Issue#960: Playstation - PS Vita Store error code NP-2245-3

  • This error code constantly appears on the PS Vita store but with different descriptions. For me its either "Could not connect to playstation network within the time limit" or "connection to the server is lost" I'm not the only one with this issue and there are many fixes and none of them work for me. I've tried everything from the options in safe mode port forwarding to activations. It has to be an error in the PS Store for the vita. Playstation needs to fix it.

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  • Issue#341963: Playstation - Getting error code NP-17136-8 when attempting to access PS Store from PS Vita

    Hello Sony,I really like your all consoles i and appreciate what you did.I have a problem with my Ps vita,I can't access Ps store.When I'm trying to access it I get error code NP-17136-8.Please Sony fix it because i can't buy any games and download any new features.Thanks for your support,and have a nice day!             Mod Edit: Updated title to be as descriptive as possible. Check here for more information. Thread moved to Playstation Network support. Check here for more information. Thanks! - TwistedTarantula

  • Issue#3322: Playstation - Vita Error Code C3-11058-5

    What is the fix for error code C3-110058-5?

  • Issue#6679: Playstation - Error code on PS Vita

    I recently purchased some games online for my PS Vita. When trying to download onto my unit I get the error code NP-9968-2. What do I do now?

  • Issue#24761: Playstation - Error Code NW-2304-9, Can't log into Playstation Network account on Vita

    Does anyone know what the error code NW-2304-9 means? I have been trying to log into my account for 4 days and I keep running into this issue As a side-note, if Playstation support tells you to do a factory reset of your vita, don't do it. After I blindly followed their instructions, I was still stuck with the same problem. The worst part is that I can't even access my purchased games because my account is no longer associated with the vita after the reset. If anyone has any solutions or advice, help would be much appreciated.

  • Issue#51285: Playstation - Try to buy Treasures of Montezuma on Ps vita but get error code (NP-2244-2) please hel

    I get the error code NP-2244-2 everytime ive tried to buy the game on the ps vita. I have enough funds in my wallet but ive been getting this code for days. Cant even order it on the computer. Any advise/help would be greatly appreciated

  • Issue#144592: Playstation - Ps vita error code CO-5669-6

    Hi I just recently purchased a vita and downloaded a couple games from the PlayStation store(final fantasy VI and suikoden 2). After I downloaded them on the memory card and tried to play them the warning screen pops up and then I get the the error code CO-5669-6 with an ok button. I've looked online and can't really find any solutions so any help would be great, thanks in advance.

  • Issue#247296: Playstation - Error Code CE-38706-4 unable to connect to PS Store

    Hello Today I turned on my PS4 and tried to buy the Division, unfortunately as soon I pressed on the price which automatically takes you to the Cart. An error popped up, I forgot the error number. I made sure to see if any of my credit card were expired, negative. I added all my credit card, used my paypal account and still, the error kept popping up. I call PS Support, I was promptly told that it was Tuesday and there are PS Store updates every Tuesday and to hang on tight for a couple of hours and do it then. Come back a couple of hours later same error popped up. I call PS Support again, and I was told to add one of my credit card through the website. I procedded to do that and the asked to renew my licenses and restart my PS4, After that, it did not even let me load up the PS Store and the CE-38706-4 error popped up. I said to myself sarcastally "great", informed the PS tech support guy and he said that, it is my internet provider that there could be some restriction on my int

  • Issue#247305: Playstation - I can't access The Store error code: CE-38706-4

    I keep trying to access the PSN Store to download my preordered The Division game. I keep getting the error CE-38706-4. I can access other online resources - is the store down? What's up?

  • Issue#408237: Playstation - PS Vita Memory card corrupt, error code c4-10278-8

    Tonight my Vita memory card went corrupt and now i'm unable to even format it, i'm stuck on a loop of trying to format, getting the error code and trying to format and on and on. Any clues on how to fix it or is getting a new memory card the only option? I checked the error code on the Playstation support where we enter error codes but it doesn't even show up as an error in their database for support. any help would be appreaciated, thanks.

