Issue#915: Sony - Bravia sync problem with kdl55w800c tv

  • kdl55w800c will not sync with ht-ct150. Hdmi cable is in ARC for both units. Everything is set to on in both units. When try to sync on tv it says nothing detected. Both systems are on. Tried connecting bdp-s580 (with Bravia) to ARC and tv still nothing detected. Sony sent me a referb tv and its the same. Any ideas?

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  • Issue#464045: Sony - Sony KD49X8305C - ARC and Bravia Sync - Sky Q or Firmware issue?

    Hi all I'm hoping someone can help me pinpoint an issue in my setup that has emerged this week... My home entertainment setup was as follows: TV - Sony KD-49X8305CReceiver - Sony STR-DN860BR Player - Sony BDP-S550Satellite - Sky+ HD BR and Satellite plug into Receiver and Receiver connected to TV via HDMI 4/ARC. I've been using the Kodi app on the TV to play video streamed from a NAS. Everything was working great, the TV passed surround sound via ARC to the receiver when using Kodi, and the receiver played surround sound from the Sky box and the BR player.  Bravia Sync was working great - Sky+ box turned TV and receiver on when powered up, and tuned the receiver correctly when selected; Kodi switched the receiver to TV input when selected and played sound via ARC. This week, I've since updated the firmware to Build "SVP4KDTV15_EU-user 5.1.1 LMY48E.S223 3.395" (which seemed to work fine) and I've also had Sky Q installed. Now, Bravia Syn

  • Issue#490248: Sony - Sky HD+ box ARC Bravia sync problem. Caused by Fire stick.

    Hi there, I've been using my setup of Sony tv, PS4, and Sky HD+ box through my sony surround system through the ARC channel on HDMI 1 very happily for years now with full HDMI control.UNTIL! the dreaded amazon fire stick comes along and messes it all up. Plugged it in and audio system stopped working completely. Removed fire stick completely now. First there was no sound from the audio sytsem at all from any of the devices. i then re-enabled them through the TV. now i can watch and hear tv and ps4 through audio system however when i plug the sky HDMI into ANY of the remaining ports either on the TV or audio system it knocks the surround sound off. I'v tried changing the settings on the sky box but no joy. Sent the fire stick back! Scratching my head here. Hope someone can help. cheers. TV Sony KDL-40EX713Surround system Sony HT- AS5PS4Sky HD+ 

  • Issue#646196: Sony - Bravia Sync / ARC problem when a non ARC device is connected

    I have a Sony Bravia Android TV (KD-55X8505C). Software is up to date. I connected it to a Phillips Fidelio soundbar with a high speed HDMI cable. Bravia Sync (ARC) works fine. Turning on/off the TV or controlling the volume is transfered to the soundbar as well as expected. Problems begin when I connect to this system a second HDMI device (an STB) which isn't ARC compatible. I tried to connect this device directly to the TV but also to the soundbar. When this device is connected but is off, ARC connection between the soundbar and the TV is broken. Remote control commands aren't transfered to the soundbar and sound connection with the soundbar is lost too. When I turn on the STB device or when I completely disconnected from the system the ARC connection is re-established. Any ideas?

  • Issue#1182666: Sony - Bravia sync problem between STR-DH510 and KDL-46XBR4

    Hi - I've got a Sony KDL-46XBR4 tv which has always worked well w/ the Sony stereo receiver STR-DH510....primarily the Bravia sync functionality which allowed me to control the stereo receiver volume via the TV's volume control on the remote.  Recently we had a lightning fried the DirecTV receiver's video output as well as the stereo receiver SAT input HDMI.  I've gotten a new DVR and have connected it into the receiver's DVD input instead, and the audio/video appears to be passing through w/ no problem.  However, whereas the TV had always previously displayed a message at startup saying "audio has been switched to external speakers" with the TV speakers turning off and the volume being totally through the stereo receiver speakers.....this no longer happens.  The volume control via TV remote functions only turn the TV speakers up/down. I've gone through as many settings as I can sync functionality.  I've made sure the TV"s HDMI contro

  • Issue#8146: Sony - Why does my Sony FWD85X9600 doesn't recognize Cisco SX20 in the Bravia sync list?

    I have connected the TV to the SX20, which is connected to an LCD controller. when i put the controller in standby mode, it shuts off the SX20 after a few seconds.I want that whenever the SX20 shuts off, so will the TV by the HDMI signal. However, when i try to search for the device through the Bravia sync list, i cannot find anything. Any suggestions? 

  • Issue#12417: Sony - How do you rename Bravia Sync Labels?

