in the front at the very least. Other than that, the Chroma is a trooper in Stability Mode in this type of weather. I was running the CamCarbon props by Carolina Dronz which most definitely helped out. You can see the wind pushing against me, but this video is amazingly stable for the conditions... I hope to do a lot more videos in the future. Blizzard Jonas 2016 / Chroma Drone / GoPro 4K & GB203 (2 min 36 sec) You get bonus points if you are able to name the music track used. :popcorn: Attached Thumbnails

  • Issue#901: Radio Control - Park zone Sport Cub aileron issue

    Park zone Sport Cub First flight ended with a crash, bent prop, ed nose cowl Replaced parts Getting airplane ready for my second flight with it and I noticed that the right aileron is a few degrees down with the stick centered. Any ideas? And yes, I'm new at this. And yes I've thoroughly checked out all the transmitter settings,servos,links,horns, clevises, etc.. Thanks guys for any advice

  • Issue#1923: Radio Control - SW capacitor/ librepilot issue HELP!!

    Hi all, I have a problem.. My Eachine landed from about a metre flat on its belly and the SW capacitor came off, and one off the connecting pins broke so I replaced with a 470uf 25v from maplin.. LibrePilot takes longer than usual to choose the FC in wizard then on setting the motor start points that SW motor runs seemingly slower and rattly, then on saving the wizard settings it gets to preparing mixer settings and crashes there. That's about as much info as I have as I'm new to this and only had my Eachine 2 days Thanks in advance

  • Issue#2534: Radio Control - Time for a chuckle!

    Quotes from Billy Connolly.. :D Enjoy! One I particularly like... Quote: "Life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. Get wasted all the time and you'll have the time of your life." The Snow-plough driver quote seems quite appropriate for some of our American friends, at the moment..

  • Issue#2683: Radio Control - Gearbest 2Axis gimbal MODIFICATION for Chimera Flying Wing

    Hi guys, There are a few, but not many gimbals available specifically for the Mobius Actioncam. was kind enough to send me a 2-Axis gimbal to review and play with. Here is a link to the product: This gimbal is made specifically for a Hubsan X-4 and X-8 multirotors, and mean to hold a GoPro camera - and I do not own either of those products, so I am going to modify this gimbal to hold a Mobius action-cam, and be mounted to my Chimera flying wing platform for some super smooth stabilized footage. Stay tuned for pictures and moficiation process.

  • Issue#3102: Radio Control - Blade Chroma Cold And Windy Flying

    Looking forward to spring.. 27 degrees and windy will have to do for now. Blade Chroma Flight At Field (3 min 19 sec) Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#3696: Radio Control - Great Props Like The HQ 5x4x3 For Less

    I have been building an ImpulseRC 5 Inch Alien and I an wondering what props I should get. I am running: -Cobra 2204 2300kv Motors -KISS 30 amp ESC's -4s 1300-1500 Battery I like the HQ 5x4x3 props but for more than $1 each and considering how much I would crash, they are a little to expensive. Thanks for any input.:)