  • Issue#411236: Playstation - ps vita code for final fantasy x-2 remaster error

    i have problem redeem the final fantasy x2 remaster . after i type the code given , it pops up error. pls help me to fix it. anyone? thank u

  • Issue#431937: Playstation - Borderlands 2 PS Vita Code Issue

    Hi...I am currently stationed at Beale AFB, CA and i bought the PSVita Borderlands Bundle. I unboxed it and tried to get started but I now see the code is expired. is there anything i can do? i bought it form a legitimate vendor on base (AAFES) or the Base exchange. Thank you for your time.

  • Issue#499846: Playstation - PlayStation Store Gift Card - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]

    The Ultimate Entertainment Gift CardPlayStation Store Cards fill your PSN account wallet with cash, allowing you to download the newest games, DLC, and videos, as well as stream movies and music, all from PlayStation Store The PlayStation Store wallet has a limit of $150Download the latest games and add-ons: Discover and download tons of great PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games and DLC content to give you moreAccess your favorite movies and TV shows: Rent or purchase the newest and biggest movies and TV shows available, and download or stream them instantly to your favorite PlayStation devicesConnect with millions and start playing: Take your PlayStation games to the next level by downloading the latest multiplayer maps, missions, and characters to play online with friendsOnline Game Code: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States.                CLICK HEREPrice:$9.99        

  • Issue#536057: Playstation - My ps vita memory card Won't format ( error code c4-10278-8)

  • Issue#580589: Playstation - Bought Star Wars Pinball for vita... Error code c2-12383-7

    Can someone please help me with this.  I purchased SW pinball last night, but the demo won't install. I'm getting error c2-12383-7 whenever it tries to install. I have it loaded on ZP2 just fine, but the SW standalone seems to be the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled ZP2 also, in hopes that maybe there was some issue from having it from PS+ ages ago, but that didn't fix it. I would like to buy all of the packs, but prefer the trophy list for the SW standalone.  If I can't get the standalone, then I would like a refund.Again, I used to have it on my vita from Plus and it worked great, but now it just won't install. Only gets about 15-20% through the install before it gives me the error. Any ideas?  Apparently this has happened to a lot of people with other downloaded games, but I couldn't find anything that dealt directly with SW.

  • Issue#647932: Playstation - PS Vita Rear Camera Stopped Working (Error Code: C4-14638-2)

    I receive my Vita as a gift last year from my ex. It was working just fine cameras an all. Then after months of not playing it (about 4 months) I turn it back on and just played welcome park again. Suddenly only my front camera worked my rear was completely black. I went to my camera and the error code C4-14638-2 popped up. I tried to look it up but nothing exists on here or google. Can someone help? Thank you.

  • Issue#935447: Playstation - Apparently non-existent error code C0-10932-5 when dl-ing anything on Vita.

    I cannot download anything on my Playstation Vita ever since about a week ago. Whenever I attempt to, it will go through with the entire download. But once it hits 100%, it will through the Error Code C0-10932-5 saying that it cannot finish the download. This means I can no longer play nearly my entire digital collection (since these memroy cards force me to install about 1-2 games at a time).The problem is this error code doesn't seem to exist on your website, and there has been no information online that seems to be helpful, either. I've found a single thread where a support person implied that it was a problem with the DNS of my wifi connection, but gave no instructions on how to fix it (and no one seemed to be able to). Anyway, I need this to be fixed VERY quickly, as I am a reviewer on a particularly tight schedule. I hadn't even used my Vita when this started happening, so I highly doubt it is anything on my end, but any help is appreciated.

  • Issue#997594: Playstation - Error from my code when i claim it from psn store

  • Issue#1057560: Playstation - PS Vita error code C3-11058-5

    Hello. I was attempting to update my system firmware to 3.61 and I keep getting an error code. I put the code into the error swarch bar and it said the code was non-existent. Can anyone help me?

  • Issue#1058430: Playstation - PS Vita Error Code C1-2858-3

    Bought N.O.V.A on the PS Store, and when I start the game, the Gameloft logo pops up, and freezes. Then I get the error code. I already tried rebuilding the database, but no luck. Any solutions?