    How do you rename Bravia Sync Labels? The Playstation 4 is titled correctly but my Amazon Fire TV Stick alternates between "Fire TV Stick" and "Playback's"

  • Issue#16530: Logitech - I have a Harmony one remote and am truing to sync up to new Sony Bravia smart tv. The rem

    I have paired the new Sony remote with the Harmony One, but the harmony lacks some of the keys that are on the Sony remote.The harmony remote is controlling on/off, volume and cable box functions only. I need to find out how to make it control the smart tv functions................. The other devices used for this activity are cable box,and Onkyo reciever. 

  • Issue#58156: Sony Bravia KDL-52WL135 Vertical Lines Issue

    Hi everyone, First time poster here and I need some help with my sony bravia KDL-52WL135. I previously replaced the FB1 (main video) board due to no picture or sound when turning on the set and the TV worked great for many months after replacing it. However, now there is green vertical lines spanning across the display as shown in the attached picture. I've tried replacing the T-Con board thinking it had an issue but the result remained the same. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be? Perhaps its the replacement FB1 board acting up? Thanks for any suggestions. Attached Thumbnails  

  • Issue#61521: Sony - smart tv sony bravia 55x8005c keyboard problem

    Hi , When i try to type somthing on youtube or on the internet the tv keyboard is not showing and i have just voice control to type in.THank you  

  • Issue#73737: Sony - Sony Bravia LED Time Date Problem

    i have Sony Bravia KLV-24EX430 when i turn off tv & turn on again there are wrong time & date i am using my tv as a Alarmi want my tv start every morning 5:00 Am & Play My Pendrive Songbut there are need daily set date & time is there are any bettery in TV? how can i change it ?

  • Issue#81369: Sony - Sony XBR-65X810C + Non-ARC Sony HT-IS100 + Bravia Sync (HDMI CEC)

    I am experiencing unpredictable behavior with this combination. In order to get 5.1 and DTS from my PS3 and PS4, I have them connected through the HDMI inputs on the HT-IS100, which is connected to the HDMI on the XBR-65810C.  The HT-IS100 does not support ARC, so I send the audio back to the receiver by optical.  The HT-IS100 does support Bravia Sync HDMI control, as does the PS4, which is very desirable for watching movies, and allows me to use one remote control. If I disable Bravia Sync, I lose the ability to control the PS4 via remote, and power control of the PS4 and receiver, but TV/Apps audio is consistently output to the receiver. However, if I enable Bravia Sync, TV audio gets switched to the TV speakers AND the optical output, because I assume that the TV can't establish an ARC connection with the receiver.  If I try to switch the audio to the speakers with the Action Menu or in the Settings menu, the set will switch to external audio for about

  • Issue#116227: Sony - kdl55hx850 bravia tv, has anyone had problem with image gosting on thye right hand sde of the

    Done everything include reste to factory settings, but the dispay has like a gosting effect only on the right hand side. when you power the tv off and on its like the display is refreshing. It looks like there is two scr5eens, one behind the other. HELP!

  • Issue#140365: Android - Sony Z3 Contact sync issue

    My google contacts failed to sync with my Sony Z3 since two weeks ago, but all other Google items (mail, calendar etc) are syncing properly. I have tried to remove and add back Google account, and have also even done a factory reset on the phone. However, I am still having issues with the sync.... Sony Z3 Contact sync issue

  • Issue#142869: Sony - TV guide issue on Bravia Android TV

    Hi, I have a KDL-55W807C and have an issue with the TV guide (EPG). This is the EU version so no Youview. Very often, which is 9 out of 10 times, when we use the EPG to switch channels then we have to do it two times. The first time the screen just goes black with the channel info on the top, but no picture. The TV displays this message in the lower right corner: "The selected service is encrypted or can't be decoded" (translated from Danish). When we open the EPG again and press OK to select the same channel again, then it finally makes the switch. This is very annoying since this is basic TV functionality that should just work. This also happens with the very latest firmware from February 17th. We use Yousee cable TV (Denmark) and have a CI+ card inserted to allow access to the channels that we're subscribing to. Every time we switch channels using the EPG, then we quickly see the CI+ interface with the message "You don't have access to the channel" but it di

  • Issue#154644: Sony - HTXT1 Soundbase Bravia Sync / ARC function not working

    I have attempted to setup the HTXT1 Sound base with my Sony KDL-40W705C TV. Using a High Speed HDMI cable connected between the HDMI Arc terminals of the units. In addition I had connected to my TV, a Sony BU Ray player view a HDMI cable, and a HUMAX Digital Recorder view a HDMI cable. All attempts failed until I disconnected the HUMAX HDMI cable. After the HUMAX was disconnected I was able to hear the audio of the TV through the soundbase and when I switched the TV into standby the Sound base went into standby. Also the BU Ray Player when activated changed the TV input to the correct HDMI input. On further investigation, I noted that the HUMAX Digital Recorder was set in a none power saving mode that enabled the TV Antenna aerial to be routed through when in standby, if I disabled this, letting the HUMAX box go into a full power saving standby, the HDMI output did not effect the BRAVIA Sync functionality. Unfortunetely it seems that the HUMAX Digital Recorder, when powered o

  • Issue#212455: Sony - Does Bravia Sync only allow 4 devices?