  • Issue#2431: Playstation - Error code E-82021054 when using credit card for free trial on playstation plus

    Hi Playstation, I have this error E-82021054 when i want to register my credit card for free trial on playstation plus .I read the article but doesnt work for me. Please help me and fix it. Thanks,

  • Issue#2714: Playstation - cant connect to playstation vita store for the past 3 days

    Hi , I can't connect to playstation store since the past 3 days now. Yes I have updated

  • Issue#2715: Playstation - Can't connect to Playstation Vita store

    . Hi , I can't connect to playstation store since the past 3 days now. Yes I have updated. I am in usaEdit: Moved from General and edited title for grammar. - space_paranoids

  • Issue#3769: Playstation - Small issue with Destiny the game itself, not being on the play store

    okay so I bought my system (ps4) and it came with the digital copy of Destiny the game. okay cool so recently I decited to buy the legendary edition for the dlc (downloadable content) and i was having issues in the game (a bungie issue) i thought maybe if I put the disk in it would fix the issue, (which it didnt) but reguardless using the disk replaced the digital copy and now I cant download the game again (only the game with the dlc is available on play store with the original game) so I have to constantly switch the disk when I want to play the game which is annoying because I already have the digital copy.. I mean I know theyre not gonna put the game bak on the market just for me but its kindof lame that I had to buy the game again because I wanted the dlc and the best deal at the time for everything.. i doubt theirs some way to resolve my small stupid issue, but Id like to be able to give my extra copy to a friend because I bought it after I already owned the game and now i cant .

  • Issue#4464: Playstation - Updated Vita to 3.57, now I can't access PSN features or store

    I updated my Vita to 3.57 and suddenly couldn't access the Playstation Store. It just gave me a never-ending Please Wait message. I then tried the Playstation Network menu in the Settings app, but it gave me the same thing. I tried the store and PSN on my PS4 and PS3, but they work perfectly fine. I deleted the network info, but that didn't work. I restored the system, but that didn't work either. I tried safe mode and rebuilt the database, reinstalled the firmware, restored the system again, nothing works. I seem to be able to log in, but it never gets beyond that. Anyone have anything that can help?

  • Issue#4736: Playstation - Ps4 error code CE-38633-3

    When I attempt to stream on YouTube or Twitch I get this error code, it's only started doing it in the past 24 hours but it's a pain and it stops my streams within minutes. Is there anything I can do to fix?

  • Issue#5604: Playstation - error code Ce-33021-9 corrupted database

    when i first bought my ps4 my brother decided to be an idiot and unplug it while it was turning on. when I turned it on again it showed an error message sayingI have had my ps4 for about a week now. i have had no problems other than a tiny bit of lag in my just cause 3 game. when my brother had plugged it in I guess it turned on and he didn't want to turn it on so he unplugged it while it was still on. then when I had turned it on again, it said that it wasnt turned off properly and the database was corrupted and the system will restart(I believe the error code is 33021-9). I just ignored the problem because the system appears to be working fine. Do I need to worry about it? I just want to make sure this did not cause harm to the system and I want it to run nice and smooth. I also want to avoid doing something like rebuilding the database although I will do it if neccesary. I have one more short question: Can the ps4 get damaged in the cold? It was -15 outside when I bought it and i ha

  • Issue#5784: Playstation - Error Code

    My Ps4 keeps giving me error code 34335-8 (cannot detect storage). Due to the error code I am able to get my ps4 to turn on even on safe mode. I went on the support website and it said to open the ps4 lid and check if the HD is positioned properly.My question:Would removing the HD void my one year ps4 factory warranty?Thanks!Erick

  • Issue#5872: Playstation - PS Store on Vita sucks! Constant errors and failures!

    Why is it that for the last year or so the PS Store app on the PS Vit has gotten worse and worse. It will give me errors all the time for everything from viewing games, redeeming games, or seeing my downloads list. Certain things won't load, certain areas will fail, and the errors are inconsistent and varying. Worse is it seems I have seen nearly nothing online about this. I mean I can hardly use my Vita to download anything at all anymore and just going and Activating the system again and again in the settings does not help. How in the hell is this not a widespread problem I see online? I've grown tired of Sony the last few years and the lack of Vita support is one of the points that's driving me from Sony products in the future.

  • Issue#5969: Playstation - I have solved my issue now I just have a general question for long time ps vita users

    I just have a simple qustion for ps vita users. In your experience have all yiour ps vita card always broken or caused issues with age? Just trying to get general information on this.