    This is my setup:I have the XBR-55X850C TV and currently have a DISHHopper cable box connected in HDMI1. Then, there's the Sony HT-ST9 Sound Bar in HDMI4 using ARC. Through the Sound Bar, my PS4, PS3 and Wii U are connected directly to it. My issue comes when I try to connect another CEC or Bravia Sync compatible device. My PS4 usually disappears from the Bravia Sync list, as well as the home screen, when I connect another device in HDMI2 or HDMI3. Currently, the only devices that show up are the DISH Hopper, the Sound Bar, the PS4 and the PS3. The Wii U won't show up because, for whatever reason, it doesn't support CEC. And I'm okay with that. My question is, does Bravia Sync only allow for 4 devices to show up? At one point I had a Sony Blu-Ray player connected as well (I think the S6200 model from 2014) in HDMI2 and the PS4 disappeared from the Bravia Sync list and the Home Screen. If it only supports 4 devices, that's 100% fine, it's not a huge deal. I just wanted to

  • Issue#236136: Sony - Sony Bravia KDL43W755C wireless problem

    I have recently bought a Bravia KDL43W755C television and have a D-Link DIR600 router.My only problem is that it cannot find my wireless network despite the fact that the router is 30cm away from the TV.It finds only 3-4 networks but none of them is mine. Even If I enter the SSID and the password it still not connecting.The SSID broadcast is enabled so it should see the network. The funny thing that I made a hotspot with my iPhone and it appeared immediately on the list of networks.I have the latest firmware (updated via LAN connection).What can be wrong with my setup?

  • Issue#251605: Sony - Sony Bravia EPG language issue

    Bought Sony Bravia KDL-50W755C. Very annoyed to see it has the same problem with the EPG as my almost 10 years old Bravia. I live in Finland but want to use my TV menu in English because my wife speaks it. This switches the EPG guide to Swedish which I don't speak and it bugs the hell out of me. I've tried in the settings to choose audio and subtitle 1. language Finnish and 2. language Enlish but it doesn't help. What is weird is that some channels show Finnish program info but most of them are in Swedish. And what I've heard this is pretty common issue in TV's, some people said that even if you set even the menu language in Finnish the problem still occurs. Finland is officially a two language country but most of us (80%) doesn't speak Swedish. If there is some kind of trick for this to make it work please share. Figured it would be very easy to fix sotfware-wise but Sony just doesn't seem to care.

  • Issue#258845: Sony - HT-X1 Bravia Sync fail

    Have an HT-X1 home theatre connected to a  Sony KDL-50W700B.  If I use an HDMI ARC connection I get nothing.  If I use an optical audio cable  I can get sound from the TV to the HT-X1 if I select "audio system" from the options menu.  Should not have to do that, it should work with ARC. TV settings under Bravia Sync:  Device Auto Power Off; TV Auto Power On.  TV audio settings:  volume control variable; HT-X1 settings:  HDMI control ON When I try to sync connected devices, the HT-X1 does not show up.  If I set the HT-X1 to "TV" I get nothing when I have the ARC connection.  Thoughts? Thanks,Greg

  • Issue#285978: Sony - Bravia Sync between X83C and HT-RT5

    Hi, Recently got a 49" X83C, blu ray player (BDP-S6500) and a soundbar (HT-RT5).As everything is all Sony I assumed everything would communicate with each other would out any problems. I have the TV connected, in the HDMI port 4 which is the ARC output connection, connected to the HDMI input of the soundbar, with the other devices connected in HDMI input 1 and 2. Braiva sync is enabled on the TV and HDMI control is turn on the soundbar as well. It works, but only randomly it seems?When it does work it does exactly what I want. TV remote can operate the TV, soundbar and blu ray player while the sky remote can change the volume of the soundbar and even turns everything on [sky box, tv, soundbar] from standby.  But the next day it might just decide to disable itself? Sound bar doesn't turn on and when I press 'bravia sync' on the tv remote it says no complicatble devices. If I plug everything out for 30 seconds it will probably work again for a

  • Issue#289824: Sony - Bravia TV problem

    I'm Subhas. My register mobile number is 8334929706/ 9038990770. I've purchased a Sony 22p422c led TV just before 2 months from flipkart (WS RETAIL) and started getting problem with it. The brightness of the TV is getting up and down very frequently. Service request ID- 31131992. The brightness of the TV is increasing and decreasing repeatedly and automatically. I've not connected any external device i.e. Pen drive, speakers with it.I always take care of my tv properly. It's a brand new TV and shouldn't behave like that. I want to get it replaced. No repair will be allowed.

  • Issue#310107: Sony - Sony Bravia LED 32 KDLNX650 left side shadowing issue

    I had purchased a 32 Inch bravia LED NX650 TV in May 2013 . From last month , i have started observing a left side shadowing issue in the TV. I contacted the service centre in Mumbai , the service guy came and did some observations . Later he conveyed that it is a Panel issue and since this is out of warranty will be charged .Next day the service guy called me and gave me an estimate to change the panel as 15000 /- Rs ( Oh My God ).This is really shocking to hear , the TV has not even completed 3 years and such a big issue.I had brought the TV only on the image that SONY as a company was having , now I am soley depressed.If this is a known issue , can Sony do something about it .

  • Issue#314135: Sony - W800c bravia, srt problem

    W800c. Subtitle srt file working and then again not, pls help why not sometimes, checked all options for external subtitles. Plz help. how to make it working all the time.

  • Issue#325301: Sony - Sony Bravia KD-55X8505C issue

    Bought a Sony Bravia 55x8505c in Sweden the other day. Updated it yesterday.And now it flickers a bit on the right of the screen. Upper and lower right. I filmed it at it's worst. turned it off for a while, and then it seemed OK, but there are still a small flicker now and then (minutes between). Quite annoying.It's like a "box" of flicker. Thought it was a buggy pop up window at first, but looks like "white noise"-ish.Any ideas what to do? Please help.

  • Issue#380128: Sony - Good day, I have a Sony Bravia TV, KDL40Cz520. The bottom half is red. What could the problem

    Good day I have a Sony Bravia TV, KDL40CZ520. The bottom half of the tv is red - what could the problem be Thank you 

  • Issue#394826: Sony - XBR-49X835C Bravia Sync not detecting BDV-N9100W

    I already owned a Sony Blu-Ray 5.1 system (BDV-N9100W) and recently bought a Sony Bravia TV (XBR-49X835C). I connected both using the typical HDMI(ARC) and audio Optic loop configuration meaning that I'm already able to send the audio output from the TV to the Blu-Ray 5.1 system, but when trying to find it from the TV Bravia Sync menu it doesn't get detected by the TV. I verified that both products are already running the latest Firmware and both are connected to my LAN. Also, I checked the Blu-Ray 5.1 system manual and it says it's compatible with the Bravia Sync feature, so I don't get why it doesn't work. I really want to sync them so I can control everything from 1 remote control only. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.    

  • Issue#408813: Sony - New 940C Sync Issue With 3-D glasses

    Ever since the last firmware update to my BRAVIA XBR-75X940C 4K Ultra HDTV, I now have to reboot the TV before it will sync with our 3-D glasses. Is this a known issue? 

  • Issue#420181: Sony - Bravia sync not working with soundbar

    TV: XBR-49x850bSoundbar: CT370Summary: Bravia sync between TV and sound bar stopped working after changing cable boxes.Initial setup, which worked perfectly for over a year:Time Warner Cable box connected to HDMI on sound bar.PS3 connected to HDMI on sound bar.Sound bar connected to TV with HDMI ARC ports.I upgraded to Time Warner's new enhanced DVR, and the ONLY thing touched was the HDMI connection was moved from the old box to the new box. Watching cable continues to work fine, but when I switched to the TV's Netflix app, the audio continued to be that of the cable. Nothing I tried would make Netflix's audio come through.I spent 2 hours trying every setting I could find, and now 2 more hours on the phone with Sony support. I've read the TV and sound bar's directions cover to cover. No luck. At present, I managed to get working audio again by using an optical cable.Current setup:Cable and PS3 connected directly to TV HDMI 2 and 4.TV connected to soundbar with HDMI ARC and optical cab

  • Issue#443244: Sony - I had purchased SONY Bravia KDL-40EX520 IN5 TV in March 2011. The TV has a problem of faded c

    I came to know that this particular model has problem of defective panel and many customers are facing the same problem after warantee period is over. The cost of the panel replacement is around Rs 20000. Please let me know if anybody has got a free replacement of the panel from SONY.